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Nonsense Soccer

Arcade-style 2D platformer-soccer-hybrid · By AnttiKole

Update changelists! Sticky

A topic by AnttiKole created Feb 17, 2020 Views: 451 Replies: 5
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Developer (3 edits)

Here's mostly everything that changed in Update #1 (0.1.0):

  • Added 3-4p mode (2v2 and 1v2)
  • Added controller support for 4 players
  • Added rudimentary keyboard bindings for all 4 players
  • Added two new levels
  • Added "boomerang ball" option
  • Players run slightly faster when charging
  • Linux version is now downloadable (I reserve the right to support this version poorly as I have no proper means to test it)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed visual and collision detection issues in levels
    • Balls no longer randomly roll to another player's side when starting a round
    • Improved aspect ratio support
    • The in-game score counter wasn't always visible while playing
    • Various other menu & hud fixes and improvements
    • Many other bugfixes

Here's stuff that changed in Update #2 (0.2.x)

  • Added new kick targeting controls
  • Added new wall jump ability
  • Added a new arena
  • Added new target practice mode with several challenges!
  • Removed game launcher
  • Added new menus
  • Added improved graphics and sound settings to menus
  • Lots of visual improvements
  • Some new gameplay mechanics and other improvements
Developer (2 edits)

Here's what changed in Update #3 (0.3.0)


Here's what was added/changed in Update #4 (0.4.0)

Developer (1 edit)

Changelist for Update #5 (0.5.0-0.5.1)


Changelist for Update #6

- Menu overhaul

I basically revised most, if not all of the main and in-game menus. Nonsense looks a lot prettier and is intuitive now, at least I think so! :)

The team select screen is still a bit work in progress and some of the menu transitions are a bit annoying (like when you return from the game, most of the player-made settings reset). I'll get around to fixing them as soon as I can :)

I've been pretty busy with work stuff so no gameplay changes in this update, but I've scheduled some improvements and new features for the next one. Stay tuned!