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Ah! forgot to say it reminds me of that club penguin boat game!

My health went down into minuses! Is there not a death mechanic? 
I also thought the shooting was slow, but that is accurate considering they're cannons, so maybe the speed of the items was a little fast then? I could never shoot things.

Thanks! The 3D team done a great job at making all the models!

Like I mentioned in replies below, lack of gameplay is down to me not having enough time for the programming, and a menu would've definitely been added in if there was more time, and the reason for *those* controls being told at the end of the game is because they're completely useless. You cannot achieve or do anything with dodges or somersaulting - again, more compatibility for these mechanics would've been added in given more time. The required controls (click to shoot) are easy enough that I don't think they need any explanation.

I agree that the win screen is sudden, and the win goal isn't told to you beforehand, the win goal is to just kill 35 enemies.

The mouse is still in the movie at the beginning! - Something like this would be possible to make in Unity without the use of the movie, using worldspace UI, which will allow for a higher resolution intro video, but good comedy!

The game does feel extremely slow, not as in it runs slow, but I feel like there could've been more exaggeration on the speed, less enemies, but much more speed.

I think you should also watch what you use for the music as well, you need to be very careful of copyright, for every instance of music in the game, if you were to develop this further, please take note of this as it can get you in a lot of legal trouble!

Great job on the models and particles! love them!

The win screen works just fine for me!

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Thank you, The video was made by our team member Hayley, she done a great job on it! And I'm very glad you like the style of the game, honestly that ended up being a coincidence as the models ended up looking REALLY cool with the PS1 style resolution I set, they were clear and bold which is exactly what we needed! The 3D modellers on my team done amazingly.

The enemies hit animation and the collectable animation is one of my favourite parts as well, I loved programming that in and using Easing Equations to figure out what the perfect curve is to use to make the tweening work how I want it to, and the feedback is all thanks to Tess, one of our leaders, I felt the sound effects were great and had JUST the right amount of 'retro sound' to them to make them sound like they fit in perfectly!

The lack of a menu and simple movement is down to how limited I was on time, as I was the only programmer on the team, I had just about finished with laying out the 3D models for the environment when I ran over my 14 hours, I would've absolutely been able to add much more gameplay if I had more time to spend on this, and the menu wouldn't be hard to add either, with the menu I'm not sure if it's too necessary for a gamejam game as you typically want the player to get straight into the gameplay though. 

Thank you, I'm so glad that you think the game played smooth, and I'm glad I was able to achieve an underwater feel for the game, that's music to my ears! :D 
As for the graphics, that's a big thanks to the rest of the team, they done amazing on the 3D modelling, and I think them making models for this game has made them more confident with making models in general, which I couldn't be happier with!

For clearer models, I think that is completely down to the resolution to get the 'retro' vibe, I think if the resolution was any higher than what I set it as, it would lose the vibe, if you want to see some of the models in more details, ask my team for pictures and I'm sure they will happily send them your way.

As for the controls! The lack of use for the barrel rolls and somersaulting, that was all down to me not having enough time to implement any more gameplay mechanics into the game, as I finished this with just over 14 hours, being the only programmer on the team has certainly made me realise that I like solo-ing the programming part of the development, but it may have been helpful to have an extra hand.

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Thank you! I agree with all those points, the barrel rolls were something which were implemented in the game, but never got finished, I decided to keep them in as a nice little touch and ensure there were no enemies on the track.

As I was the only programmer for the game, a lot of the gameplay was limited, so stuff like guns with reload and the rolling not *doing* anything were all down to me not having enough time to implement anything to use it with, although given more time, I most definitely would've implemented more gameplay.

And by filter, I assume you mean the blue fog in the game? Or perhaps the resolution the game was set at? I haven't really got that much of an eye for art, so that may be why that was lacking.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yep, I ran out of time, I was a little over my 15 hours when  I finished adding in all the programming, basic gameplay and amazing 3D models that got made by my amazing team.


Nice simple concept! Your game is much like ours where we went for the 'cookie clicker' style game :D
I really like what you done with the art work by mixing 2D with 3D (Unless that covid was some crazy rendered 2D art)

Where is the music and sound FX though? :(

This is for sure an Innovative game, but I don't think there was much game testing being done on it!
As many have stated below, the return buttons don't work, so the game isn't even playable.
Testing your game is crucial! 

The art style is nice for the blacksmith hub, but it doesn't blend in with the other areas in the game, I think it would've been a better use of your time on this game to spend an equal amount of time on the artwork for every scene you were going to have, whilst doing this you would have less time doing the blacksmith hub, the game in a whole would look more polished as you would have all the areas looking more seamless (if you understand what I mean) - The art is beautiful though! 

Also! No music or sound FX! 

Really good job on making the assets, and I really liked the *idea* of the game, I feel like it could've been executed better, as I was winning every single fight without putting in much effort, so I wasn't getting hooked on the game, it should be much harder, I don't even think my character lost a single bit of health!

I love how you randomized the enemy sprite's skin shade, and I really like the use of the timer to be as quick as you can, that's not a mechanic I've seen much in incremental games!
I'm also very happy you didn't go down the generic cookie clicker path for this game, you were being ambitious and trying out new, creative ideas, and that's great! Very innovative! 

There we go! This has been fixed for the V2 we have just uploaded

The clicking has been upgraded now :D

There we go! The autoclicker/clicking upgrade count has been added, and the number has become a integer value instead of a float for V2 of the game we just uploaded!

There we go, the autoclicker/click upgrade now has a working counter and incrementing cost of upgrades on it for V2!

Phahaha yep! That's a bug which has been put on the Trello for our team to fix in their spare time if they want to!

Thank you for this feedback Ricky! I think we should've done more QA testing on the game, to catch out bugs and gameplay flaws like this, so this is something which I will make sure to do on my next game projects!
You are indeed buying several 1's, the level wasn't planned to increase at all, so I added this onto our Trello board so anyone could work on this in their spare time if they wanted.
The spacebar as an input is something which we didn't catch out on during testing! This makes sense though because the animal is a button, this has been added onto the trello board to either be implemented or removed.
The number being a float was one which I was confused about as well, this will be something which I'll bring up with the team!

Cheers for the feedback Ted, I agree with all the points raised! Stuff like this would definitely be stuff we take into consideration for a V2 of the game, but each of us has put in 7-9 hours per head (As project manager, I made sure they didn't put more time then required in) 
We have put this into our Trello board, and if anyone wants to work on this during their SPARE time, they're free to!

I really liked this game, super innovative as well! You should be very proud of youself.

I don't think I have any critique for this game!

This is a cool concept and the gameplay is very fun! I really like what you done with this game and it is quite comedic! Great job in doing this in a week!

I feel like to make this better is to have either a mechanic where you can slow down the time of the roomba spinning around or you should make it so the roomba starts spinning really slow and then builds up in speed, with the speed that it's going right now it's quite hard to control where they go!

Thank you! I'm not one to make excuses, but the lack of puzzles were down to the limited time we had! I wanted to work on all my modules for the week not just TDEMO!

Given more time, I would definitely make more puzzles :D

The snakes do have different speeds as seen in Level 7, I just haven't really made a fast one yet! Maybe I'll try and do that when I come to developing the game for the google playstore.

I've never had that bug before, perhaps you were releasing before you got to 4? I'm not sure how that would've happened!

Yeah I made the game simple enough so someone like my dad could play the game! And he was able to! 

Thank you! Any critique or suggestions for further development?

Thanks! I was going for the mobile game vibe, since I really liked the mobile game 'Monument Valley'!


Okay, double tap to flip the map? I think I'll try and implement that if I do end up uploading it to the google playstore - Any other suggestions?

Thanks Lucy! Any suggestions or critique? :D

Boxy Triangle! Ha! Great idea I'm already planning in my head how I could do that.

I'll most likely pop it on the google playstore at some point!

Thanks! :D

Yes, that problem is one that has been mentioned before, and it's something which I can fix!

What would you like to see in the game if I were to further develop it for the google playstore? 

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for the level expansion/complex puzzles?

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the game and you think It's complex, I still feel like given more time I should've made it more complex with different types of puzzles, but another half of me is saying that it's fine as it is because it's supposed to be minimalistic! What is your opinion if I were to further develop this for the google playstore?

Good idea, and great job on making this as your first game for TDEMO! But I think it could've been executed better!

I think you should make the game slower, and perhaps make it speed up over time, or make different levels where it's at different speeds, it's far too precise to be enjoyable because if you're even a slight bit out you lose your points, I think that would lose you a lot of players in that regard.

The fact that you used strikingly saturated colours along with the high spinning speed could make someone feel uneasy playing the game.

If you fixed the speed and the bright colours of the game and added some soundFX/Music, you could have yourself a nice little mobile game!

Yeah! This is something I have on my to-do list which I will definitely fix :D

Oh! I forgot to mention, it's hard to focus on the player because of the colours of the background, maybe if you attempt something like this in the future, make sure the player is the main focus in the game if you're controlling them

Great job on this game! Certainly a unique artstyle.

One problem I do have with this though is the fact that the player is right at the edge of the screen which makes the game not feel centred, looking at other runner games, like subway surfers for example, the player is the main focus so they're at the centre (or close enough to the centre) of the screen, I think this is a fix you can make before the deadline to make your game better, good job on making this though! With a scoring system and a randomly generated map!

This is a nitpick, but this isn't really a one-button game is it? You have to click on the buttons, I think perhaps you should get rid of any buttons and just have the player press space to start!

Well done! I had great fun playing this even though it made me dizzy with the movement! I really like the concept of a platformer where you can only control the jumps! 

I have some critique for the game, you may be able to add this before the deadline!

1) Skybox! Try and change the skybox to something else or add a background image, I think it will look very nice with something else as the background, this documentation will help:

2) Music! if you do have music in the game it's either very quiet or i'm being an idiot and I have the volume down, but it would make your game more appealing to a general audience with music, this doc will help: