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So glad to read this comment! When we had the idea we didn't really know if we were going for the right thing, but I guess if you played for +30 minutes we can call that a success <3
And very thematic that you played this instead of sleeping for school xD

Thanks a lot for leaving your experience here :3

Played a few times, it was fun. It's nice how complex it can get although the basis is really simple. Makes me want to see developments, like funnier effects and synergies.

The idea might be dumb, but I regularly do game jams (in multiplayer mode), and often, the person that hosts the game on their itch page receives way more visibility than the other creators, which is a shame because most of the time we all contributed equally.

My suggestion would be to add a "Follow XXX" on the menu on the right for all contributors of a game, to try and reduce this effect.

Not very fun, but very interesting experience.... I think?

Wow, so fast! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks! <3

Wooow cool :D thanks a lot!!

Loved it so much <3

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It's a very cool game with a strong atmosphere. Love the look of the shader, it felt very real. Could use a custom mouse pointer!

Thanks a lot!

Hey hey,
I'm an artist and i've recently been trying out pixel art for games and I love it. Would anyone here need my skills? :)
I'm asmar#8152 on Discord if you want to DM me.