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I had that thought too, with something musical and creative it's important to give the player freedom to find their own solutions. I'll check out Kerflux, thanks!

The animations and art are really nice! I can tell a lot of attention was put into the UI and communicating with fewest words as possible.

I really wanted to play this one, but I had trouble getting it to run on my laptop. Frame rate kept dropping pretty low.

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I love the concept! I worked on something very similar.

I'm a bit stuck early on though, is there control to pick up the key? I can't seem to grab it.

EDIT: Oops, the controls are nicely placed in the environment, my bad.

I love the art, btw! The mechanics force you to slow down and think about programming useful sequences. I'd love to see this with some additional work put into level design. Probably more to explore here!

I love this. I got stuck on the hammer throwing cat for so long I started seeing middle fingers instead. Super cute animations. Nice work!

The audio and UI make it very immersive - it's also hysterical. Nice work!

Wow amazing job! The level design is brilliant. I'm impressed you created 10 well-designed levels. I love that each explore a new mechanic and also make you feel smart for figuring it out.

Level 9 was such a good ah-ha.

Could you clarify how to skitch? I think I did it once, but I was holding right arrow behind a car.

I like the art!

Nicely polished, wow! The sound design is great.
That second level gets really tricky with strategy.

I love music games! Looks like Godot(?)

I got impatient at some parts, but I like the concept. Also there's a moonwalking bug - but it feels more like a feature :)

What else would you have liked to do given more time?

Well I got beyond the trees until there was none. But then the game restarted.

Cute. I love the art and concept... I think. I got the impression that as long as I could keep acting like I understood then I could make it through any alien conversation.... too real.

I just wanted the villages to get out of my shop, they all wanted to be sheep but I kept setting them on fire. lol

The concept seems fun. I don't know if it was intentional, but it had me laughing out of frustration.

Nice work, keep at it, I enjoyed reading the script you wrote.

Did you use any game engines to put this together? Check out Twin if you haven't heard of it.

That's what I was thinking too - puzzles. Each level could be a particular music sequence, and you need to program a drum loop that satisfies the conditions. Something like that anyway.

Thanks for checking it out!

This game made me lol.

After the first level I got excited about the variation of objects to pick up. And then I realized I could old down multiple keys to hold dumpsters(D) and trees(T)

Nice work!

Hey, catchy tunes! Was the game supposed to keep going beyond the trees?

This is cute. I don't know if I could have avoided more disaster, but I enjoyed being a sad and clumsy tornado.

Thanks for checking it out!

I'd love to add proper levels, and different sequences. That'll be next.

This was frustrating but also kept me engaged. Nice work!

Fun concept, and great execution! The art style is lovely. I'd love to play this as a couch co-op.

Hey this was fun, I like the controls. My main strategy was to get other ships tailed me, then let off the gas to spin around and BAM.

nice work

I like the premise of using one stick. Sometimes games feel more intuitive with less inputs I think. Does this work best with a game pad? Were you able to get attack implemented? (I couldn't attack with keyboard).

What terrible controls haha. I love the rule about only using one hand (I cheated). I found a clever method to jump far by holding "W" in the air while switching to mouse.

The screenshot I attached is how far I got. I moved under the moving platform and it wedged me in and I got stuck.

I had fun figuring this game out.

Awe man a couch co-op and I had to play with myself! What engine did you use for this? Did you have any plans for rules and such?

Hey thanks! I felt there was something here too. I spent 98% of the jam fiddling with TypeScript and collision code, and the last 2% actually trying to design a worthy puzzle. Oof.

I'm impressed you made this with Scratch. And great work with level design.

  • Nice sprites!
  • I played through a couple levels (didn't take the time to finish it yet)
  • Choose your curse was a fun mechanic. Clever way to let the player to decide how they want to play (important to game design in my opinion).
  • Nice water shader!
  • After seeing your animations on twitter for this game, I was so excited I could moon walk. Does it have a use anywhere in the game?

This was really fun. I got frustrated after the asteroid when the destructable walls were introduced, and then I figured out you can do a barrel roll with c! I think the tutorial missed this part. Anyway, before I figured this out, I thought I'd get clever an turn around exiting the level from the start... I love the easter egg I found.

Ah man, at first I was really frustrated - like how big is this? But then I kept wandering, I became determined to find the center. I really liked the four corner design, it helped you know when you reached an edge. After about 5-10 min of looking, I found the center... only to be killed immediately. Rage quit there. A lot of fun. I actually enjoyed my experience, even if I didn't kill the beast.

This is speed run status here!

Was this your first playthrough? You got the hang of those puzzles pretty quick.

Hope you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the subtle details, like the title screen transition. The atmosphere was engaging. It reminded me of being ill - mashing through pain, drugs. I almost smashed all the zombies with the patient strategy of waiting for my pain meter to go down. I might play again in hopes of smashing them all to see what happens. The game over screens were comical.

I wish the pain and mental meters were easier to glance at.

I love the illustrated graphics.

Check out all the flowers I grew! After a while the bees started running into the flowers and couldn't get to other flowers.

Hilarious. I like the trees that grew on the planet. The Sun licking up the bacteria was a funny touch. I have no idea what the cat arm had to do with anything, but it was funny. Nice work.

Was I supposed to run out of bacteria ammo? After a while it stopped shooting, and then started some time later.

I did put a lot of focus on trying to capture how to feels to be drowsy while driving at night. The video and audio were hastily captured over the weekend, but I think it works. Thanks again!

Thank you! I appreciate the honesty, and I agree :P