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  • Nice sprites!
  • I played through a couple levels (didn't take the time to finish it yet)
  • Choose your curse was a fun mechanic. Clever way to let the player to decide how they want to play (important to game design in my opinion).
  • Nice water shader!
  • After seeing your animations on twitter for this game, I was so excited I could moon walk. Does it have a use anywhere in the game?

This was really fun. I got frustrated after the asteroid when the destructable walls were introduced, and then I figured out you can do a barrel roll with c! I think the tutorial missed this part. Anyway, before I figured this out, I thought I'd get clever an turn around exiting the level from the start... I love the easter egg I found.

Ah man, at first I was really frustrated - like how big is this? But then I kept wandering, I became determined to find the center. I really liked the four corner design, it helped you know when you reached an edge. After about 5-10 min of looking, I found the center... only to be killed immediately. Rage quit there. A lot of fun. I actually enjoyed my experience, even if I didn't kill the beast.

This is speed run status here!

Was this your first playthrough? You got the hang of those puzzles pretty quick.

Hope you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the subtle details, like the title screen transition. The atmosphere was engaging. It reminded me of being ill - mashing through pain, drugs. I almost smashed all the zombies with the patient strategy of waiting for my pain meter to go down. I might play again in hopes of smashing them all to see what happens. The game over screens were comical.

I wish the pain and mental meters were easier to glance at.

I love the illustrated graphics.

Check out all the flowers I grew! After a while the bees started running into the flowers and couldn't get to other flowers.

Hilarious. I like the trees that grew on the planet. The Sun licking up the bacteria was a funny touch. I have no idea what the cat arm had to do with anything, but it was funny. Nice work.

Was I supposed to run out of bacteria ammo? After a while it stopped shooting, and then started some time later.

I did put a lot of focus on trying to capture how to feels to be drowsy while driving at night. The video and audio were hastily captured over the weekend, but I think it works. Thanks again!

Thank you! I appreciate the honesty, and I agree :P