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I hope you enjoy! 

Having ships' shields recharge during combat is really cool! I'm a big fan of how that works, and it feels right for the genre.

I absolutely love the sound design and atmosphere, but the gameplay is a but frustrating at the moment. Really interesting idea, and impeccable vibes!

Haha, sounds like a grand time! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the comment!

Thank you so much!

We've got new and improved rules for stealth, new mission types (THREE BOMB! Base Defense! HEIST!), new terrain effects, lots of new nautical baddies to fight, loads of new rooms.

Seriously, I'm so excited about this expansion. Not only does it expand on the base game, it also fills in some of the gaps and just makes for an all-around richer experience. If you like Cyberrats, you'll LOVE this!

Thank you for the kind review! I'm so glad these hunts enhanced your gameplay experience!

Picture this: Lord Ventris has a court wizard. Scatterbrained guy by the name of Pappellion. He forgets his spells, our Pappellion, so he uses parrots to remember the vocal bits. One day, disaster strikes!

A little boy is SUCKED INTO A PORTAL after a spell goes awry (don't worry, he's fine, just living with birds now). Presumed dead, Pappellion is tried as a murderer and sentenced to JAIL. His beloved birds are killed before him. Now he's out and he wants REVENGE

So what's a wizard to do? Just what anyone would do, given the circumstances. He summons Guano the Great, dread pigeon of fire-breathing fame, directly into Lord Ventris's courtroom! ...Or he would anyway, if it weren't for those damn necromancers protecting the Lord.

That's where you come in. I won't spoil all the secrets, just know that there is INTRIGUE and POLITICS and UNDEAD OWLBEAR SKELETONS in this adventure about a giant pigeon.

Follow up, in case the update didn't reach out: we released Cyberrats today!

I'd love to hear about the stories you tell with it!

Actually I'm going to revise my answer on this. If you play it multiple times, you might have extra knowledge (certain characters' tells) that will give you an edge in figuring out who is lying. 

We have physical copies available from Exalted Funeral now too!

Great question! 

Not currently, no. It wouldn't be difficult to write a solo adventure for the game, and I'm sure it would be possible to build full solo rules, but I currently don't have plans to do either. 

That's valid! Keep me updated 😊

Awesome! That's a popular one, how did you like it?

I really enjoy the Genesys roots here, this is a neat system!

Thanks for saying so! 

No! The murderer is different every time, so you can play it as much as you want.

I hope you like it! 

This is more of a reimagining than a quick start, but it should emulate the feel of the book pretty seamlessly. 

That's outside the scope of what I had in mind when creating the jam, but honestly? Go for it! 

If this jam is an excuse that leads to more Art, by all means.

I think if you follow this project, you'll get updates. Otherwise, if you sign up for a newsletter on, I'll send an update when we go live. Current estimate is June. 

Thanks for the interest! 

Awesome, looking forward to it!

Maybe because I'm on the Steam version, but I' not seeing it.

Extremely addictive! I especially loved the bit with the frog. 

I played the demo yesterday and immediately bought the full version on steam and played it all the way through!

There's a couple oddities to the combat (like how shields are better than weapons) but once you wrap your head around it, it's quite fun. A bit more of a puzzle than Slay the Spire. 

There's one small bug where the upgrade card can accidentally be dragged onto itself, and I didn't see a way to play as the witch, but this is truly an incredible game, and a very impressive project, especially for just one person! 

5/5 don't miss out!

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Whoops! Let me fix that right now! Thanks for the heads up.

This game is very cute, fun, and easy to play! The rules are clear, and the tools for building an incursion are simple to use. I love the postcard character sheets! This is a really great game to break out quickly, as it's easy for new players to commit, and a game can easily be resolved in just a couple hours!

Thinking about writing for Gratitude: A Horror Game, since I'm also hosting a jam for it that partially overlaps. But we'll see what title I get and what direction I'm pulled!

That totally makes sense! 

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What a unique and well-polished addition to the game! Right off the bat we have essential gear that makes everything better (Grappling Hook! Flamethrower! Scoped Crossbow! Standards that remain standards because they OOZE flavor).

We keep the abstract nature of Slayers in "Scrip", a handwaved currency. We have rules for next-of-kin, which I just adore so thoroughly. It reinforces the idea that you are dangerous folks doing dangerous things.

We maintain a sense of balance and simplicity by restricting 1 gear to each Slayer and having maintenance costs. The gear itself is fun, useful, and somehow dripping with even more flavor and cool factor than the base items themselves.

I should also mention that this product is cleanly laid out, with an original color scheme and style that is reminiscent of Slayers while still being its own thing. Everything is easy to read and elegant.


There are a couple minor typos, and it's a little odd to me that I have to pay 1 scrip to remove my Book of Prayers, but that's an extremely minor quibble on an otherwise excellent product. 


This is an excellent supplement for Slayers that adds a unique layer of tactical combat, as well as powerful flexibility for Slayers. It allows for rewards, instead of handwaving currency like the base game, and is extremely flavorful while it does it! This is absolutely worth the asking price for any Slayers fan.

Honestly I love the italicized text, it's incredible evocative! The whole game is an exploration is grief, and there were a lot of decisions that subverted my expectations (the fact that it uses a custom deck, the fact that it can be played with a group as well as solo). The prompts are great, and I am a HUGE FAN of the map drawing elements. Don't miss this one!

The word that comes to mind when looking at Harper's Quest is "Cozy". The layout is large, clean, and inviting, the artwork is warm, friendly, and consistent, and the whole thing oozes a consistent tone that says "Climb down into a basement and explore this damp dungeon".

Any game with a grappling hook is off too a good start, and I really just can't emphasis enough how much I love the aesthetic of the large text with the clean, almost-painted drawings. The game is simple, at just 9 pages, but it does what it wants to do perfectly, and that's emulate an OSR-like experience in a nonthreatening and, well, cozy way.

Anamnesis is a game of self-discovery through evocative prompts and tarot cards! I love that it encourages you to interpret the cards however you want, it reminds me of childhood games of make-believe and the best parts of Mysteruim. 

The layout is clean and neat, and the game plays quickly as you delve into a forgotten character.

It is, I was being a dodo. Thanks!

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