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FYI the Iplier played your game

Hey dude, I've been following you for a while. Interested to see where this ends up, and props to you for keeping on. 

Hey ya'll, how's it going? It's been a while since I last was active on, and honestly back then I really had no clue what I wanted to do. But this time...I'm  really excited for this one. 

Terminal Hours is a stealth-horror adventure game that takes place nearly a decade in the future.

Story Setup (Scroll down if you don't care): 

Life had been continuing on as normal, technological advancements had been made...a Third World War had been fought....indeed the drumming march of humanity continued onward...seemingly as it always had...that was until January 19th, 2032 a mysterious darkness had passed over the entire globe. Temporary blackouts...planes falling from the communications turned to night...for six was chaos. When the darkness finally lifted, and some of the bedlam finally abated...the world was horrified to discover a terrible truth: Nearly 3 billion people had vanished without a trace. No bodies, clues, or any evidence whatsoever regarding what happened to them. It was almost as if the darkness has swallowed them whole...

Unfortunately, there was no time to even consider what had occurred. No longer than a day after all this had occurred...a new disaster struck. Humanity gazed into the skies and saw something that brought the already terror-stricken population to it's knees...shapes...thousands...tens of thousands. Dark blotches that filled the sky, and they seemed to grow larger by the minute. It wasn't long before communications severed again, leaving communities and nations completely isolated. It wasn't long before people began to realize what those shapes were: Sleek, Dark ships...seemingly alien in origin. They moved silently through the sky...firing on cities, burning contrysides, killing hudreds of thousands. landing military carriers that dropped off troops and.......something. It moved with a lethal tranquility....unleashed by the invaders into the most well fortified human holdouts........adn early report that it wiped out the population of Tokyo in under 15 hours. While it remains a great Uknown...the limited information that has been gathered about it suggests that unlike the ships and alien troopers of right now...nothing humanity possesses is able to destroy it. At least, anything thus far tried. 

And that's more or less where you start off. You begin as a refugee in a fortified section of Chicago that has not yet fallen to the invaders. There are two such other fortified areas...where humans have been able to hold off alien assaults. However, military intelligence has suggested that the....thing...has been released into the city in an attempt to cleanse humanity from it once and for all. Thankfully, your base has been notified...and have planned an evacuation route. The same cannot be said for the other two holdouts, however. Communications have been continuously spotty, and a message has not been able to reach those other bases. The Military is unwilling to abandon what could be upwards of 1,000 people, and so is requesting volunteers to sneak across the city, delivering the news and planned rendezvous location. 

You are once such volunteer, and it is your job to sneak across the city and deliver the news to the other bases, while avoiding alien patrols along the way and of course...whatever 


The game is from a First-Person-POV. The city is layed out in several semi-open sections where your goal is to avoid enemy patrols and complete certain tasks, depending on the area/level. Some enemies must be avoided while others will know you location immediately and the goal will be to reach the end of the level before the enemy can catch you. one such enemy, but it's behavior will change depending on the area/story moment. I will have gameplay to show very soon, but I want to work in it a bit more first. My goal with the "horror" aspect will largley be atmospheric in nature...though how scary it is is up to you I suppose. Aside from that, it is a adventure game and it has a large focus on atmospheric and/or indirect storytelling. Aside from the (fairly straightforward) main plot of the game, I plan on including various data logs, locations, and NPCs to help build the world/story of the game...and maybe address a couple mysteries regarding what the f*ck is happening. 

Aside from that, here are a couple screenshots of a base-camp area currently being worked on. Keep in mind that these are VERY VERY WIP.

Anyways that's it from the first one. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts, and if your interested...stick around, follow, share, yada yada-. 

This one was a very long winded thanks to the lore dump...and that's not going to happen again. So stay turned for screenshots, gameplay, and more very soon. 


"Could you guys please pirate the game for me? I'm a thief."

Awesome game man. Really well done, and all the secrets and stuff is top notch. I found it because of Markiplier, he just played it in 3 Scary games #76. I know the area is kinda small, but I really appreciated how open this game is, compared to other indie horror games. Good job dude. 

Markiplier played your game. I though I might let you know. He liked it a lot. 

Estoy feliz de que lo hayas disfrutado.

I recently have started a long term project that I want to commit to. A fantasy horror game, with some exploration mixed in. I have took some time to come up with concept art, as well as the idea for the game. It takes place in a long forgotten medieval kingdom, where all hope is lost. It was once a happy land, full of joy and laughter, ruled by a benevolent God. God had once been served by his Arch-Angels, but they rebelled centuries ago, and so, the Lord imprisoned them in the Darkness.

But, then, centuries after their imprisonment, the demons broke free, and were able to defeat the God, putting him into a deep slumber. No one quite knows how the demons escaped, but it matters little now. They destroyed the wardens of the Sky, shattering the sun and covering the land in deep night. All hope seemed lost. The kingdom turned into a chaotic battle, fighting in the darkness. In the end, only a few survivors remained. Some chose to serve the demons, while others resisted, and were killed. Some, like you, the Knight, simply hid. However, one day, you must choose one side or the other, and it is up to YOU to make that choice. Until then you must run and hide from the demons, all the while trying to learn more, explore the new landscape around you, and decide what to do.

Gameplay focuses on exploration, horror, storytelling, and choice. I have some early gameplay (very rough) working, but I need to polish it more before I share it. I put together the above trailer with an early main menu, to sort of tease the game, as well as establish the atmosphere and mood. I will post updates here. I hope to have the game ready by Christmas. Let me know your thoughts. 

I did all the models aside from the Knight, which is a modified version of a downloaded model.

Music: ♩♫ Scary Horror Music ♪♬ - Haunted (Copyright and Royalty Free) - YouTube

Not bad. Don't listen to the haters man. You are doing good.


Markiplier just played your game. Skip tp 20:33

Step into the shoes of Odysseus, a hero of old, and experience his story, now in video game form. See and experience the story told around you as you complete challenging platforming levels, play FPS and horror inspired mini-games and more! Average playtime is 12-18 minutes. Enjoy!

Get the game here: The Odyssey: The Video Game by Alpha King (

So glad you enjoyed the game! I'm taking a break for a few days, but I'll try and get a bug-fix out a soon as possible. 

The game is now complete! Play all 5 levels now for free here: The Odyssey: The Video Game by Alpha King (

I'm aware. Glad you like it though.

Level 2 is done. Level 3 is in the works. Here is some new gameplay.

Get Minecraft | Minecraft

I finished the start/tutorial area. It's just the intro. The platforming and stuff will come in the next levels. I recorded everything the game has so far (Title Screen, Main Menu, Credits [Unfinished], and Mostly completed first level).

Spent some time adding more detail to early Ithaca...Still can't get the jump animation working...

No offence man, but I just saw the title, and my first thought was WTF!!!

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Just finished some early gameplay. 

Still working on the jumping animation off to the side, since it is still buggy and not working right just yet, but yeah, here ya go. 

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In class, I've been given a project to make a game about the Odyssey, covering realistic aspects of Ancient Greek culture, and the adventures of Odysseus, an Ancient Greek hero. Odysseus journeys home after the Trojan War, and all the while he faces many adversities along the way. This includes terrifying monsters, strange lands, and the wrath of the mighty god Poseidon. The primary grade for this project is creativity and quality in game design, and that is what I set out to do. I plan to publish the final game here on, and I will keep updates posted here. I'm working on the basic gameplay right now, and I have a world generation algorithm done, as well as basic textures. The player model is also complete. I plan to focus the gameplay 3rd-person exploration and platforming, and maybe some simple combat. We'll see. Anyway, here in an early screenshot of a very very very basic main menu.  Hope someone out there enjoys this! (Edit: Updated the Main Menu with more detail).

It's kinda sad that this is better than the real game. Great work btw. 

Uhhhh, ok??? If you want to try it, just copy the folder in the zip file to your MC worlds folder. Use minecraft 1.14.4

Senang Anda menikmati peta Minecraft ini. Maaf jika ejaan untuk ini aneh. Saya harus menggunakan Google Translate. Saya hanya berbicara bahasa Inggris.

I made this map almost a year ago. I'm not going to change it. Sorry you didn't like it, but I have no particular desire for you to download it. I'm current working as a 3D modeler for another project (VERTEX / Home / Freeform Multiplayer Combat (, so I am not working on any of my own stuff right now. 

You should add bots to the game.

Glad I could help.

Just publish it here on Also, do all your marketing here as well. If you try to do it on Google Ads or Steam, you can get banned by EA. Just make sure you release it for free and have a copyright disclaimer embedded in the game. Also, EA usually doesn't take action if a game has less than 60,000 downloads. Luckily, I only have 7,049 downloads (at this time).


Sorry to say, the project is canceled due to other projects getting in the way. Sorry to everyone who was interested. 

Hey everyone. Funding for the project is getting a little tight, and we are worried about the project budget. Due to this, a early access for the game featuring a small part of the story will be releasing soon. However, because of the budget cuts, the full game may not be ready for release until later than originally planned. 

I recently stumbled upon a game in Beta. It is called Ravenfield. You are a soldier on a huge battlefield in the middle of a war zone. You can customize each battle to a specific map or make day/night. Each version (day/night) being unique. You have machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, and more to chose from in combat. In each battle, it is blue team vs red. The teams can have up to 200 players each, so you and your AI controlled army fight against another army. You can even make the odds uneven to have more of a challenge. Right now it is only singleplayer, but in Beta 6, online co-op will be added. It really gives the feel of a hugely massive multiplayer game even though it is not. Gun-play is explosive and satisfying, and has realistic physics as well. When you are in the middle of a HUGE firefight, the intensity is really chaotic and epic fun. There are even tanks, motorcycles, armored vehicles, and helicopters that both you, your teammates, and the enemy can use in combat.  Over all a good game that I really recommend. (P.S. Night mode for the island map is my favorite map. It looks really cool.)

Ravenfield (Beta 5)

I spent quite a bit of time on this fan game and I hope you enjoy it.

Hello to everyone keeping up with this devlog, and hello to anyone new.  I have a level completely ready and I want to showcase it.  As of now I have two options. One, create a early access release (far from the finished product) for anyone to download for free. Two, I can screen record some game-play and show that here. I was more inclined to use the 2nd option, but all the free screen recorders I could find are system intensive and take recordings at 480p at best, which is not good. Let me know If you guys know of a good screen recorder that can take good footage for free. Also let me know if you would like to have a early access release instead. 

Cool little game.

This is one of the new songs that will be on the game's soundtrack. It has just the right mood and feel for what we are making. Big thanks to Savfk Music for helping us put this track-list together. I hope you enjoy it.