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It's First-Person Shooter where the player must defeat the evil fire hydrants to win. You spawn in on a map where many Evil Fire Hydrants have taken over. And when you appear, all of them turn to attack you. You see, a once peaceful AI unit named Vars has turned evil...

Go to the game page to learn more: Click Here!

An awesome game dood. Love it. Gave it a 5 star review.Reminds me of classic games like Restaurant Empire. 

Cool! Will definitely be on the look out for it.

I was wondering though, will the full game be released? I saw a post elsewhere that it is no longer being developed. 

Your welcome. The music was great too.

A really well designed adventure game, and I loved the graphics style.

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Not bad. Quite a fun game. I was startled a bit at the end.

I'll play it! (BTW dood, I don't think were supposed to advertise our stuff in the comments. But that probably means for the comments of game projects, so your good.)

This is a intriguing little game created by Lowtek Games. It is a prototype and has only one level, but is interesting none the less. In the game, you have to dig up graves at night to get money off the corpses, since you have no other means of providing for your family. It is a little disturbing, what your doing, but it is fun none the less. To win, you must survive the night without being caught by the cemetery guard. If he catches you, then you loose, and your family starves. Over all, it is an interesting little game, with nicely stylized graphics.  It was created with the Blender Game Engine, so to play the official download, you need to install Blender 2.79b. I converted it to an .EXE file if you need it, email me.

Download the game here.

Awesome! Will help me so much with my upcoming project.