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Josie let me use their icons for my game Mouse House and they're so cute and instantly recognisable - would recommend 10/10!!!

i didn't find the super secret tile but i did really enjoy playing this!! :-)

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Thanks so much! Yeah haha we were really surprised to see so many sheep-related games. We'd really appreciate you sharing it to get more ratings :) we've been rating games all week and sharing the game on social media but it doesn't seem to be doing super well! Which is a shame because we absolutely adore all the feedback and constructive critism we've gotten, it's been super helpful!

Thanks so much for pointing out these bugs especially with the screenshots. Now we can see examples of where they're occuring so they should be pretty simple to fix post jam!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love the retro graphics! It was a bit confusing at first, but nice work!

You should add more levels to this post-jam! Nice work!

Love this idea!

Woof woof!

This is adorable. 10/10 cat. I love it. No way to improve from here, you've made a masterpiece!!! :3

Super cute bun! I lovee the art of this game but I found the main mechanic of just losing control and having to move the clouds less interesting than just a standard platformer would have been. Nice work though!

Really nice art and a very cool idea, but everything moved a bit slow and was far too easy to hold my interest for too long. I can see this being a really cool game if you expand on it though. Maybe give the player more cards every turn  but they can't use them all? Maybe they have a limited deck they have to beat each level with? Maybe they can find cards by killing enemies or in boxes? It could be super fun to play around with! Looking forward to seeing more.

Cool and I really dig the graphics but its wayyy too easy to cheese so you should think of adding a cooldown and maybe some other threats other than traffic cones. Nice work though!

Really remind me of old flash games! Nice work. Though, I never actually entered outta control mode haha so I guess the game could do with a little balancing. 

Congrats on your first finished solo game! I think this is a fun idea and really like the concept of water droplets vs spiders, that's super cute.

I think that having your guys spawn at regular intervals, knowing the upcoming buff, and also having that buff change randomly at set intervals would make the game a bit more interesting because the player can make more interesting decisions when they have a bit more information.

This is fun but I wish there was a warning or something for when a car is overtaking you. The crashes seemed to come from offscreen sometimes?

Nice work! The camera was a little strange and felt really weird, but otherwise this is a solid top down shooter.

I adore that you can see the robots current 'command' in the corner, it's a really cute piece of presentation. Your main mechanic is also really cool and when I got to being able to throw my own jammer I got really excited.
The actual feel of the platforming could be a little better? It's far from terrible but it's probably the weakest part of the game.
Overall very nice work!

Really chill- although I didn't realise I was supposed to raise shield on entering an atmosphere (although it does make sense thinking about it.) I think I'd try this again after some more development, but having a little more to do at any given moment would be nice. Really good work though, this is a solid and interesting.

Nice twist on bullet hell games. I was way too bad at it to get super far in, but I could see what you were trying to do. Nice work!

A real standout amongst the messing with input games this jam. Your twist on it was so damn cool and interesting and I'm really hoping to see more of it after the jam. 

I think that maybe you started a little strong, with the first level being one of the hardest and almost making me quit because it took so long to 'click' with me. Additionally, adjusting the controls did get a little bit tiresome eventually so maybe theres a way to speed that up with hotkeys or an altered ui? I don't know, just something to mess about with. 

Overall, an extremely cool idea executed very well, very nice work. 

Really atmospheric and I love how the 3D world affects the game boy. With polish (e.g. human models / black silhouettes in the car, better post processing and more details to simulate being that kid in the back of a car again e.g. camera shake for bumps in the road) this could be something really cool! I'd love to play it again if you decide to develop it further post-jam!! Nice work!! 

Wow! I love the art and audio. It's a super cute take on this idea, and I especially love the intro. I wish the rest of the game involvedd similar aspects e.g. using the mouse more / the game getting angry at you. The level design, despite a few soft locks, is really cool in how it loops back around on itself. Nice work!!

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I love this game!! It's really original and a fun little party game. Would love to see it developed on further after the jam. I would pay to play this with friends.

I love how cute the art is! The game over and how to play screens are really nice!

I got 8600 and something!!!

Wow this was great! I love the patpatpat sound effect for walking. It felt very portal inspired especially with the emancipation grills. I got the cheese puff! I wish I could have grabbed it because I wasn't sure if the game had ended (especially as there were spikes in that room / the cheese puff wasn't centered). I'd love to play this if you continue to work on it! 

Congrats on your first game jam! The art style is really really cute, good job. 

Every time a CTRL would be cool to see too! But I was thinking that no matter what OR when all instances of CTRL are found the matrix could grow or something like that.

And for my eyes I think the overall theme was a little light. It's probably more than OK for most people but I personally struggle with really bright themes and know quite a few others do too. 

Good luck in the jam!

A really profound and interesting take on the theme. Everything, including the bugginess of the entry, comes together to make something eery and memorable and cool. Very nice work!

This comes together so well?

The threat of your controls changing encourages you to play a lot faster and take more risks. Sure you could wait for that blob to come to you because in other platformers that'd make the jump easier, but what if your controls change right before it gets to you?

Additionally the controls changing when you're being chased by a blob can be really intense, but it never seemed to screw me and mostly *just* managed to survive. 

I really appreciate how even though the controls randomise, they're always cohesive and in the WASD shape. That stops the game being frustrating like other jam games where the controls can be all over the keyboard.

Really, really nice work! 

We also made a werewolf game if you were interested! It's farming-sim meets tower-defense.

Awesome, another werewolf game! We took a tower-defense meets farm-sim approach to ours and it's really cool to see a similar concept but in a stealth game.

I really liked that you had to use your wolf form to get some ingrediants. I think that the games biggest issue is that its a bit stop-and-starty? It would have been cool to see some more active elements, like objects you could move around to block moonlight. 

I love the music by the way! Overall very nice work.

Tricky but interesting! I'm far to bad at even simple racing games to really get very far into it but your twist on the genre is great. I can easily see how this could be played with in some really cool ways in a larger game. Nice work!

Really cool idea to be able to heal at the cost of damage to your objctive. Nice work!

Love the feel! It's super satisfying to dunk the little guys in paint. I found myself just waiting for more guys to spawn quite a lot but other than that this was really fun. Nice work!

Really impressed with how you made such a simple game with such simple graphics have such good gamefeel. The idea of using items to affect the world at the end and I wish I could have seen more of it. Nice work!

Oh wow the presentation here is stellar! The art and animations especially are sooo so good.

 I also love the gameplay. My favourite levels were the ones with the iWindows. That combined with the virus pressing keys can create some really cool situation. 

I do think the level design could be a little more interesting in? Quite a few of them, especially the later ones, feel like they underuse the mechanics and become a very standard (but very good and VERY pretty) precision platformer.  

Ahhh I'm so bad at this! I absolutely see what you're going for and think it's a really cool idea but the kill mode controls are just a little to frustrating for me. 

Will definitely take this into account if we develop it further post-jam!!