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I like the game feel, but there's no way to know beforehand what you will encounter so you just have to repeat the levels again and again and memorize them :/

The best bullet patterns of all the games I've played today :)

Nice patterns, specially in the bosses. Also very nice way to represent your own health. And of course it's nice that it's not another spaceship game :)

I like the twist of having a difficult to steer vehicle in a bullet hell. However, the game feels quite slow and by having only one source of bullets you don't have to think on what's the best place to go: the bottom corners are always safer.

Quite hard. I like how the different patterns look but I wish I could survive for longer than 10 seconds (maybe i'm just too bad at it). Does it have an ending/can you win? One simple improvement I would make is to not restart the music when you die (since the same music is going to play again).

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Just finished the game :D Took my 3 tries, and my winning run was 14:28 minutes. It's really good, thanks for making it! The only negative thing gameplay-wise is that the first time I played I didn't realize I wasn't moving forward, I kept destroying the incoming enemies thinking the game was that, until I realized I had to advance to the big ship. The visuals are amazing, although the fast moving background was a bit too intense for my eyes.

I still love your game! The sound effects are <3

Very nice game! Fun to play, has some strategy to it, and the orbs look great. The only thing I miss is a death mechanic that is not simply time-based, and that bigger combos give you a score multiplier.

The OP feeling you get when you have all the ships is great. The feel of the game is nice as well :) The only bad things I found are that it's easy to stay alive forever (it doesn't get harder with time) and that it doesn't count your score, but those are probably due to the short dev time :)

That jump sound is so high pitched  😅

I love your game :D My distance: 447.2 

Yes! But done with low effort.

Nope, company policy doesn't allow that.

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Indeed, it requires  a paid developer account (~100 $/year). Is that a blocker?

Would it be possible to sign the MacOS build with a signing certificate from Apple? The policy on my work Mac won't let me open it otherwise :(

It is brutally hard, but I did manage to find the Earth :) I'm happy that the asteroids don't actually kill you, because the game is already quite hard as it is 😅 and I even found them useful as emergency breaks :) Congrats on your game!

I'm impressed this was done by such young people, but I didn't like that the description calls them "two of our brightest minds". What about the other people who aren't the "brightest"? Comparisons are not cool :/

I find the game too hard, but the idea is good. The color restriction seems unnecessary. I didn't find any difference between the two "game modes" other than the difficulty (why not calling them easy/hard then?). Cool game and very polished, congrats!

Sorry it didn't work, that's our fault. The missing file is part of the Microsoft Visual C Runtime which our game uses but we didn't include in the zip... It works for most people because the file is already there on their systems (which is quite common, since many programs and games use it), but we should have included it just in case. 

Just FYI (if this ever happens to you in the future), you can download it from the official Microsoft site:

Would be nice if the game kept a high score, because I'm hooked :)

Està super guapo, congrats!