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Felt like a well executed PS1 game ^^

the only thing I would've changed is I would've made the controls a bit more responsive and snappy and make the player a bit safer while throwing the axe.

oh by the way, our game is also called the last axe :p check it out right here if you want to and have a few minutes to spare ^^

Just wow, one of the best games in the jam I have yet played; You had me pretty invested into the game, I see an enemy get to close, I get the command for the guns wrong, and I start panicking :p

really well executed game you got there, The only thing I was really missing was a soundtrack. ^^


We made a game as well, check it out if you want to and have a few minutes to spare! ^^

Oh wow, the music is an absolute banger. One of the best tracks I've heard through the entire Jam. The music basically got me half-dancing during the entire duration of the game. it felt so good together with the aesthetics, the art fit the music very well as well.

The gameplay was quick and responsive, as it should've been. The only bug I've encountered have been a bit of buggy physics (especially in level 4, got the bullet to just straight bounce back to me and kill me :p) but except for that, a really good entry. ^^


I also made a game, check it out if you have a few minutes to spare! ^^

You had me hooked, I felt really immersed! The atmosphere is amazing, and it's a really hard game. Really interesting switch-up with only being allowed to kill one enemy at a time, that's why I found myself doing so much more than in a normal top-down shooter: Strafing, trying to get the right enemy into aim.

it does start to get rather impossible after a certain amount of time though, which is why I think the targeted enemy having a bit more movement speed (so it would come out on top) would be nice ^^


Hey, we also made a game! Check it out if you have a few minutes to spare! ^^

More stressful than I expected, its great! :p

Uhm, Game kept on crashing once those shooty-thingies shot once, so.. uhm... Art was good? xD

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Hey, a decent game! The art fit and you perfectly hit the theme! Although, lemme give you some tips; (Since this is unity) don't use AddForce for movement, it feels unresponsive, oh, and maybe just put in one scene for the tutorial so you don't have to actually tab out to look for the controls. 5/10 ^^

(Oh, and leaderboard xD)

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Nice game! The gameplay is (except for the asteroid hitboxes being a bit small and the vegetation not showing, if it is supposed to, I don't know) flawless, the music is great, the theme was hit on the point, and the 3D models are absolutely great! 9/10

Awesome game! The physics and gameplay are both really interesting and Innovative, I got a sort-of Mario galaxy vibe from that and I loved it. Only thing is the music, I didn't feel it, but else? 9/10

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One of the best tower defense games I've played in a while! Art top-notch, theme was spot-on, Gameplay was (almost, explanation of towers wasn't executed well enough, I didn't know which one was the mine and which one was goo/bullet factory) perfect! The only thing that annoyed me was that permanent bee buzzing sound (that I couldn't toggle off) in the background, it just kept on looping. Maybe add a button for toggling audio, but everything else? 9.5/10!

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The arts are top-notch, but the gameplay is 90% RNG and 10% skill, I died my first 4 playthroughs because there was no food near (oh, and don't make inverted mouse the default if it's not even toggleable)

But ey, quite decent for 3 days. You're an amazing artist!

No matter which engine is chosen, it's always about the skill of the game dev(s). You could totally make an AAA game with C, or a bad one with unreal engine. And, btw, this was supposed to be "the final" animations and effects. xD The whole Tilesheet is just based around 2-Frame-Animations (I mean animations that just use 2 sprites). But I really do appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

(Pff... RPG Maker is just a meme nowadays xD)

Loving the atmosphere!

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Took the theme literal, I love playing it. 

The only deficit I have is that the movement is a bit weird, and when you change direction your character gets teleported around a bit.

But you get love from me cause you used Unity. <3

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Great game, I love the ambience being built up by the lights and the music. <3