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Interesting game, the shadows looked really nice.

Nice little puzzle game. Got a good laugh out of the cake at the end.

Fun idea! I feel like you reversed a mechanic rather than removed one though. Very impressive for being done by one person, especially with it being your first time using unity.

Glad you enjoyed it! If we hadn't run out of time the plan was to make a lot more levels and have it randomly select a random set each time you play. Then we could definitely have the game start over again after the player reaches the end.

I wasn't sure of the exact number but I did notice that the larger slimes could hold more enemies and that the hooded guys had a ranged attack actually. Before long I started tying to time it that the large slimes would be turned a short distance in front of the hooded guys so I could make use of the ranged attack. I could see this being an amazing game if you continue working on it.

Thanks! My brother and I wanted to make sure each level felt different as otherwise it would feel really repetitive. We had wanted to make a lot more levels and randomly choose a few for the loop when the game starts to give it some replayability but there just wasn't enough time. I'm also glad our mechanic change worked out. The idea came about because I always think of pinball as the physical pinball games and I wanted to see what could happen if the game wasn't bound by the physical restraints of the machine. This game was the result.

Thanks! I missed out on that game unfortunately. Looking up some of the trailers, it does look like it would be fun and has a some similarities to our game (ignoring how much better Flipnic looks of course). I'm glad that ours has a different feel to it though.

Yeah the many paddles room was the least polished. We managed to change the direction of a few paddles and shift them around a bit but we ran out of time before we were happy with it.

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Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know. We plan to extend and enhance the game after the game jam and will make sure to fix that issue.

This was really fun! It seems kind of simple at first until you start to understand how you can use the push. Its fun to build up a bunch of shots in one spot and then shot them out like a shotgun. And the enemy shots almost make a barrier between you and them that you have to knock out of the way before you can hit them. Great job!

Love the game, totally changes pong from being an action reflex game into a strategy game. Would like to see this developed further.

I liked how the control scheme really made it feel like you were a clumsy refrigerator. Nice game!

I'd love to try this out but I think it is still missing the data folder. Trying to run the game gives an error message. Would you be able to provide a download link for the data file as well?

Its interesting how removing bulldozing and making money infinite shifts the focus to space management. Good implementation of the theme.

As a long time fan of tower defense games I found this very enjoyable and novel. I would have liked to see a larger map with branching paths and more options for weapons but overall it makes for a good game and it really fits with the theme.

Good idea and great implementation of the theme. I wasn't able to get too far due to the same issues as the other commenters but the idea definitely merits being expanded upon and fleshed out.

An entertaining game and it really fits the theme! If there had been more time I think some additional balancing would have really made playing it even better.

Thanks for the clarification, I liked the game as well!

Glad you enjoyed it, made us really happy to see your screenshot and that you played it to the end!

Nice implementation of the theme!

I like the idea of being able to convert the units to your side. Part of the fun of a tower defense game though is planning out your defenses and I would have liked to see something to take over that aspect. Nice game!

An action tower defense game without the tower defense. I played it and it seems more like a normal action game. The visuals were nice and killing the enemies was satisfying but I'm not sure how this fits with the theme of the game jam.

A puzzle game without actually solving the puzzles. Can't believe you managed to pull it off and make it fun as well! Nice game!