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We are currently making an Open World action adventure rpg and we have a lot of the core mechanics built. We are looking to test engagement through playtesting and discovering what works and what could be tweaked to make this project better.

A prototype has been posted with all major components of the project in place. It consists of a single dungeon with combat, traps, a single puzzle, several items of weaponry and gear, abilities, and a boss at the end with unique phases in their combat.

If you fine folks could give it a playthrough, maybe post a video so we can get real time constructive criticism, we would greatly appreciate it!

Here is our project prototype! It is a single dungeon meant for testing the basic foundation of the project, that being combat and puzzles. We would love any feedback, maybe even a video or two of real time plays. 

Our project "Legends of Commenrealm" is set to be an open world RPG set in the kingdom of Therizon. You will embark on a journey to route of the corruption in the inner royal circle and save the kingdom from a grim fate!

This prototype features combat, abilities, a single puzzle, and a boss fight with multiple mechanics.

Keep in mind this is a very early prototype, so it is not the most polished in terms of graphics! 

Regardless, we would love some feedback and constructive criticism!

Legends of Commenrealm by AGLgames (

You need to collect the ritual components as well as one additional task. Check the upper right hand corner, it will show you what to do next

Keys are hidden slightly, but were not impossible to find, and play testing sessions were successful in completing the game, so its possible you just may have missed the remaining keys.

Was this at the very start or any particular level?

Thank you for giving it a play! I aimed for atmosphere for this project, as with my other horror projects, but I wanted to remain in sync with more audio cues, which I see translated very well! I thank you for playing abd I hope to see you get your hands on my future projects! Some may involve clowns 😅

I appreciate you for giving it a play! I'm pleased the scares got you! I went for what I have been told I am good at, and that is atmosphere! I can see some of the scares took you by surprise! I aimed for unpredictability, which hopefully translated well! I thank you again for playing!

I posted on your video already, but I still want to thank you again for playing another of my projects! It meant a lot to see a return player to one of my projects!

Thank you for playing! I tried using the YouTube translator while watching the video, but only a few words came through. However, the universal language of reactions said more than enough! I appreciate you giving it a play! It means a lot!

Thank you for giving it a play! Admittedly the filter you have on yourself there was a bit on point when the scares came into play 🤣 I appreciate you playing it and look forward to seeing you play my future projects! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing! I can see where a few parts made you jump a bit! I appreciate you giving it a try! I plan to up the ante in my next horror project, I hope to see you give the next one a play through as well!

Thank you for playing! The underlying theme was centered around mental health, with a strong emphasis on isolation and suicide, hence why when you ended up finding her at the end you sort of learn the truth. It was also inspired by the classic Missing Halloween short animation if you want to check that out (I didn't make that, but was inspired by it). Thank you again for playing! It was fun to see you get immediately sort of short circuit when there were occasional scares lol

I appreciate you giving it a shot! I wanted to stick with what I knew and that was atmosphere! As for the ending, I can understand the feeling of it being slightly anticlimactic. With the underlying theme of mental health the intent was to show the idea of feeling isolated and being alone when people with harsh mental health conditions were at their most vulnerable, and was meant to be a somber sort of sad ending, so it can seem like a sudden shift in tone. I appreciate your feedback on it! That will certainly help with future projects moving forward!

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Loved it the first time, loved it now! Being a BIG H.P. Lovecraft fan I caught all the references, even the ram on the baby's door! I'll be keeping a close eye on this one!

Gonna say it, hate clowns with a passion, and this was fairly unsettling...

I delayed uploading my playthrough, seeing as it was a very personal moment just after recording. I very much so liked it, it hit me really hard.

Part of me was really hoping you would really get to play it! The stream was really rushed, especially after that doll game! Your jumps really got me laughing so uncontrollably a lot! I really appreciate it, brother!

Getting the fine details of combat set up today! Hopefully by next week we will have a small showcase!

Legends of Commenrealm is an adventure RPG peoject set in the fantasy world of Commenrealm. With rich and growing lore, Artisan Skills to aid in your adventures, Monsters of all shapes and sizes, and Dungeons to scour for fame and fortune, Legends of Commenrealm is set to be a grand adventure! 

Alongside our regular pages, we will be posting regular updates here as well and will be considering suggestions for how to improve as well as what sort of content in game you would like to see! 

So visit the game page here:

Take a gander, maybe follow if you would be so kind, and keep up to date! 

Got a suggestion? That's what this thread is for! Tell us what you think!

Talk about all in one! I'm not only a retro junkie, but I am a massive HP Lovecraft fan, with a Shadow over Innsmouth being one of my top 3 Lovecraft tales. Rather difficult, especially the ending, but was oodles of fun!

Always glad to see another dev appreciate the effort put in! I am also glad you addressed the urgency of the message at the end. The hope is that those who are struggling who see these resources and see the urgency of Youtubers and streamers who discuss, even if briefly, the message of it all will make use of the resources, a way of showing that if they needed a sign to not hurt themselves then this was it. I am working on another short horror project as we speak, so hopefully that one will get you a bit more than this one 😉

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Thank you for giving it a play! I can see it REALLY got to you! A little secret, I used a few Grudge themes because, growing up, since I saw the movie in theaters at 13, the Grudge scared the crap out of me and was what I gave to represent the darkness of my own mental health, a creeping madness I could never really escape. So I anthropomorphized my own mental health struggles into something that really did terrify me. Nowadays I have rewatched the movie a dozen times and love it. I'm working on another project that I hope gets you just as bad!

Thank you for giving MEDICATED a playthrough! I'm glad I nailed the unsettling and unpredictable atmosphere! Ironically, you are one of the few that noticed the shadow moving past the door! Not many people caught that 🤣 I also thank you for making it a point to show that first slide in the ending scene showing more statistics. It wasn't until after I saw a few playthroughs that I realized not everyone reads as fast as I can 😅 With that said, I thank you for making it a point to do that and made the resources openly available, the more people who can see that, the more people who need help can access it and hopefully get the help they need.

Thank you for giving it a play! I see the mannequin really did get you! No one expected it! I'm glad a good amount of the scares had an effect! I also want to thank you for hanging on at the end to urge your viewers to make use of the resources provided at the end. In the end, that was a goal of this project, to bring awareness to the topic and give people some much needed resources to help those suffering from mental illness, and I thank you for helping to further that at the end of the video. I have a new project in the works that will hopefully give a good few more scares 😉

Thank you for giving it a play! I can see some of the scares really got to you 😂😂😂 I'm glad it was able to get you! I'm working on another project, so hopefully this new one will be just as spooky 😉

Would you believe me if I told you that I LITERALLY just watched your video before you posted??? Given, I don't speak traditional Chinese, but I did pick up a few times you used English lol. I do appreciate you giving it a go, and I am glad you got spooked a few times! I am working on setting up some type of resource page, or finding one like it, where people can go to access mental health resources in their country if that is something a given country has, so the resources wont be strictly US in that sense. With that in mind, thank you again for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for giving it a go! I could tell based on camera movement that you took a lot of the scares in stride! I applaud you for that! I based a lot of those scares on some nightmare themes I have had before, so looks like you would survive, to some degree, in that environment! Hopefully my next 3 week project will make you jump a few times!

Thank you for giving it a play! Admittedly, my German could use some brushing up on, so I had to rely on google translate to fully understand your commentary properly as picking up only a few words here and there wouldn't do it justice. Thank you for ensuring the resources, even if they are not native to your country. I am working on setting up a resource page, or finding one, where people can go to access mental health resources in their country, assuming those resources are available in their given country. Regardless, I thank you for playing and I'm glad you were able to see the underlying message in it all, seeing you at the end really displayed, to me, your humanity and understanding of it. Thank you again for giving it a go! It means a lot!

Thank you very much for giving MEDICATED a play! Im glad to see a few if the scares got you! I was honestly especially proud of one of the rooms where it says "I see you," and Im honestly pleased it had an effect. Thank you as well for making it a point to express the importance of the mental health resources at the end. So long as at least one person benefits from it, then this project was not in vain ☺️

You need to be close to the door and press E, if you are using the mouse button then you are using the wrong input. That one is for picking up things :)

Thenk you for playing! I can tell some of the scares got you based on camera movement. I'm glad you enjoyed it!