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Very astute! I'm also pretty sure they cut out of there quick in the romance end... but what do I know, really? ;)

Thanks so much for your patience and I'm super glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much! You were very patient with us, so I hope it was worth the wait.

Hm... That is strange... I haven't heard from any other Mac users yet, so hopefully I can talk with the programmer about it tonight and we can figure out what went wrong here. Thanks so much for the report!

Ah, wait wait! We found another bug and had to reupload! In our defense, it was one that was impossible to find unless you looked at the script very carefully... The NEW new version is up now. Please accept my humble apologies! >.<

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I don't mind at all, and I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the embarrassing failure of an upload we put out! ^^' The new version is the correct one!

The new version also has corrected the script so that the romance path is actually possible, this time! (89 in his LIKE stat is incredible! I didn't even know it could go that high o.O) Min and I had a bit of a miscommunication, and we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default! We didn't notice in testing, because we were just able to switch it when necessary. This is now fixed.

So, so sorry about all the confusion! Hope you enjoy the update!

Fixed! The new version should be the correct one. ^^' Serves me right for posting while half-asleep, I suppose... Sorry about that, everyone!

New version is up! So sorry about the testing screen~!

Lolol... We're doing some last minute testing now, you guys. ^^ We should be done and have the game posted sometime within the next few hours (barring some disaster striking)...

Haha, this will definitely be a free game, no worries on that front. Itch.io has both free and commercial games available for download here, as well as some that are pay-what-you-want... Basically, you just have to look at each game's page to know which type it is. :)

Yeah, if I wasn't already swamped with my bigger, flagship title, I would have loved to continue working on this until all the planned content was done, but unfortunately, I'm on a deadline that I have to get back to... Maybe in the future.

Thanks so much for your comments! Hope you enjoy the finished game!

I know I'm just spamming my own comments section at this point, but I just wanted to pop in here quickly and say that this whole thread has given me such joy... You guys don't even know. xD

Ah, sorry for the belated response! We're shooting for this Friday, if nothing dire happens. ^^

Oh, wow, thank you... It's so great to hear that people are enjoying the demo! I was afraid it might be too short to interest anyone, so the enthusiastic response here has been a huge relief so far, haha... I just hope that the final product is worth waiting for! I've had to trim some content here and there because of time constraints, unfortunately.

Part of the content that got cut was the MC's occupation stuff. Some of it is still scattered here and there, especially in the first half of the game, so it will effect the story in small, subtle ways, but not as much as I was aiming for originally. :( I may go back and add more content in the future, when I'm not so busy with my main project, but for now, it's mostly just there to add little touches of "color" to the experience. I definitely recommend playing as a mechanic or journalist at least once, btw. Each occupation has a few dialogue options or blocks that pop up pertaining to their specific field, but the mechanic and journalist offer just a tiny bit more in terms of backstory/insight.

And yes, robolove is very much a passion of mine. Any kind of romance involving an emotionally stunted or repressed person and I am ALL over it... So we have that much in common. xD I'll try not to let you guys down!

Everyone on the team is doing well, you guys. Sorry it's been radio silence here from me for a while... I wanted to make sure we were fairly close to being DONE before posting and getting people's hopes up. I can now say with 98% certainty that the finished game should be up this Friday (Apr. 28th). ^^

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm, everyone!

Posted in CG help?

Ah, the two CGs that you've found so far are, indeed, the only ones in the current build of the demo (so you've found them both, congrats!) It's sadly illogical that way. xD

While I would have liked to include one of Emry's, due to the nature of his romance, his best scenes all happen a bit later in the game... ^^'

Haha, I definitely endeavor to bring the sexy... ^_~ Thanks so much for your patience!

Thank YOU guys for the understanding... The non-romance route and friendship route are both finished, so it's really only the end of the romance that needs to be done now, I swear. ^^'

We'll get it out very VERY soon. Hope you both have lovely weekends!

AH! Your tears are only matched by mine!!

You guys have been so patient! I'm really sorry about this, but the full game is going to take just a little longer. T-T We want to make sure the final version is as perfect as possible for you guys!

Gimme just a couple more days and hopefully we'll have a completed game for Easter Sunday!

Thanks you guys! ^^ Everything's coming along nicely... We should be able to make the deadline! *Fingers crossed*

You're not bugging me. I appreciate the sentiment. ^^ I'll be keeping the price what I've promised already, but I'll definitely keep this in mind moving forward (another collaborator on my team agrees with you and made a similar argument). I still think $20 is fair for a debut title from a non-triple A company, but I admit freely that business is not my strong suit... ^^' I may charge more for a "special edition" version of the game in the future...

It's extremely likely that I'll raise my prices on my next project. We'll see how this first one goes!

Thanks again for your comments!

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Aw, this comment really made my day. ♥ So sweet; thanks so much! As far as the price goes, while I'm definitely flattered you think I could charge more... er... I'm still definitely a newbie to the realm of VNs. And aside from that - the even bigger reason I'd like to keep the price-point somewhat lower - is for the players in other countries who might have trouble buying the game due to differences in currency value and things like that. ^^

I may set up a patreon or something similar in the future (maaaaaaybe... we'll see how this first commercial game goes), and in the meantime, you could always give my Nanoreno project a shot, if you'd like to see more content from me ;) There's a demo available HERE and the finished game should be released on the 14th!

Thanks again and sorry for the long, rambling response! ^^'

Haha, hope the full game doesn't disappoint!

*Happy dance*

Thanks so much for checking it out and yes, I'm sorry for the additional wait! T-T

We're very much trying to meet the second deadline though! And yeah, we might have to consider a change in fonts moving forward if a lot of people have trouble with it... Hopefully we can find something that fits the theme as well as this one does!

I'll pass your compliments along, so thanks again! Good luck with your own project!~

Posted in release date?

Ah, thanks, @Roxi2! I just saw this so I apologize for the late reply. Glad you got an answer quickly, Sandpixie! ^^'

As the title states, if you are experiencing any issues, please report them here!

Step one: first ensure that you are using the most recent version of the demo.

Step two: if it is a download issue, please make sure you have a steady internet connection. Wonky connections appear to be the leading cause of download issues...

Step three: post below with the details (issue, what platform you're using, etc.) and please give us a day or two to respond. :)

Thanks in advance, dears! ♥

Created a new topic The Queen's Crown FAQ!

Hey, all! I'm a little sad to lose all of the wonderful and lovely comments I've received on this game over the last year, but I figured a community function would be more useful for players, that way we don't end up having to answer the same questions over and over. (It's such a shame we can't have both!) Also, it might be more efficient or something?... I dunno.

Anywho, here are a few frequently asked questions:

Q: Aaaaaah! When will the full game be released?

A: We're still shooting for December 2017. We shall keep this updated as we go!

Q: Is this going to be a commercial project? If so, how much will it cost?

A: It IS going to be a commercial project. As much as I'd love to give it away for free, if I want to keep making games, I'll have to be paid for my time as well as that of my fellow contributors. ^^' Artists/writers/programmers gotta eat... And when it is released, it will probably be priced at around $20. Definitely no more than that.

Q: How many romance paths will be in the finished game?

A: There will be 4-and-a-half... The main four love interests are all male, but the fourth option was voted on by fans. Desmond won by a landslide, but there were a fair few GxG voters and in the interest of offering those players SOMETHING, there will be a mini-route (more of an extended flirtation than a full-fledged romance) with Lliria the Bardess. She may be pursued if the MC shows no favor toward any of the male suitors.

Q: What platforms will the finished game be available on?

A: The game should be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for sure... Possibly android as well, if we can swing it. It will be sold here on itch.io, and also on Steam.

Q: Where can I follow development progress?

A: I'm MOST active on the lemma soft community and on my kickstarter page, which I try to keep updated every two weeks. We also have the usual forms of social media, however: twitter, tumblr, and facebook. You're welcome to follow us on any or all of these!

LOL. Sorry about that! We'll do our best to have the game out around Xmas time. I'm sure there will be plenty of games to play in the meantime to keep the withdrawal at bay! ^^

Ah, thank you for letting me know... I'm still not sure what could be going wrong with this, but I'll be putting up the separate game files for Windows, Mac, and Linux within the next day or two... Hopefully that should help. Just re-download the Mac-only file in a few days and let me know if it still doesn't work. :/

You're very sweet. ♥ Thank YOU for giving the demo a shot and taking the time to leave a comment. ^^ We hope you enjoy the finished game just as much!

I'm not 100% sure since I'm not the programmer, but I believe the full game will be in a .zip file also, yes. On steam, I'm sure it will be packaged the way they package their games over there.

Unfortunately, while I'd love to offer the full game for free, I'll have to charge for my - and my programmer's - time if I want to make a career out of this. :( In light of the fact that many fans are younger or have financial difficulties, however, I may offer some free copies of the game in giveaways or contests in the future.

The term "skirla" - roughly translated - means "Radiant One." This is how Tawarian people address their queens. If you're curious about the language and the other phrases Noah uses in the game, this might interest you! Thanks for your comments!

XD That's some high praise! Thanks so much and I hope the rest of the game is just as much fun for you!

Thank you! ♥

"Note: only the demo is playable at the moment. Full Game to be released tentatively around December, 2017! Look for it here and on Steam!" ^^ Haha, I think that should answer your questions... The price will be around $20, maybe a little less. :)

"Note: only the demo is playable at the moment. Full Game to be released tentatively around December, 2017! Look for it here and on Steam!" ^^

Haha, thanks for the comment!

Haha... I won't lie, Potouto's work with the GUI is pretty top-notch! We're very glad we got a chance to work with them. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and appreciate our efforts... It really means the world to our team. T-T We can't wait to share the finished game with everyone!

♥ Thanks for the comment!!

Ah, thanks so much! To answer your questions:

1- Poor Des does not appear in the demo... I wanted to include him, but there was just no way to introduce him organically in the main story. He appears almost RIGHT after the demo ends though, so in the full game, his romance route won't be much shorter than the others'. :)

2- Yup! 2 CGs in the demo. One for Teiran and one for Noah. It definitely irks my sense of fairness, since I like to keep things even between the love interests, but I wanted to include CGs just for the most important/impactful scenes in each route... Emry's more romantic/impactful moments come a little later than the others.

Hahaha... Now that I'm thinking about it, that's probably a good order to do the romance routes... Noah first, followed by either Teiran or Emry, and then Desmond last. You'll probably get the maximum impact of the story that way, yup.

Super happy that you took the time to play through the demo again and leave a comment (while you're sick, even! Being sick on Valentine's is the worst, omg!)... I'll send Noah over to tuck you in tonight! Hope you feel better soon!

(Edited 1 time)

*EDIT* More than likely, it's your internet connection. Iffy internet and big files don't seem to mesh well together. If you are still having trouble, go ahead and message me privately on facebook, twitter, or tumblr (listed in order of how active I am on them), and I can send you a copy of the game file directly! Sorry for the trouble!

No worries! It's a legitimate concern, and it's one of the areas of the game that could use the most improvement, so I just like to assure players that I'm aware of it... and let them know that I'll take it into account moving forward. ^^

Your comments are appreciated, m'dear!

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I'll be sure to pass your compliments along to our composer, the fabulous Noyemi K! As far as the character creation screen goes, we kept the options limited for two reasons: to keep our realistic aesthetic (no crazy blue/pink/orange hair colors here, haha) and also to make a little less work for our colorist, who is re-coloring some CGs 20+ times to account for every possible variation that you could choose. Next time we include this feature, I will definitely extend our production schedule to allow more time to develop it and give players more options...

Thanks again and we're very glad you enjoyed the demo!