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Wow, I admire your passion for android/AI fiction and I'm really glad this game was able to scratch that itch for you! ;) I'll try my best, but I don't know if anything I say is going to do justice to such a long, well-thought-out comment! 

It's wonderful to hear you enjoyed the AI aspect of the game in particular, since it's something I really wanted to approach in a certain way. I was mostly inspired by androids from film: Vision from the Avengers, David from Prometheus, Roy Batty from Blade Runner... I even borrowed quotes from the last (book and movie) for the ending titles. :) I've always been really enamored with the idea of these manmade creatures experiencing humanity and - in some cases - showing that they themselves can exemplify humanity's best traits... I'm glad I'm not the only one drawn to those types of stories!

Thanks so much for the recommendations (I'll definitely be checking out some of the romances you mentioned) and the kind words in your review. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for a reply. I admit I was a little intimidated, haha...  

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Edit: I highly suggest that you try to put this game on Steam. I'm pretty sure there is an audience for it that'd be joyous to pay for something like it there. 

Sorry again for taking so much place from the comment page. I didn't mean it. It's just...I was feeling so exhilarated after playing and these were things I've always wanted to say about AIs...and after ThisMySoul and Silas it's impossible to keep silent. 

^^ And thank you again for building this! And for anything Silas related that may come to be in the far future (anything at all—even a short fanfiction—even with deus-ex-machinas and corny moments—I could only love it all the same.)

Intimidated? Says the one who wrote and coded one of the most meaningful and elegant visual novel in the world featuring a delicious android. I don't have insane expectations, and after playing two of your games, I feel confident to say that it's very unlikely that any game of yours could disappoint this mun. (Just ignore me if that helps.)