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Ah yeah, that's cruel... (˘:—˘:) (more seriously, sorry for the guilt trip; hoping that it wasnt too serious)

Well English isn't mine either. Now, given the way you wrote your posts, I'd say yeah, it looks like it's going to be readable (:P. And that's me trying to be funny, here.) 

Besides, there would be Silas inside. Goodness, that's a big yes, of course, and please ma'am!

Thanks for the recs! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 
I'll check out Tales 18+! 

PS: yeah I write. But I don't feel confident to link my texts here. And there is no way to PM each other, apparently, so telling more might be tricky...

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"do try 'Demon Crushers' - they're are the best (no AI there though;))"  D,:

Oh fanfiction in multiple scenarios... Yes. That needs to be done. Through twine, or a CLI game, or even by tormenting the CSS on ao3. Challenge accepted. I have been planning to write a non linear Tron fanfiction in that way for long, anyway.  Wait. That wasn't a challenge? and you won't write fanfiction? But-but. .
I guess I'll just accept that there is no more AI content for me to munch on. I'll just have to play This my Soul on repeat every year for the rest of my life. (I would like you to know that I'm secretly crying inside.   . _.)

Is it compatible with the Oculus Go screen?


Thank you! *hugs you and run away with the game*


Wanna get more informatiooon. 

Will I be able to date AIs or aliens? Will it be fun or truly unconventional ? Me need motivation. :I

What is this game about? The long description doesn't say anthing about the plot or characters. 

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Damn. you. For putting this image in my head. @_@ *blushes* 

...Is there any kind of pressure I could reasonably resort to in order to have you write fanfiction? 

I've been feeling a bit paranoid about this game lately. I'd want to save it somewhere along with these comments... 

I don't know if it's ok to archive this page on some back room of my website. But I'm itching to. (pun intended - what?)

I mean yeah there has been Detroit: Become Human and the gameplay is brilliant. But the androids there just behave like they were programmed to emulate two-dimensional selfish humans in a Shakespearean play. Replaying Kara's rout even almost feel like a punishment once the  surprise is lost about her route. 

More problematic, I felt like the 'deviants' (seriously?) androids' sentience didn't make sense. Breaking free of one's programming doesn't mean anything for a machine, does it? I mean to be able to do it they need to want it, and to want it, they need that drive programmed somewhere, somehow, otherwise it wouldn't parse, not in AI designed to be social slaves. Even artificial companions wouldn't be able to reason that far...unless they were set up to rebel and pretend they are alive and religious. ... *snorts & lols* 
I mean Android are not children or clones, they aren't just born, they are made from thin air air from scratch...

If anything the government should have been demanding answers to Kamzki and Cyberlife instead of just fighting deviants. 

...At least the 'Connor's made much more sense. ;) Sorry I'm rating again here . 

Oh and speaking of emotionally sexy AIs, there is the ship in Origin Unknown 2036, now. 🤤 Basically a dominating Tau in space. ...But it's nothing close to  the interactive intimate experience that a visual novel brings. Yeah, Solas will always be the first most delicious artificial cinnamon roll to have been made. 

Last edit: And I give up on the typos now.

But...I want the demo back... I never got to play Nicholl. I haven't even played Snow yet. ...C'mooon~

Understood. 👌

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Maybe I'll give the game another try later. So it really didn't work on my device, after all. 

Because I remember that I found a door with an eye on my first play, and it looked like it would do something, but when I went in, nothing happened. 

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I know, the positive feedback and the minimalist graphics were precisely the reason I bought it. 

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I've played a few exploration games so I know about that genre, but in this case, there was litteraly nothing happening after tenths of minutes of me walking around : no change in music, no change of scenery, no door oppening, no narration voice or written or illustrated throught the landscape ; truly nothing. 

So I geniunely believe that the game wasn't working on my device. I mean nothing more by it. 

Yet. It was a bit frustrating because of the long loading times and sideloading work. 

I wouldn't complain about a free game of course.

It never worked on my Oculus Go. Well it lanched and I could move around and climb things, but there was absolutely no narration and no interaction with the surroundings at all.


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Thank you.

Well, in that case, is the price of $5 fair according to the current amount of contents in the game?  

There is no demo version and I want to play your game. 

But if the game feels like it's in alpha stage or if it's filled with bugs, for $5 online, I'd ask for a refund until I get one. 

That's why I asked if it was finished. 

PS: It's just my opinion,'d be easier for me to trust in your answer if I could get it before 62 days this time. I mean, I'd probably have forgotten about this game again by that time.

Oh. Aku is female. 

Mh... no visual for Terra and Prude? Are we supposed to already know the main characters them from the first game? I though this game was a stand alone, but maybe I should not play this game before playing the first?

Last question I promise: who is the pretty elf dude on the lower right of the youtube trailer opening picture? Perhaps a future main chracter in an eventual following game? (Don't tell me he's Aelf's ro. ...Is he? (I swear bl is going to make me die a shriveled and frustrated domme ಥ_ಥ,.. ) 

Would I be right to assume that those Belinda can pursue are Hecktor and Aku?

Too bad Aelf isn't interested in F/M. He kind of drew me into the game to be frank. 

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To get an idea of who the Main Cast is...could we have visuals, if not descriptions, to go along with that list of unknown names? Is there romance involved? Any special character routes? 

Those who haven't played any Book of Gray Magic game before, a list of names doesn't tell much, I'm afraid. And. Characters are very importants in visual novels...if I don't know what to expect, holyday sale or not, I can't decide if I want to play this game.

Can they...not have these weird arms please? (Why do they have to look so virile and...clunky?  Why can't they look agile? Why am I here???)

Ok. Thank you.

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I don't understand what kind of sexy features to expect from the summary and the screenshots alone. The link in the comment is broken too. 

More details, please?

Is this game finished?

Got it. (Sorry Reqieu. Get ready boy.) 

Je vois je vois... I'll just have to find a game guide to unlock him quickly then. 


^^ Thank you for your answer! 

Is Septem a main character? I mean, is there a way to only target him speaking of romances, or is the game a common path with minor changes? Both ways are fine with me; just trying not to get too specific expectations. (Don't judge meeh~)

Wait...who's Ais already? I've got a bad feeling that he's the sweet Magician or Prince we meet in a city... The one I went heels over head about and fatefully ended up pinning after for the rest of the long story, until pretending to be interest in the others guys became too hard and I had to quite playing. 


No I'm not crazy. 

But really, I vaguely remember this game for (the brilliant and bold jokes—even if Yvin's were a bit over the top and it didn't make his character very very strong); ahem. For the poor lovely slimes—wait no, I mean for that side romanceable character with whom it was fated never to work be. I mean...if they can't tag along or have a real in-game thingie, why make the MC meet them? That's a bit cruel, author...   X,)

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It was really nice playing this game; it's very pretty and pure and moving...and apparently, it's almost impossible to forgot them, even over years. 

(If I were asked about making suggestion on details to improve, perhaps, I would say...your characters grow on the player so quickly! I think they are really worth playing and they can be solid when you write them just a bit more seriously, like, as to having them say things  they would be likely to say given their respective stories just a bit more often than saying 4th wall jokes—those are nice to cover the Deus and Devil ex Machinas, but they could be kept short, letting the plot return to being immersive sooner, maybe? (I know I know no one asked me for a critique, so please feel free to ignore this.) )

Thanks for sharing these cups of freshness freely!  (Did that make sense? my head it did, but...)

PS: On another topic, I've been trying to unlock the first picture from the Gallery, unfortunately, I think I've tried every choice and skipped until the end each time, but to no avail. Is this a Veltaire picture? Would someone give me cue, please?

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Yeah I'm not too much for horror, and I'd probably not have played it if I had seen this genre mentionded in the description *before* I'd seen the Guide's artwork and was bewitched by the light and shadow in his protrait. xD

I love d this one mostly because the storytelling doesn't focus too much on the horror element, it doesn't feel like gratuitous jump scares: the reason behind it makes sence and the dark places of the word turn up morally ambiguous in a way that no one is really to blame. Two of the endings give hope by showing good will in the shadiest of characters' Despite of the sad realisations, this makes the whole experience a bit uplifting in the end. Just like the mesmerizing light the Guide's sprite carries about himself.  X,] 

Thanks for this experience!

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I find the ending interesting, but maybe not so well executed. My impression is that Breaking Character is a very short and pretty simulator with trollish humor. 

I'l glad the summary says it's about character creation and hints that that may be all. But it also describes it as a game. Not as a 100% linear kinetic novella. Which means there's supposed to be, y'know, at least one variable variable involved in the code, beyond the static clickable sprites and few lines of text. 

My main complain is that closing the windows is confusing and makes no narrative sense:  

Returning to the title screen would have been more artsy and less jarring.  Even better and still simple, witting a last line of dialogue from the second character hinting at passing of time before returning to the title screen if the player stays, and only closing the window itself if the player leave would have brought a clever and deep message left to be interpreted openly though roleplay.  Otherwise, even the theme of roleplay has yet to be found in this seemingly interactive novel.

Thank you for telling me more about the gameplay.  I'm glad I know what to expect. 

(And though the story doesn't include it, one of us headcanons Sappho (red hair) and Hans (turqoise hair) very much anyway. >u>)

Oh. Like there's room for that, then? ... :I   :] Maybe I'll play after all.  (^^;;)

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I know I know. x_x It's just that sometimes, in these fictions, the non humans grow and develop human intelligence and will along the plot, and so, relationship evolve (I mean look at the raven in the Maleficent movie). BUT not that into anything else but human x human! Just to clarify. Okay sorry for asking  I'm going to find a hole to hide in the wall the there  ._.

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Okay, I'm going to trow good sense over the window one second and ask: Is there human x human romance involved with one of them at some point? I mean, this looks like  a dating sim so I want to be sure what's going to be go on here.

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I take it that the princess is going to try to play matchmaker for at least two of the guys. But is there also a GxB ending? Since there are three guys, well, I thought maybe at least one of them might be bi-curious...?

(I am aware the question is out of topic since this is clearly labelled BL. Sorry. I just couldn't help wishing despite of this after I saw one of the guys. >//< )

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Sorry again for taking so much place from the comment page. I didn't mean it. It's just...I was feeling so exhilarated after playing and these were things I've always wanted to say about AIs, and after experiencing Silas... well it was too much emotion to keep silent. 

^^ Again, thank you for building this! and for anything Silas related that may come to be in the far future. (If it's about this game, it could never be too short, too light and definitely never too sweet~after such a strongly moving plot, nothing about it could be called corny.)

I would also suggest that you try to put this game on Steam! I'm pretty sure there is an audience for it that'd be joyous to pay for something like it there.

(Sorry for being too intense. Just ignore me if necessary, I'd understand.) Intimidated? Says the one who wrote and coded one of the most meaningful and elegant visual novel in the world featuring an AI! ^^