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it's been a while, and many stuff happened to me, but now that I stumbled upon this page again and remember Zel and Nicholl,...I know I'll wait for the full game and get it! (Unless it's too expensive. ... Unless Zel is even more lovable and a little bit sexy. ... Unless I don't have enough moneeey-omg x_x)

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Seemed very promising. I had fun playing the demo... if only there was more.  

Besides, now that's I've read the description and video, I like the idea of an alternative to Undertale that isn't drenched in esoteric themes. Please don't abandon this...

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I haven't played the game at all. I want to know to decide whether I want it or not. So I'm afraid I don't know the characters so far.

So...Egon, Karel and Pious are what exactly?

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 I love the art and the summary. 

I'd have liked it if there were a short presentation paragraph for each of the main characters, as in other otome games. Even if they don't have picture. 

As it is, I'm not quite sure what I'm getting into here.

EDIT: sorry for the typos.

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I've got a question... I understand this is not an otome, but an serious visual novel focusing on the adventure. That's great. 

Personally, with futuristic games like this one, I expect to find artificial intelligence, or robot, or cyborgs, or aliens... 

So if you have those as romantic interest (even something even close to flirting or dating, or other romantic stuffs between the MC and another character) I'd please want to know which one beforehand, which means, on this page. 

Thank you.

(Okay, at the risk of seeming petty, I'll confess that I'm 50% interested in this game because of the small robot in the screenshots.)

Sorry, but I don't think that's exactly right, otome implies GxB. 

The tag is misleading and other people may end up frustrated not to find what they hope for because of it...

I sure will. Thank you for your answer. :)

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I've not played it yet (as it's still donwloading)...but something tells me that I'm going to love the bits out of this game.

And now that I read the other comments, my feeling is a little further confirmed. So...have some stars already: 🌠🌟

By the way, say, could you make it possible for us to give money (so that I can get the game to be displayed under the "owned" category on my page)

PS: Oh, would you happen to know the visual novel entitled "This Cheap and Sacred Thing"? Has it been any form of inspiration for this game, or did you just decide to write an über game with a robot just because?

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Are there PRG elements? Characters?

Not that you need the 3D models ; they could speak through the doors of their houses for some reason, or there could be a telepathic guide / magician guy to provide tips and make comments... I don't know.

Are there consequences to ours actions or does everything we kill respawn without changing the plot?

These are things I need to know bvefore I cand décide if I want to buy a game.

When there are a goof handfull of solid and roudabout 3D mobile games, as good as Shadowlands that are avaliable for about $5, I'm afraid $3 is a little sum to ask for if there are not enough features in your game.

Oh I have absolutely no worry that the game is going to be a memorable gem. (I mean, you've already spoiled me rotten with Emry~it's almost too much-not sure my nose I could handle sensual CGI without sploding. OMG I know I'm hyped but I can't)

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Seamlessly blend meaningful and lasting decision-making, memorable characters with real backgrounds and motivations, numerous good intrigues, a coherent plot, a main character whose personality is really defined through our choices subtle, classy romance, gorgeous art, with clever music...And you get A Queen's Crown.

Well...This delicious visual novel is not unlike the full text-based game Choice of the Court, but much more beautiful, and with much more powers in our choices and an actually interesting love interests.

If the demo is of such quality, then the final version promises to be golden indeed. Because just its demo version is probably the more entertaining medieval-fantastic politics sim game out there yet.

To give a more personal review of my playthrough, I'd say, I really enjoyed replaying the demo again and again to see hos the decision-NPC reaction really worked, beyond of the different lines that would follow and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it changed wholes scenes, that my main character's overall personality was remembered more acutely than simply being good or bad... it was refreshing for me to be able to play as a queen in that manner.

Regarding the characters, I positively loved Jeisa, the guards, the Queen(Regent, Emry, Noah, oh my. Everyone was solid, full fledged characters that really seemed to interact with the mc instead of just dacing along the line of a rigid plot with barely two or three branches.

Regarding the romance, It seemed from the demo that Emry and Noah were able to to respond in two positive ways to their interactions with main character, whether she shows herself demure or daring. Need I say how satisfying such a tiny detail makes it all to me? It's quite different regarding most visual novel dynamics. It kind of says...a main character doesn't have to canter to any man's whim to win his respect or affection. It"s both comforting and empowering.

Okay, now, about the the guys themselves...

I can imagine that Teiren could be useful for money...if being a queen left time to babisit a socially awkward boy, that is. But (even if his charset was as mesmerizing as that of his rivals—which it isn't in my very personal opinion—I still get a feeling that the politics would not be forgiving enough for me to spend so much time solving his whimsical riddle. (Now don't pay attention to this comment; it's only my reaction to the game, nothing close to a critique of anything. I loved how you wrote absolutely everything.)

Then, there is Noah. Beside of his gorgeous charset, I mean. Noah is interesting due to his origins, different traditions, diplomat position, the huge military benefits our relationship could bring.

Finally there is Emry... The only adventage of marrying him I can see would be that given his skills, how well the mc knows him, and his loyalty to the country, there would a certain comfort to have a king who can rule himself when the mc needs to call in sick, heh. He would at least take off half of the crown heaviness. Even though he seems quite demending in his own way, and I don't think he would leave the mc slack off even if he could step up. Because he kinds of worries / mind what the people would say / seems to want to keep her power in some aspects / and overall just is his old tutor self. ... Now that I think of it. It would be most interesting to be able to push him far enough for him to consider betraying the mc. Because there will be betrayal, will it not?

And...that was the sensible part about what I had to say about him. Because, now, well...beside of how much I heart the subtle fluctuations of his...classy and magnifiscent charset. Well. Yeah, I'm afraid that these kind of characters make me magically turn into putty. No matter how they romances the mc, I just can't help be feel inspired by them. It doesn't help that this one was actually the mc's tutor. They're usually kind of the element that makes me ambitious, eager to prove myself. They are usually a little bit harder to please (not that I'm complaining, Emry is quite perfectly austere already! ^^") So earning their favor, their respect, then loyalty, their interest feels as much satisfying that unwrapping a present or unraveling a tricky court plot. So...yeah, but no, I'm not biased, I'm just putty (it's not the same—)

Though... Now that I've read there might just be a fourth character, who just might be an adorable woobie... oh my, it's going to be difficult to make a choice... (...do I have to?)

Okay, I'll conclude here to spare you the rantings of a puddle of putty. You might need this brain before I risk making it leak out of your ears, after all.

Hi. I'm afraid this may sound as a shallow concern given the plot of the series is deep and neat, but...still, I'm wondering about romance in this visual novel. More precisely, about Mask. Will it be possible to reach an ending deepening his relation to Kacey? (I have only played Invisible Apartment and the Zero sequel so far.)

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The art is not bad and there are two or three characters who appeal to me yet! Why I'd be eager to get to play an English version.

For some reasons, I can't leave a comment on the English version... I hope it's okay if I write my comment here...?

There are many reasons why this game it's so good... Not stellar, mind you, yet good in absolutely ever domain.

The plot is just believable enough, satisfyingly realist, the heroine is likable, mature, vulnerable just when it serves her character development, the BO is just great, the backgrounds are peaceful, the art-book is a huge bonus, the chibis are to die for, and the mannerisms and decisions of the Sea Dragon is lovely.

There is a ending the heroine can have without romancing either of the characters, one where she can just be friend with both, and all are very nice and still fill me with a cozy kind of nostalgia.

Worth playing.

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So there will be an extented version of the game I read. The program sounds interesting. I'd buy it if we can also have it on Steam.

(What am I saying, I know I'll buy it for Zel anyway. Can't say no so such a rare pastry. He's not the kind of character most popular in Otome games. So with the bonus of his realist personality and character development, it must have taken careful work to make him neither virile nor camp, yet romantically attracted to women. He's quite the rare treat to find.)

To amend a point (spoilers): about 'Mer', it's not him inhabiting the body while loathing noblity that feel so wrong. This does feel wrong, but nothing close to the fact that Charming mostly keeps calling him by the same name both in her thoughts and when she is alone with him...this feels as testimony for her denial.

This: her lack of acknowledgment that he is really a stranger (to the point she doesn't even know how he really looks like or how old he really was - don't even come telling me that it doesn't matter for trusting someone);

this, plus calling him by a name that isn't his is what finish making her love quite messed up.

So yeah, it would solve nothing to punish 'Mer' since he is already off in the head, enough for both of them (his reactions show signs of schizophrenia: he goes from a poised flirting persona, to bawing incontrollably from loneliness, to a self-centered phycho persona showing pleasure in his deceiptions more than once if you pay attention).

The truth serum tells us he doesn't even regret anything except maybe not having enough power to feed everyone. Remember how all the other stories he told Charming never happened? No boat, no village rescuing him, no accidental killing since he knew exactly how his voice worked since the start, peharps even no bullying in his country - all his explanations about that were incoherent, and* he has been a willing murderer since the start. We don't know what he did to Mer's guards in the end, we can only assumebit was worse than killing or destroying. I can think of two possibilities for it that would make both 'Mer', Nicholls and Charming decide not to even mention the nature of the crime

These things and the traumas he mentionned could be full lies made up as failsafes to his shortcommings as a noble and to manipulate Charming into pitiying him. Or real traumas but for very different events than those he tells.

But he is an idiot to expect Charming and Nicholls to let off after all that.

Charming and Nicholls could and should have waited for him to chill down and reflect on all he did a couple months, while using a magical clone of him on the throne during that time, before using another truth serum to verify his sanity and morale first, before deciding anything else.

Loving him, though, seems messed up, no matter how I think about it: affection, okay, desire, I guess, possessivity, understandable after all Charming has risked for him. But sincere love? That feels a bit irrational for Charming's character.

I think the first, the 'good' ending with him was as irresponsible as her second ending with Zel.

Speaking of it:

- Offering a big and heavy fire breathing dragon to make clones of himself? Just after he boasted about ravaging through many weddings and demonstrating his willingness to kill people on a prideful whim?

- Deciding to abandon her country who asked her help with civil war, just to keep her lover's innocence intact a few years more?


Not even mentionning responsibility or selfishness, keeping her decision not to return doesn't event sounds well thought: she could have returned and helped settle things before going out to the world with him again. After the demonstrations of will she can do and the fact she succeeded in rescuing Zel while so many others fail it was made into a poem...I'm pretty sure Lynar Kingdom would have trusted her capability and loyalty enough to allow that.


Now, back to serious business...and ginger-cinnamon-ginseing rolls. :D

I think I've hear something in game about an apron...New CGI you say?

(What? You think his fingers should be covered in dripping blueberry jam too? Well, that's your idea, not mine...) *poofs away*

Technical problems :

Sometimes, some narration texts have no sense together, missing information, or shown in the wrong order which is sometimes confusing in Mer's route (and I don't mean just at the moment when that was done on purpose as he recounted his story to Charming).

Plot and characters related problems :

Warning : huge potential spoilers

On Mer's route, both endings have Charming act like a selfish and deluded sociopath. None serve a sense of completion regarding what 'Mer' did, and would certainly keep doing doing, had he been let free after all of this. In fact, I don't think Charming's character remains coherent for being still in love with a man she barely knows : because, the only things she knows for sure are mostly creepy. And too few to decide to trust such a person, even for political reason. It kind of clash with how intelligent and independent she was all the way until Mer's endings. Least she would be content to be half a political puppet the rest of her life. Which kind of is the first ending. Regarding justice, I had been somewhat shocked because I had expected Charming and her childhood friend to transfer 'Mer' to another body, because him keeping that one felt wrong after all of this. Though the worst thing in my opinion is how Charming just decide to trust him without retribution and even love him unconditionally. Because in that situation it's completely irresponsible.

Technical strengths:

Very pretty sprites with very detailed eyes, a tight plot with very interesting characters, including Charming. The surprises in the plot were grand! So moving and dramatic that I know I won't forget them soon.

Overall, the writing is excellent. (And very creepy in both of Mer's routes). The music is okay. My favorite was Mer's. The CGI are...well, passable.

Plot and characters related strengths:

Zel's both routes end in a very satisfying way for both Charming, Zel and the player (...Satisfying. Yeah. As long as the type of Zel doesn't makes them drool too much.) Satisfying even for Charming's country, Lunar Kingdom, as well. I only would have wished for, well, further snuggling? ^^ (I would certainly not mind a sequel.) Also, I didn't miss the light yandere vibe in Zel's first ending. Not exactly necessary but very welcome still.

I haven't played Snow's route and don't know if I will. He didn't inspire me anything so far.

I though there would be an unlockable fourth route with Charming's half fairy childhood friend. (But by the end of Zel's routes, I was too busy sighing giddily to be disappointed. ^^)

It might be necessary to warn players that this game is a very realistic one, so young girls can't be fooled by Charming's pigtails and gloating pink stuff. Really now. Both of Mer's route can be very depressing.

I'll buy the game because of how well thought and clever the beginning of Mer's route was.

End of the spoilers.


I'll keep and maybe replay the game for everything Zel.

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Thank you for your answer. I've read the reviews you mentioned on Steam. I hope to wait and be able to buy it on a 20% sale (Even on Steam the VAT is the same).

When I stumbled on this game, I was reminded of ("2001 A Space Odyssey" of course but also) the "Virtuality" short movie, the games "Choice of Robots" from Choice of Games; "Perspective" and "Nous" from DigiPen students.

These two later games were especially awesome because they made such clever use of their game's AI to construct the character of their in game AI, cleverly tickling the fourth just enough to build an atmosphere, a real tiny experience, sometimes not even needing words for that.

Now, even if event[0] doesn't present the mise-en-abyss those other games provided, welI, know I'm still going to buy it. No brainier for me.

— Like Gone Home? Well, I like exploration games as far as they don't make me spend more time walking than interacting with items or characters. So...on my list, $20 is might be too much for something like...well you know, what they call walking sims.

But if the AI can interact with more thank the doors and lights of the ship, if it can decide to go as far as threaten, or harm the player, then, by all means the game's worth every dollar for me. :D

— Anyway, if the developer(s) come to code anything with an in game AI after this, I'd be very interested and just as likely to buy!

The arty looks beautiful and the characters just fun enough to be interesting. THe premise looks simple; modern, nothing special. Yet the way the game is presented already build tension and a the hint at an intimate atmosphere. Looks cozy. I'm going to download it. ^^

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"The game is about forging a personal relationship with your only companion, an insecure AI entity capable of procedurally generating over two million lines of dialog."

Wait, on second thought don't. $20 + VAT ($4) is a bit expensive for a game that has no demo version.

I don't know... Can you promise me Kaizen is worth it? :/

Roger. Thank for your answer!

Same problem in Windows 7 64bit, fullscreen, hightest res.

Only the <-- key (the one above Enter) breaks the bug by grabbing the rest of the keyboard and the mouse making them to work in the game.

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Everything I saw, beside of the racing itself, looked interesting.

For the racing, I like the graphics and th controls as they are now. Regarding content, I can imagine
a larger track to allow interference with some traffic...made by different kinds of packets, (raising suspicion if we attack or crash into them) ;
a duplication function of the virus we ride ~=~ being able fly offtrack a little (perhaps to attack a particular building/system program).

In a nutshell, I'm looking forward to buy something that's educative in more ways than just informative texts, like it's done is too many games.

Another thing: if you come to finish Terminull, would you consider selling it on Steam? Because letting players build content on the workshop to make custom missions, custom graphics and the like would be pertinent and fun for that kind of game.

Thank you for the work this game represents! Hoping to get to hear more about your game,

Take care

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Well, it's not every year that I find a visual novel with more than one or two characters I can find attractive. So finding more than four in just one game was a tiny amazing event for me. (Now I wish I we could romance and bring absolutely every guy, including Märchen—especially Märchen, back home by the end of the game/// What have you done?) In its sweet, clever and glamorous way, Magical Otoge Ciel has truly made my day.

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Even if the ship's AI gained consciousness, why would it want to keep it so bad? Even if it was programmed to ensure its own survival, there is no reason for it to want to ensure it at the cost of other conscious lives.

I like the idea behind the gameplay and the setting, the frame of the game mechanics, but the plot would seriously need an explanation for the AI to decide to kill the very elements it was in fact programmed to protect. Why must machines be always either antagonists or saviors? XD

for that reason, I think some human should be convinced or corrupted or assimilated into cyborgs. That seems more plausible, and IMO more interesting than killing them all.

Yes, that would make the game very interesting! I would love to play something like that. Would pay too.