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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

You should totally charge more!

A topic by Meagan Byrne created Apr 08, 2017 Views: 847 Replies: 5
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This game is amazingly written, I think you should charge at least $35. I know I would pay at least that much. Esspecially because I want to see more games from you!

Developer (1 edit)

Aw, this comment really made my day. ♥ So sweet; thanks so much! As far as the price goes, while I'm definitely flattered you think I could charge more... er... I'm still definitely a newbie to the realm of VNs. And aside from that - the even bigger reason I'd like to keep the price-point somewhat lower - is for the players in other countries who might have trouble buying the game due to differences in currency value and things like that. ^^

I may set up a patreon or something similar in the future (maaaaaaybe... we'll see how this first commercial game goes), and in the meantime, you could always give my Nanoreno project a shot, if you'd like to see more content from me ;) There's a demo available HERE and the finished game should be released on the 14th!

Thanks again and sorry for the long, rambling response! ^^'


I totally understand. But newbie or no you have something really high quality here.

What might work for you is if you set it at a higher price point and then have a "Just Published" sale where it's at $20.

Sorry if I'm bugging you, I'm just really passionate about artists getting paid what they're worth. I will totally drop it now. Lol


You're not bugging me. I appreciate the sentiment. ^^ I'll be keeping the price what I've promised already, but I'll definitely keep this in mind moving forward (another collaborator on my team agrees with you and made a similar argument). I still think $20 is fair for a debut title from a non-triple A company, but I admit freely that business is not my strong suit... ^^' I may charge more for a "special edition" version of the game in the future...

It's extremely likely that I'll raise my prices on my next project. We'll see how this first one goes!

Thanks again for your comments!

I agree about charging for this game, I play and pay for a lot of dating sims, I would happily pay 5, 10, 15, 20$. The demo itself was so long and in depth. The characters are interesting, and I love that we also have a say in going to town, the barracks, or studying. Thank you, playing the demo was a lovely way to spend my afternoon. 
On wanting to keep the price point low, but your an artist and if the quality and content are this good, it's hard not to want to pay for all the hard work you've put into this game. 
I have questions, which you may have already answered in previous posts. Are there separate routes in this game or will we have to play through and find out who we've romanced in the end?  And also is there a game log? I sometimes went past the dialogue and didn't get to read what was said. Then had to reload and get back to where I was more than once,
Overall, I love this demo- I feel the Dragon Age/ Bioware vibes, and It makes me incredibly happy (my favorite games), but you've made the medieval genre entirely yours.

Developer (3 edits)

Whoops, sorry for the delayed response! To view the history, just use the "scrolling" function on your mouse. ^^ 

The way the routes work is as follows: At a certain point in the game (almost right after the demo ends, actually), you'll be prompted to spend time with one of the available love interests. You can then have an encounter with the guy you choose. I call this the "Getting to Know You" stage and it'll cover about 6 weeks of in-game time. You are encouraged to spend you off-hours getting to know the suitors that interest you the most, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin! With only one encounter available per week, you have to spend enough time  with the love interest of your choice in order to "lock" yourself into that route for the remainder of the game. You'll know when you've spent enough time with them because their central conflict will be introduced.

If that sounds complicated, it's because I wanted the romance system to feel a little more realistic for the setting... Choosing who to pursue romantically is a big decision for anyone, let alone the Crown Princess... By rights you SHOULD have multiple men courting you, at least in the beginning. ;)

Hope that answers your questions, my dear! Thanks so much for the comments!

Edit: I think I'll be adding this info to the FAQ, as it's pretty important! I've also edited some to remove spoilers, but if you WANT spoilers, feel free to message me privately on the social media outlet of your choice.