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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

new update?

A topic by Sandpixie created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 702 Replies: 6
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when will there be a new update? :)


Haha, I'm pretty terribly about posting official updates, but since you asked... Progress is progressing at a slow, but steady pace at the moment. We experienced a few setbacks due to some team members leaving the project, but we've adjusted with replacements and everyone is working hard to make up for lost time. I can't honestly say we're right on track, but we're trying our best. ^^'

As for what I'm doing right now; I'm currently knee-deep in putting together the content that'll be going into the digital artbooks and walk-through guides. I'm really excited about them!

are we going to have an execution button? :D


I'm not sure what that means? :/ Do you mean a choice that lets you execute other characters during every major judgement?

hahaha no no just people that get up in our faces like they own the place


Haha, there will definitely be moments where you can threaten it with those types of people... but they'll be subtle, probably. 

i almost evil laughed then i saw "subtle" and i was like aaaaw :(