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Hello! I'm actually the writer of This, My Soul and I'm really appreciative that you took the time to play through this whole Nanoreno project of ours! :) Er, while I certainly wish you had enjoyed it more than you seem to have, I can definitely see why it wasn't to your taste. 

Part of it might possibly have been because you got locked into the non-romance path pretty early on, and I think it's the friendship and romance paths that have been the most popular? I admit I put a little less polish and effort into that route than the others, as most of the potential players seemed like they would be more interested in the romance... but that's my own fault and yours is still a totally valid way of playing through the game. A little less emotionally fulfilling, though, as you could see... :/

The other two paths (particularly the romance route) also contain more information regarding Silas himself and WHY he is the way he is. Again, this is a bit unfulfilling for players only interested in the non-romance route, but I pretty much figured that anyone playing that path would be uninterested in getting to know Silas and figuring out what his mysteries were. He is, as Angel kept helpfully pointing out, a robot, lol.

I still really enjoyed your stream though! I was pretty embarrassed at times, but it made me laugh at others. Thanks again for taking the time to do this and I'll work to improve on my content in the future!

- Lee Almonte aka Agashi

Wow, thanks for the comment Lee. Now I'm maybe curious enough to try it again and maybe try to be a little more ummm "dumb" I guess and be more romantic towards what seems to be a heartless and emotionless robot lol.

Don't get me wrong, i think I had a lot of fun with this VN, but I think the ending in particular was just ehhh unsatisfying, at least with the route I took. I have a feeling that you are right and that if I had gotten a different ending, it would probably have led to a less unsatisfied climax on my part and i likely would have given it much higher score then basic 5 out of 10. Let's put it this way, the first hour or two of my reading I'd probably put at about an 8, then it felt like it kinda dragged on and on hour number 2 to 3.5 or so, then the ending just didn't feel worth it all and took down what probably started off as an 8 initially (or perhaps even higher if it had a REALLY good ending)

Anyhow great job, please don't feel discouraged at my initial score because for a free visual novel, it is really good and also really well written. If you have any other VN's you'd like me to look at (even if they cost money), please let me know! I'd love to read more from you, and perhaps will try this one again in the future right here on my channel!