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i did not think it could be a coop game, maybe not with this control scheme but great idea... I'm glad you found the Game satisfying, thank you for playing! And yeah, we will check your game out as well ;)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we would've liked to refine the surfboard's movement, but we ran out of time. I'm glad you liked the concept though!

Great feedback, thank you soo much!! As the level/game designer (mos), I'm really glad you liked the mechanics and the difficulty! It's nice that flinging the character was something you thought was useful, with the second level's design we tried to teach this and I'm really happy you understood that you could give Juan momentum with the board :D

About Juan being slippery on the board, yeah, it felt off to us too... We tried to fix it making their physical material's friction very high, but while it kinda made Juan stick to the board if you moved it slowly, it made fitting through tight gaps with the board very frustrating because it would get stuck...  We would have liked to come up with a good solution for the problem but we didn't have enough time, so if we keep working on the game and release an enhanced version, this will be one of the things we'll try to fix.

I'm relieved that you didn't find it difficult by the way... At first we were going to give just 3 seconds of jetpack to the player and you could juuust beat the levels, but many of the people who tested the game said it was a bit unfair, so we changed it to 4-5 seconds. And even with that change a lot of players found the game difficult! Not everybody has the same skill of course, but I'm happy that somebody found the difficulty was fair ;)

Nice game for a jam, it's challenging to come up with a narrative in 48 hours so that's praiseworthy ;)

Cool, thanks for the recommendations :D

Yeah, 10 is a good measure to see if a game is good or not. Some people are very critical and others are super positive, so it evens out...

Btw I thought that link still showed games with 0 ratings, it's great that they're increasing the minimum, so that more people with not enough reviews can get more.

Whoa, that's a lot of ratings! I'll check it out...

I've seen you all around the community tab! One of my colleagues did try out your game, and he said it was good, so I'll try it as well when I have the chance ;D

I definitely agree, but it's certainly encouraging to see that a lot of people are playing your game. And yeah, thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a try!

Wow, that's a lot of reviews, congrats :D I'll try it asap!

Sadly we only released a Windows build... We tried to release a WebGL one as well but it didn't work very good :(

That is definitely true... At least I hope once the ratings are disabled we can filter them.

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! I'll check out yours asap ;)

Those who played our game found our level design very good... Our take on the theme was "Only one platform", but you can move it throughout the level. But there's things only the player or the platform can do! The player is able to go through a force field that the platform cannot, and they can go inside a portal as well; and the platform can deactivate lasers, recharge the player's jetpack, fit through tight gaps...

The game I liked playing the most was Blastsmith, it's about a blacksmith who can only carry one item at a time, which often means you have to think very carefully about which items you pick up, because you could have to throw them out so that you can pick another one, and waste a lot of time. I got almost 500 coins, let's see how many you can get ;)

Our team is very happy with the 18 reviews we got so far, but we've seen games with up to 60 ratings and we're wondering if we're falling short... We'd love Mark to notice our game and give us feedback as the master in game design he is, but we're afraid that our game could be too unpopular for that to happen... How many ratings should we strive to get? How many have you guys got?

Plus, we've tried some pretty good games, but we'd love to play the very best ones made for the jam and see their take on the theme. It seems that the entries can't be filtered by popularity, which would be great for both trying popular and unpopular games... So, what are the most rated games you've had the chance to play? Or, if your game has got a ton of ratings, please link it to us so we can take a look at it!

Obligatory self promotion, our take on the theme was "Only one platform", but you can move it with the mouse, a concept which let us create puzzles and challenges that we believe are very interesting. Take a look if you'd like!

thank you! ;)

wow, i'm so honored to hear that! :') thank you very much!

yeah, with so many games to play there's not much time to master the mechanics of any of them! but we would've liked to make it more intuitive to move the character and the board... but the multitasking is a crucial part of the game! maybe a smoother difficulty curve would've been nice as well, but there's only so much you can do in 2 days 😅 thank you for providing feedback!

the music is sunday by otis mcdonald ;) he makes great free music!

i'd like to know what you found too difficult when playing the game, was it knowing what to do to get through the level, or controlling the character/board?

thanks for playing our game!

here's ours, it's a platformer with only one platform, and you move it with the mouse

yeah, it wasn't 1:1, there's a top speed so that giving momentum to the astronaut is easier (otherwise it'd be too easy to throw him too fast), we're using unity's mouse X and mouse Y iirc. we wouldve liked to refine the surfboard movement much more, and maybe include a sensitivity slider, but we didn't have enough time... thanks for your feedback!

incredibly well executed! my team and i also thought of doing a 1D game but couldn't figure out how to make it interesting, and you certainly have! i'd make the movement in general a bit faster though

Thanks a lot! We agree, we couldn't believe how good it came out for being made in 48 hrs. Cel shading does a lot xD

Thank you for trying it out! We're really happy with how it turned out both on looks and on playability. It's really challenging to give Juan juuuust the right amount of momentum to complete level 2... There's a walkthrough in the game's page if you'd like to see what the rest of the levels look like. I'm really glad you liked it :D

omg, it's so fun and challenging! the timer made me try and guess randomly how to get to the goal though, it was too much pressure for me. but it's pure genius. 5/5

i've tried it on mobile too, and you're right, it's better. i got 73 this time. i'm using an strategy that feels like cheating, i just go from level 10 to 1 stopping on each level when i forget where a passenger wants to go, but when it gets too crowded it doesn't work as well ;) i think the elevator should decelerate faster, and the passengers could maybe remind you after a certain time which level they'd like to go

by the way, i'm sorry it has to be this way but my team and i are a bit short on ratings, would you mind giving a look at our game?

this compliment made my day :_) thank you very much!

haha, nice! that's what we were going for, i'm so glad you liked it that way! ^^

i got 68! sometimes it's a bit hard to land on the level you want, but it's a pretty cool concept nevertheless, and i liked the bouncy physics

A platform game with only one platform, but you get to move it! You also deactivate hazards that kill the character, give him momentum to make it to high or far places and recharge his jetpack fuel when he lands on the platform. Having to control both means you have to do a lot of multitasking.


itchio page:

the plot twist is pretty good, but i think it would've been better to let the players notice themselves instead of telling them...

a nice little rhythm game, it doesn't get a lot of originality points for me, but it fits the jam's theme

very cool concept, although i got a bit bored after getting to 500 points, it feels like it doesn't get harder, and it'd be nice if different kinds of enemies appeared, but the idea is great!

thanks for the tip, i'm trying to do it...

here's our game, it got 5 ratings so far

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no violence in our game - outside of you dying if you touch the obstacles of course...

it's a platformer with just one platform, but you can move it with your mouse, i guess the verbs would be "jumping", "hovering", "throwing", "deactivating", "sneaking", "dodging", etc. please try it :D

it's a veeery good idea, but the paddle should pop out more imo, i found it really hard to see.

pretty good game! i think the platforms should fade out faster though. it looks like we thought of the same concept but executed it differently! in our game you get to move the only platform.

OMG, MY GROUP AND I MADE A GAME WITH ONLY ONE PLATFORM AS WELL!!! what a coincidence! let's check out each other's take on the concept :D

here's ours! i'll post a comment once i try yours ;)

we've got 5 reviews... it's a platform game with only one platform, i hope that catches your eye!

very cool game, once the dancefloor starts to get cluttered it gets really challenging, but when you find the "only one" it's very satisfying

that's so great to hear :D thank you!

494 coins :D it's a pretty cool game, it makes you plan very carefully what item you're going to pick, because you could have to throw it out and waste all of the time it took to make it! very nice idea

whoa, great idea, it sticks to the jam's theme pretty well!