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wow!!! thanks for the awesome response!!!

had heard that the Godot community was great,  but didn't expect this.

Hope to see you in the next GWJ :D

Hi!!! Thanks for playing and for the recommendation. But... How do I do that? - Godot noob here ;)

Any good tut about it?

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for the comments and for the slime idea!! I'd for sure come back in january!

Really fun game!! The light mechanic is really nice to play with!

Wow!!! Loved the style and music of your game!!! I really got immersed in the world, would love to explore even more of it!

That makes us two with little experience ;)Thanks for the tut recomendation, will check it out!

That's a new record!!! The slimes are for sure nasty ;)

Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! I'll look into that bug since it for sure is annoying. :)

Thanks for playing! A "pokemon-like" game might be an interesting idea for this assets :P

Thanks for sharing! Will take a look at raycast... have been hearing about it a lot lately :D

Thanks for the comments and for playing! I'd try to implement the "hit force" for the slimes, really hated that collision bug but didn't know how to solve it (or had time for it) :)

Thanks for the comment and for playing! Glad you liked it!

Really original!!! Liked your interpretationof godot. I had some trouble understanding the mechanics

Strong contender!!! Fun game and nicely executed!

Interesting mixture between puzzle and platforms! The wax-shring mechanic is really creative!

Really good game! The one that I've spent the most time playing so far! Levels 8-9-10 are demanding for sure! Great work!

Nice idea! Had some trouble understanding the "more/less light" mechanic. Didnt find any major bugs :)

Nice!!! Would love to see a full game with this mechanics!

Wow! loved the concept and the challenge of solving the puzzles!!!

If I can ask... What node(s) did you used to bounce the lasers from the mirrors?

Good concept and implementation! The gun is a bit unresponsive at times.  Fun to play :)

Really fun! Would like the sun to move a bit quicker

A completely different approach to the theme! Loved your sound efects!

(1 edit)

Interesting use of shadows to create the labyrinth! Had some trouble understanding the "electric" enemy behavior.

Nice interpretation of the theme! Would have liked control instructions for PC/keyboard

Really nice game and a strong jam submision for sure! Loved the concept and the playfulness of it!

Interesting concept! Would like to know the full story :)

Thanks for the comment! First game on this type I create, for sure can use some extra polish. Any recommendation on tuts or resources to learn more about collisions?

Awesome tile set!!! I'll be using it to create a "Winter Wonderland" + "Village Defense" game to submit into Godot Wild Jam 64 :D

Keep up the great work!


Thanks! Will check it out!

Thanks for the feedback! Music has been a constant... will make sure to add it next time :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Will work on those transitions :)

Really cool idea and background story. The hounds got to me, but would replay to see how the legend ends. 

Good catch on the whiskers! Thanks for playing :)

Snappy controls, nice audio, high polish...  great job! one of my favorites.

Hard to find them all!!! interesting concept although the controls need a bit of extra polish.

Interesting jump mechanic! Liked the concept and the implementation. First game I see with voice over. The tutorial needs some work... maybe make it shorter or more interesting?