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Do you love Tucker, do you love Halloween?

Now you can love both, AT THE SAME TIME

Do it please I'm begging you

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

Thanks for the feedback. Issue should be fixed now, most likely an issue with the resource packing on my end. The console message is normal for my games, even the one with texture.

He Hungra: The flophouse is an atmospheric first-person horror experience.

Taking place in an abandoned crack house, we find the player attempt to cook and eat pizza


However, something else is near, and also thrusting for sweet marinara.

Can you fend of the monster until you finish your delicious snack? 
Time to find out.

Play it here: 

He Hungra: The flophouse by ADHD_STUDIO (

Also watch me make it in five days:
I made a horror game about pizza rolls in 5 days - YouTube
And mug

Thanks 💀💀💀

What's breaking bad?

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

To clarify. Let's go baby suffocation is a separate piece. It starts out under daddy's control. You have to complete the DLC for the world in the DLC to revert it back to its appearance in let's go baby friend's world. Suffocation and let's go baby friend's world are two separate things. Suffocation starts in the daddy-controlled world normally, let's go baby friend's world, does not. 

Hope that helps

Poggers  video my man. You're the first person to make a video and complete the game fully. Thanks a bunch.

Damn, that sucks. Does the mouse just not work throughout the entire game, because I have noticed that because of the lag spikes in the beginning causes the mouse to not move until they stop. I'll try my best to look into and fix this, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Plant Tender is the new totally original, not stolen, "repeating" hallway horror game. 

It sees you as a game developer, who also happens to own a very high maintenance plant. All you have to do is program your game and feed your plant every 30 seconds. Simple, right.

Let's hope no unknown entity attempting to lure you by playing enigmatic music shows up. Wouldn't that be absurd?

If you are still interested, click this link to download it.

Plant Tender by ADHD_STUDIO (

Please it won't let me leave.

The recommended tab is great. I think it's helped us all find games tailored to our taste. 

However, I think that there is a way we could make it better. At the moment, the only way to get content recommended to you is through rating and playing games. What if of the games the site recommends you, you can sort through them further. For example, there could be an option to see more games like a certain one in your recommended. Likewise, if a game shows up in your recommended that you don't want to play, you could stop being recommend that game, and others like it.

I might just be crazy but let me know if you guys agree, or if this is even doable.

Enough said

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

Looks fun, I'll give a try. Nice work

I love playing movement games, and this one pretty much has the others beat. So many different combat and movement techniques. My favorite thing to do however is break out of bounds with this movement tech.

Great job man.

In the DLC yes, that's the purpose, you have to complete the story of this one to get back to the normal one. Alternatively you could play the original, which is an exclusively web game.

I've always thought it would be a cool thing to have a teaser section for There would be lots of community engagement on larger and smaller games alike. As long as you have teasers that have something to do with your game (ie, characters, gameplay elements, concepts) Does anybody else think this would be a cool idea?

This is a really cool concept, I loved playing this game. Nice job.

This is cursed.

W my friend. This was defiantly a game of all time. Showing that mascot horror can actually be done right. Nice job.

This is very helpful information. Thank you both for taking the time to help me out. 

Looks really interesting, I'll have to try it out when I find the time.

Does anybody still use this thread?


The only Russian Roulette hunting game, you against your prey, and yourself.

(Windows only for now, pretty short, re-playable and all that jazz)

I'm mainly asking people who have been featured or know what the best/easiest way to do it. 

Thanks in advance.

Lets go, best decision of 2023

Then the hype is real.

Scariest release out of 2023!!!!11!!!!!1!1!

Here is the link, because I'm stupid and forgot it


I have added a bunch of easter eggs to The Deer Hunter. I have a longer post on the game page, but here is the condensed version. 

1. Find all the secrets to get the game file and look out of bounds.

2. Maybe the is an RNG one.

3. Everybody loves rocks.

4. Tucker is here, but you need to call him first.

5. Bad egg?

Maybe if you want to play a Russian Roulette hunting games, you will want to find these eggs as well.

Happy Hunting,

What will I have an existential crisis over next? A tall glass of juice, maybe some chips?

I feel the same way. It's not your fault. Even if you put in lots of time and effort into your game, its most likely not going to get recognized. It's mostly luck, but it's also just how things are in the current climate. People only want to play certain types of games. New or innovative games might get passed up for games that a proven to be more popular. I hope that your game gets the recognition it deserves. Best of luck.

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Its free, I hope that's ok.

I just recently released my game The Deer Hunter. I can confidently say its the only russian roulette hunting game on the market. It's been around for about a week, so it's obviously not going to get a lot of traction. But I wonder if original concepts are favored on, or just what's popular? Will my game get popular because it's original? I would love some feedback on this.


The Deer Hunter is the first and only Russian Roulette hunting game. You play as a hunter, wandering alone in the forest. your only goal is to find a buck to kill. Let's hope its him, and not you that bites the bullet.

This game has been in development for about a year. I wouldn't call it my magnum opus, but it's pretty close. It takes a pretty short amount of time to play, with playthroughs ranging from about 30 seconds, to maybe 10 minutes at most. Please do keep in mind that this game contains disturbing imagery, as comes with most Russian Roulette games, and is not suitable for all audiences.  

(If you are having suicidal thoughts, don't play this game. It's extremely easy to get support, and there are many people who love and care for you. Likewise, if you ever feel distressed or uncomfortable playing this game, step back from the computer, collect yourself, and maybe try something different.)

Use this link to go to the game page and download.


With all that out of the way,

Happy hunting

Amazing. All of these are certified bangers, you absolute mad lad.

The Deer Hunter


Glad to hear. Maybe expect something, next week???


Awesome game. Its super fun to play. Too bad I suck.