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Oh my god, he said the thing from the TV show!

When that face showed up in the static, I almost lost it. I love seeing analogue horror games like this. Amazing job.

Might be a dumb question to ask, but has anybody found the bird on tropical? I have found the 2d bird sprite one every other map, but not on tropical. Maybe it's an easter egg, I mean you can kill them.  Thanks in advance.

anybody playing this, hit me up

Did we fish tho?

There I was, playing the game, clicking to get the jumpscare, then it hit me. I had been clicking bowls of oatmeal for 2 minutes. I truly pondered my life decisions. This game has destroyed all my preconceived notions of self and free will. Man.

Emoji Sad by TAKOMAN Sound Effect - Meme Button for Soundboard - Tuna\

JK good game.

Amazing game, well done. Very creepy.

Thank you, see what happens if you use patients. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Eye:Look as Window:Visitor

Wow, number 1

Sorry I just dethroned you for second, just goes to show how addictive and fun this game is.

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Sick game, I found that if you basically spam all the buttons in large croqds, you can get lots of points. Thats why I'm in 2nd now. Really fun.

It just takes a while to open; you have to be patient. Which, I understand is hard for gamers, but you could at least try.

Everybody loves Christmas, everybody loves Tucker World. Now the two have finally merged into a horrifying (yet slightly arousing) combination. Quickly, get it now before Christmas Tucker disappears, and he will not be re-erected by the lord himself Santa Clause, until the next Christmas season. So be quick, before it gone, and enjoy the Christmas cheer and spirit.

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

it's the little details, like being able to comment of every video, that makes this game awesome.

Thank you, this was really helpful. I finished the game, and it was awesome, good job.

I might just be stupid, but it won't let me eat the pizza. Is there a place I have to put it. From what I played the game is fun and atmospheric. I did also find a glitch where you could hold the phone and the pizza, and the water and pizza at the same time. Not sure if that was intentional. Fun game though.

Do we have to join the discord to be notified what the theme is, or will it be posted on the jam page?

How is this possible! This is amazing, my brain is boggled. I have always loved the idea of the library of babel, and you brought it to life perfectly. Really well done. It ran surprisingly well for being never ending. Has anybody else actually found legible words and sentences yet? I'd be interested to find out. Anyway, awesome game 10/10, this is sick!

My favorite part was when the Wormb said, It's Wormbin time, and Wormbed on everybody.

Same, I made mine something like poop finger because I always write a goofy name. I was not prepared for it to matter. Good chuckle

Tucker World update 3 brings loads of new content

Better graphics, respawn border, and animation fixes.

The first Easter egg has been added in update three. WHO will step up to the challenge and find the easter egg?

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

Cool game. I don't know why but I laughed when she said my name. It the small details like being able to name yourself something goofy that make my day. Awesome job.

Tucker World by ADHD_STUDIO (

Tucker World is a game

Zamn, this music poppin

I'm not sure, but I think the submission period ends at 8:59 at night. I also wonder if we have to follow the limitation.

I agree, hopefully it's nothing major, so that my game idea might already not have it.

Unity is a tough engine to start off with. Do you have any experience with other game engines? Sadly, I can't help you, I know nothing about Unity. But I hope you find who you are looking for.  Have you tried asking around in other places?

Ballin, but at what cos

When you say there is no NSFW allowed, does that include having blood in the game? What exactly is not allowed to be show in the submission?

I'm confused on how we will be told the limitation during the jam. Do I have to be watching the community tab, or will we be notified in a different way?

Wow, this is so good. It reminds me of the time in Better Call Saul when he says " It's Saulin time " and Sauls on everybody. 

I be playing this entire game like I'm Hector from breaking bad.

Feel the power of Kennan coursing through your veins!

Wow, awesome game. I can really relate. I often find myself playing chicken with the unspeakable horrors that live in my house. I have spent years of my life looking for a game that captured that situation exactly. Some would say I wasted that time, but not me. Now I can play this game instead of doing this in real life. Sure, will save me some fingers.

The gamer in me bought every single skin in the game, hoping I would get something. When I didn't, I shed a single tear. Fun, good to waste hours of you day on.

Ok, I really look forward to being able to play this in any form :) 

I meant playable on mouse and keyboard.

stupid question that about 1000 people have already asked and had answered, but is there a way to win?

This game looks fun, do you see yourself adding a PC point at any point? I would really like to play this.