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Alex E.

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Hello! My name is Alexander Emenheiser, and I'm a musician of more than ten years: a decade as a pianist, four as an electronic musician, and two as a vocalist. I'm looking to collaborate or get hired by indie game developers. I can do a variety of styles and genres of music.

If you are interested or have questions, email me at adesyndicate@gmail.com!

— Alex E.

I sent you an email!

NEATO! I'm liking those rules, too! I'm totally doing this.

I'm interested in composing the soundtrack to your game! I have more than nine years experience as a pianist and I've been wanting to get into video game composing for a long time now. What is your email so that I can contact you?

You're welcome!

Reminds me of the old Sonic X trinket toy games McDonald's used to sell back in 2005 or so and Tiger Electronic's LCD games. This is a subcategory of video games that doesn't get enough neo-retro love.

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A small tip, man: don't name your files ending with a number in parenthesis; people on Windows might mistake it for being the eighth time they've downloaded Jake.zip.