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Some things I had problems with in Exiles: I had some trouble figuring out how to unlock doors with key cards since you have to swipe the key card and then open the door whereas in many other games you just swipe the key card and the door opens automatically. I figured it out, though, so it's not entirely necessary that it be streamlined.

After picking up the bedroom key, I absolutely could not figure out where to go.

Some things I liked about ExilesThere are genuine stretches of dread that are caused primarily by level design. There is a section where there are two floors. I avoided going down the bottom floor (because it's scary!!), so I instead did everything there was to do on the first floor until there was nothing left and I had to go down stairs. That had me flustered.

The way the visuals are shaded makes the game look like it's made of clay or velvet. That's great! It makes Exiles look fairly unique among the plethora of horror games that go for photo-realism. The blurring and lighting effects also look fantastic! The scary strings that kick in when the zombie boy appears made the whole encounter even more stressful.

P.S. there's a bug at the end of the video that you should absolutely keep in the game.