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Yes it does, thank you :)

For some reasons the tumblr link on your profile doesn't work.

"а ничего что Гончаров это фамилия?" - ничего. Очевидно же, что игра сделана по фану и во имя фана.

"и почему сразу мафия?" - потому что, автор так захотел? Потому что это Goncharov Game Jam ? Написано же: "based on the Tumblr meme Goncharov (1973)". Вы не знакомы с оригинальным мемом?

Splendid! Thank you so much :))

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I'm so in love with your novel, it's a real gem. I've finally played chapter 2 and extra story today and that was amazing. I'm intrigued by the plot, the narration has proper pace, characters are delightful (MC is so easy to be associated with) and watching relationships development between Mathias and MC is exciting, you are going great depicting their bound. And Mandra...they are something! I wish they were a romantic option since I'm totally absolutely captivated by them *sigh*, Mathias is amazing yet Mandra...are infinitely gorgeous. It's almost a relief I don't have to choose between two of them (can't say I wouldn't like such an option, heh) :)) Anyway, just want to thank you for this amazing masterpiece, can't wait to discover more. 

P.S. Is it any way to obtain that stunning music piece performed by Mathias and Mandra? (maybe buy it somewhere?) I was totally amazed by the gorgeous heavenly sound, it's marvelous and I'd like to have this one in my private music collection to enjoy the masterpiece whenever I like ;))

Wow, that was something! The VN is awesome. I like the plot, twists and characters so badly. These endings...oh my...just was going to read something short and light before sleep and now what do I do with my inner drama? (it's ok, can handle this...oh, can I?) Anyway, thanks for the gorgeous VN, you did great! ;)

Don't worry about your art, you have a specific style, but in a good way. I quickly got used to it and enjoyed the whole thing. Good luck with future projects, you do great!

Wow, this VN is really good. I wasn't sure because of the specific art style, yet I gave it a try and it exceeded all my expectations. I like the dynamic and exciting plot, but a special pleasure was MC, who is not a naive country girl, not another damsel in distress, but a strong female who knows what she wants. From time to time I had a strong vibe of "the end justifies the means" in her actions, yet I like it. There are so many soft hearted main characters with strict morality and "paladin complex" (so boring and tiresome), thus it's a pleasure to meet someone different.  And of course music which was tastefully and suitably picked. 

Thank you for the game, I really enjoyed it.

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I saw the comment about your plans to release the game on steam, just wanna to say I'm eagerly waiting for it. The concept seems to be interesting and characters look great. Yet I don't have a paypal acc. and prefer to keep games in one place (on steam). Thus would be nice to have yours there.

Wow, the novel is really sweet! Absolutely cute and lovely it won my heart. Gorgeous drawing, delightful characters, just wish the novel was longer since I already miss it. Great job indeed, hope to see more of your stuff someday.

First of all, thanks for the gorgeous novel. I totally enjoyed Chapter 1. As for the animation, I think it's a cool feature. I watched it implemented in other VNs, with such animations characters seemed more lively and scenes more dynamic. 

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Wow, I really love the game so far. A violent, dark and adult oriented story about a hard female survival at the male world. I'm absolutely impressed with the brutal truth and ugly uncovered realism of some unpleasant aspects of being a woman in old times. There are so many stories that romanticize medieval and knights, telling about balls, chivalry and eternal love with "happily ever after", yet the real history is far from the fairy tales, and medieval is a dark and cruel time (I bet, you wouldn't want to born as a female that time) and it's magnificent that we can finally read something without pink glitters with smell of roses. The role-playing is great, and I desperately hope that the story will keep its brutal and dramatic charm. I really enjoyed the day one, thank you Violet Kitten and good luck with the rest of the content! Looking forward to delve deeper in the dark, violent abyss of your story.

That's a wonderful news! Thanks for the reply  and good luck :)

Looks gorgeous and promising so far, but there's an important question (for me at least) - will it be released on Steam?

The game is amazing. I really love it, yet there's one frustrating thing about it for me.  

!Warning. Might be spoilers ahead! 

Well, I played Aurelius route and I find MC attitude is being not quite satisfying. I mean, MC seems to be too passive and unemotional about his own (I played as a male) heart and love experience. Aurelius is a cold person himself and it's adorable he has a type, yet MC is not the same at all so why he acts as one? He is much more open and emotional, yet his attitude towards Aurelius is pretty distant even at the end of the game. I wonder why so? MC hardly acts as being in love, he doesn't seem as a person who truly loves his darling, sometimes he's seemed to be more interested in and caring about everyone else except his LI. His feelings' evolution has a bit lack of logic for my taste. It's like: "Oh, this grumpy guy gets on my nerves. He is a real jerk, hate him. Ok, then kiss him, kiss him with all the passion I have (o_O) and...well, I can't forget this kiss and feel awkward, thus I think I like him. Wanna marry him? Alright, maybe so". That was pretty weird relations development, Aurelius himself seems to show more feelings toward MC :)  I mean it would be nice to see more MC thoughts about his beloved, something more emotional and warm, something that makes to believe he is deeply in love, his feelings are strong and he really cares. Some more romantic as an ideal. But still VN is nice and exciting, I like twists.They were really unexpected. Thank you for great job :)

Wow, you guys made quite a job! I mean, it's excellent. The VN was great itself, but I'm absolutely in love with the new remastered voiced version. It's perfectly gorgeous! Look forward to play the entirely voiced VN. The voice acting is 10/10. So talented. Thank you for your efforts.

The best VN for my taste (and I've read a lot of them) so far. And I'm a pretty picky and exacting vn-reader, you know ;) Well, there're no extremely shocking and mind-blowing twists in the novel, yet, it's still gorgeous. The whole atmosphere is magnificent. The plot is very decent and exciting. The "main character role-playing element" is pretty huge, you may act as you like, making your own personality. You even may customize the character (not too detailed, but still), also may change outfits during the game. Love interests are good and properly written, each of them has his own personality and logic of actions, they are diverse thus everyone will find a lover for the taste. Moreover LI don't attack MC with their rampant groundless love from the beginning (well, most of them don't, heh), love-stories has logical development. What else, hm..? The story is fit for adults as well as for not that adult ;) since it's pretty mature-oriented, yet there's no too adult content, everything decent and respectable. Almost forget to mention that it's well and high-quality drawn. You totally should try it yourself, it's absolutely worth it. 
I'm extremely surprised the novel being free. There're so much worse things that cost a price and this treasure is for free. Hope endlessly the developer will honor us with another masterpiece.