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The best VN for my taste (and I've read a lot of them) so far. And I'm a pretty picky and exacting vn-reader, you know ;) Well, there're no extremely shocking and mind-blowing twists in the novel, yet, it's still gorgeous. The whole atmosphere is magnificent. The plot is very decent and exciting. The "main character role-playing element" is pretty huge, you may act as you like, making your own personality. You even may customize the character (not too detailed, but still), also may change outfits during the game. Love interests are good and properly written, each of them has his own personality and logic of actions, they are diverse thus everyone will find a lover for the taste. Moreover LI don't attack MC with their rampant groundless love from the beginning (well, most of them don't, heh), love-stories has logical development. What else, hm..? The story is fit for adults as well as for not that adult ;) since it's pretty mature-oriented, yet there's no too adult content, everything decent and respectable. Almost forget to mention that it's well and high-quality drawn. You totally should try it yourself, it's absolutely worth it. 
I'm extremely surprised the novel being free. There're so much worse things that cost a price and this treasure is for free. Hope endlessly the developer will honor us with another masterpiece.