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Wow, I really love the game so far. A violent, dark and adult oriented story about a hard female survival at the male world. I'm absolutely impressed with the brutal truth and ugly uncovered realism of some unpleasant aspects of being a woman in old times. There are so many stories that romanticize medieval and knights, telling about balls, chivalry and eternal love with "happily ever after", yet the real history is far from the fairy tales, and medieval is a dark and cruel time (I bet, you wouldn't want to born as a female that time) and it's magnificent that we can finally read something without pink glitters with smell of roses. The role-playing is great, and I desperately hope that the story will keep its brutal and dramatic charm. I really enjoyed the day one, thank you Violet Kitten and good luck with the rest of the content! Looking forward to delve deeper in the dark, violent abyss of your story.

Thank you Adalise. I am so glad that you are liking my game. My goal for this game, was to make a realistic, immersive story. I don't really care about happy endings or making the main character a badass. I just want every character to be lifelike, believable and unique in their own way without all the plot armor or the predictability that we find in most games.

Making an exciting game that keeps the player guessing, what will happen next, without overdoing the twists, is what I really want to accomplish. I also want the choices to really matter, having things drastically change depending on the decisions you make. Not just changing a cutscene or adding an npc to comment on what you did, but to actually change the path going forward. 

The second day of this story, will be very interesting and lead to the true branching paths. The choices made on the second day, will dictate the storyline you will be following while the way you level up, will decide the way you will complete your quests/journeys going forward. Assuming that you complete them at all. I don't plan on adding any game overs, unless you die, meaning that you can fail your main goal and still continue while dealing with the consequences of your failure.

I really have a whole lot planned and I am really looking forward to finishing this story which will take a long time but I really want to see this through. It is first time I have created a game of my own and I absolutely love being able to create my own story in my own way, without the restrictions of working on a community project. This is truly my game and I am so excited to finally tell a story or my own, creating the game that I always wanted to play.  ^_^