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Wow, this VN is really good. I wasn't sure because of the specific art style, yet I gave it a try and it exceeded all my expectations. I like the dynamic and exciting plot, but a special pleasure was MC, who is not a naive country girl, not another damsel in distress, but a strong female who knows what she wants. From time to time I had a strong vibe of "the end justifies the means" in her actions, yet I like it. There are so many soft hearted main characters with strict morality and "paladin complex" (so boring and tiresome), thus it's a pleasure to meet someone different.  And of course music which was tastefully and suitably picked. 

Thank you for the game, I really enjoyed it.

Great to  hear you enjoyed it!

And sorry about the art style, aha; I'm still working hard to get my art to a place that looks better but I think it's gonna be a few more years before I can get to that level. 

I had a ton of fun writing Fia, so I'm glad she came through! Thank you so much for playing!


Don't worry about your art, you have a specific style, but in a good way. I quickly got used to it and enjoyed the whole thing. Good luck with future projects, you do great!