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Um, this was ADORABLE?????

I loved Brissa, I loved Jaemin, Cyprienne, Nicky. I literally loved all the characters we met. 

I played through Cyprienne's route first, and really loved to see the themes that route dealt with (as someone with a non-art day job with an art nighttime hobby, I very much identified with Cyprienne, haha.)

I also really liked how Bri being trans was organically brought up in the narrative, as well as Nicky's pronouns. And the town of Innisburg was so interesting! I wanted to learn more about their town! :D

This was SUCH a sweet game, I kept finding myself cheering for Bri, I wanted her to get her happy ending and be happy!!! I'm SO SO looking forward to the full release. IM... HYPED...!!!!

Also Brissa was my favorite character, I drew a picture of her :'D

Oohh so cute!!! Congrats on finishing Nanoreno!! :D :D

Hi! I haven't made it, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, unfortunately.  Sorry about that!

Ohh so glad to hear you enjoyed it!! :D :D 

ANd OMG if you ever cosplay I would love to see pictures!!! AAAAHHHHH.

Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The 3rd song is called Dark Garden (, while the 4th song is Pumpkin's house ( Hopefully one of those is it!

This was a lot of fun! I loved discovering more about the world building, and the twist at the end has got me eager to see what happens next, :D. 

Yeah!!! Figured I'd upload some of my older games on here as well, :D

OOhh, I would be very interested in participating in this if you do decide to host it! :D (I don't really know anything about hosting jams though so I wouldn't be much help as a co-host or anything haha;;)

This was so cute!!!! I found it very relateable and the addition of the tomato clicker app during the waiting sections was a really clever way to show the passage of time. The barista was super cute and the ending  was sweet. Thank you so much for this wonderful game!!

Loved this game! Short and sweet!

I was so glad to see how Havi and Yarrow were able to communicate their worries and be able to understand the other more. And of course the art is lovely as always!!

Another great game from ArcadeParty!!!

Hi! I probably won't make a direct sequel but I am very interested in making more content within the same world!

Wow! I really really enjoyed this! 

Eeeeeyyyy!!! I loved this demo so much! The characters were fun, the puzzle elements were just right and I loved how I could look up the different vocab words to learn more! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Thank you so much for playing! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D Thank you for playing!

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!

And uwaaa I'll have to fix that typo at the end!

I LOVED THIS, THE ENDING MADE ME CRY ;---------------------; The color palette is so nice!! I loved that feeling of wanting to leave your hometown and that call of adventure. I can't wait to see what happens next to Lee!! 

Hi! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The "Don't Click!!!" button is just a gag and plays a (kind of quiet) fart sfx, haha. 

Hi! What kind of error message is it giving you?

I know sometimes Chrome will flag .exe files as possibly malicious and block downloading them, but you should be able to override that and tell it it's safe to download. Alternatively, if you have Internet Explorer, that should work too!

I was able to play a bit of this last night and I had a blast!!

I thought the writing was really well done and I loved reading through what was going to happen next. 

The art was lovely!!! And I loved the 90's shoujo feel to the whole work!

Aanya ending up being my favorite character, she was so sweet! (and I loved how awkward she was in her introduction scene, heehee :D) 

Also I super appreciated that the two love interests werent super femme!

Thank you so much for this lovely game!!


And no, Dominik is still wrong in the end (even if he did use citations for unpublished work that he was never explicitly told that it was okay to use in his own paper), he's just not the ULTIMATE!! HEARTBREAKER!! JERK!!! that Dr. Frank has been labeling him as the whole game.

And yes! It does hurt to have to branch out from your old routine, but it can help too to expand your horizons!

Aahh yes, GUI and text design, something to work on!

 And aahh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :D :D And again omg thank you so much for the Dr. Frank drawing he's... soo.... cutee.... AAAHHH. 

This is super late but I decided I want to start a Dev Log for my Acejam project! :D

When a mysterious cough overtakes Meg's (name changeable) childhood town and even the capital physicians can't help, she turns to her scorned great uncle's work on the mysterious creatures of the bog to find a cure. As she sets out into the mysterious bog lands with her trusted dog companion, will she be able to save her town?

- Meg (Main Character, name changeable) -

A cheerful girl who went to the capital to earn a fancy degree in herbalism. Said degree seems to not have detered her mother's concerns that she isn't dating anyone.  

- Your Dog! (Nameable) -

A trusted good 'ole doggo. Is prone to slobber attacks when excited.  

- ???? -

??? Who dis?

- Your Mom! - 

A mother who's two main interests are the newest paperback romance novels and her daughter's non-existent love life. 

- Progress! -

I've already finished the script (5k), and I'm now working on the backgrounds. There are 9 backgrounds needed for the game and I've finished 4. I'm HOPING to still make the deadline but if I miss it, I'll probably be done within the next week. 

What do you think so far? Does this sound like a game you would want to play? :D

This sounds lovely! I can't wait to see how it turns out! :D


Unfortunately there are some known lag issues with the game on certain computers that I was never able to really fix. The only workaround I was able to find is that if you save the game and restart the program, it should run normally for a little bit (before slowing down again;;). 

However, I've never heard of the beginning portion of the game being laggy (just the puzzle portion) and if the game was still laggy even after restarting your computer I'm not sure what's causing that. Maybe see if you have the latest version of DirectX installed? (

Sorry about that! 

Okay, thank you for playing!

Iggs works as an in-game walkthrough.

This is such a lovely little vn!!

The art and design is top notch (and I kept pausing just to admire it throughout my playthrough, haha!) and I was really intrigued by the world design. (It definitelly brought to mind the levees in New Orleans)

I started out pretty scared of Issa (AAAHH PLEASE DONT KILL ME), but her character arc brought me around on her, and loved to see the progression of the relationship between Mell and Issa. I also really appreciated that Mell was unequivocally ace while also not being a major plot point. 

Thank you so much for this lovely game!!

This was very cute and introspective! I loved the animations and the character designs! I really liked how some of the passengers would give you hints as to what to do next if you ever got stuck. 

I also really liked the message at the end, of not really knowing where you're going with your life but finding beauty in that. Sometimes it's hard when friends' lives diverge from your own, and it feels so daunting to try to keep going and recreate what you're losing, but it's something everyone goes through and there's comfort in that, knowing that you're not alone. 

Thank you for this lovely game~!

Just updated with a linux version! :D

Yaay! Glad to hear the hints were helpful!! Thank you for playing!

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!!

And oh gosh! It's super humbling to hear that the game was an inspiration to you. I hope you make your game!

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Dr. Frank was a lot of fun to write, so I'm glad his personality came through!

And yes!! I'm so happy to finally be done and share what I've been working on with other people! :D

AAAAAAHHH Omg;;; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! 

And thank you so so so much for your help with the beta testing and your advice on the textbox transparency was so spot on!

And yes, feel free to send any spelling errors my way, I wrote the extras page at 4am without a spellchecker so I'm sure they're in there somewhere, haha. 

Hi! I wasn't planning on writing a walkthrough, since you can ask Iggs for help in game if you get stuck. 

But if there's a particular puzzle that's giving you trouble I'd be more than happy to help! What part of the game are you at?

Spoilers Below:

(Also here's some vague hints about parts that I think might be a bit harder to figure out:

To make the fancy shirt you need to COMBINE 2 items, one of which is the T-Shirt itself. (The other is found on the 1st floor of the house)

To open the cupboard in the hallway you need to USE an item to PRY the doors off. (This item can also be found on the 1st floor of the house)

To get the shovel you need to give the plant what it wants. (It LUSTS after the FLESH of men) )

Hope that helps!

Ah, sorry to hear about that. The joke you refer to above (uwaa what I would do for spoiler tags!!) is a pretty integral part of the whole dynamic of the Monster + Dr Frank + Iggs and I can see how if that one joke fell flat or made someone feel uncomfortable it could taint a fair bit of the game. I would say I could change the textbox name of the Monster from "Monster Boyfriend" to just "Monster" but I'm not sure if that would do much to alieviate anything...?;;  Sorry to hear about that, but glad to hear you were able to have some fun from the rest of the game! 

That's a good point! I've taken out the food descriptions for that part of the game.

Thank you so much for checking out the demo~! (And the full version will be released very very soon!) 

Yay! Glad to hear you could find the secret ending (with some struggle). 

I can edit Iggs dialogue a little bit to make it more obvious about what you are supposed to do, especially in the 2nd half of the game. 

And I'm hoping to have fixed the slow down issue! So it should *crosses fingers* run smoother in the finished version. 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

Ah, that dreaded inventory bug! I've been able to find the source of that bug so hopefully that won't happen in the full version!

Glad to hear that Iggs was helpful! :D

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

Thank you so much!!

2. When you say that you were having issues with the order of combination for the fancy shirt, would the game not let you create that item if you tried [Item A] + [Item B] as opposed to [Item B] + [Item A]? And I'm working on the lag issue, so hopefully the game will run smoother in the finished build :D.

3. I'm glad that Iggs was helpful! 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

Thank you so much!!!

1. When you clicked on the extras button, did it jump you straight to the scene where it says "Congrats on finding the secret ending"? (This is a glitch and I wanna make sure I know where it's jumping to :'D)

2. The combination was difficult because of the lag? Or because the buttons were too tiny, or too hard to figure out the combinations? (Or all of the above?)

3. I'm so glad to hear that Iggs was helpful! I wanted to make sure that players would never get stuck enough that they would have to quit the game. 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?