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These two games together paint a really beautiful picture !!!

Hugs. I'm glad you're around too! You've got the whole world ahead of you.

I just uploaded a new version of the game to hopefully fix this resolution issue you had run into! 


SO CUUUUTTTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the reveal at the end!!!! AAHH what a delightful twist!!!

What a sweet game!! The opening lines had me laughing so hard. A beautiful little game about coworkers, new friends, and finding a relationship that works for you! 

Also the itch page is so beautifully designed????? 

Thank you so much for making this!!!

This was so cute!!! Also I had to snicker pretty hard at Geist reading The Bell Jar. HE WOULD, WOULDN'T HE? 

Loved the art and the animations in this one! The message about fighting against about your inner demons (or inner blonde british boy-s) was very sweet and I especially liked how in the end (SPOILER) it didn't go completely away. 

Thank you so much for making this!!! :D  

OOhhh I felt this one in my bones. 

I feel really bad for Diana (I was so happy to see the resolution in the Best Ending!) and Enya was a certified ball of sunshine. They were so cute together in all their interactions! The nightmare scenes with Godric were really good and really really creepy!!! I've (unfortunately) had my own fair share of narcissistic abusive bosses and hahahahahaha-- yeah! Felt very realistic.

Thank you for making this game about such a difficult topic.  I hope it's okay that I leave a bit of a personal reaction about "abuse in the gamedev field" below-- 

[Warning for mentions of harassment]

I just had to spend the last year recuperating after having been sexually harassed at multiple different  in-real-life gamedev events. I've never been in a field where this level of abuse is so normalized and endemic that people don't even blink when clear examples of abuse are just happening right out in the open. I'm so glad that people are able to get their stories out there with their own experiences with this, because it's really /really/ not talked about enough. 

Thank you so much for making this game. It really stirred up a lot of emotions. It's so good to know that we're not alone. 

AAWWW, thank you so much for playing!!

Omg your middle school art is so cute !!! Hope you feel better soon!

🫂🫂🫂 Thank you so much for playing! 

I suppose I should reword that part of the description, the endings are seeing the backstory scenes of each of the three girls and then the final ending scene with Charlotte. If you got the final scene with Charlotte (asks the player what their troubles are) then that's the full game. Don't worry about doing things "differently" to get different endings, the stories of each of the girls doesn't change. Being kind and lending an ear is all that's required. 😊

I would love to go to Hug Embassy too! 🥺🫂💕✨ And yesss haha! That was all KnickKnack PJs idea to use old game art as posters!

Omg what a beautiful playthrough !!!! I'm so glad you uploaded it (also I can see I need to add support for larger monitors! Haha. ) I hope you're having a good day and thank you so much for playing and recording your experience ! Also your bat model is so adorable!!!

That means a lot to hear that there's been improvement over past titles with regards to resolution and the like! I've been trying to get my head around the resolution stuff in particular so it's nice to hear that the effort is showing through.  

Thank you so much for playing! 

Omg thank you so much for playing!!

I'll look into the Beatrice bug 👀 I have an idea of what's causing that. 

I'm so sorry to hear it made you cry but happy to hear you enjoyed it?? I'm looking forward to seeing your gameplay video (if you upload it!). 

I also added some content warnings, hopefully to prepare people for the story sections toward the end. 

Thank you so much for playing!


The draw code????? The theming???? The message of the game???? I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH and its just a demo I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY !!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for making this and I'm so sorry you've had to go through all this!

Loved this!! Loved the tension and the creepiness! Can't wait for the next part I WANNA MEET ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!!! 

So cute!!!!!!!! Love the message at the end!

Hi there! 

That sounds like it's a resolution error where the buttons to start the different convos are off screen. 

I'm in the middle of trying to push out my newest game (due in... 2 days 😱) so I don't have the chance to look into putting out a patch atm.

You can try fiddling around with the resolution options in the options screen in the meantime to see if you can get the buttons appearing that way. Otherwise I'll try to get out a patch as soon as possible! 

Thank you for letting me know! 

This was so cute !!!! I went on a journey and I was blessed by a treasure!!


Happy to hear you enjoyed it! We only had a month to make it so that unfortunately made the scope pretty limiting in that regard, haha. Thank you for playing! 

Ah, okay! I got a friend to take a look at it on their Mac (Mac Monterey) and it appears to be this issue:

You can try the steps in that post! 

It looks like something about version 1.2 doesn't play nice with some Mac OS and will get flagged. My friend did tell me they didn't have this issue at all with build 1.1 though. I've also unhidden the Mac 1.1 build if you still couldn't get the above steps to resolve the issue. (Just a caveat that there are some bugs in this version)

Hope that helps!

Huh, thats very weird. Can you copy/paste the exact wording of the message it's giving you? 

Is it possible that this is what is happening?:

Oh! Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! 

Omg! Thank you so much! That's really kind of you;;! 

And Im glad the build worked! I should have asked which operating system you were using, haha. 😅

So glad to hear it worked out and thank you so much for playing and your support!!!! 💕💕💕💕

I've just uploaded a build just for you! It's the "Peyton Ending Shortcut" build (it's a PC build but let me know if you need Mac or Linux!).  What you'll want to do is click the "Peyton Ending" button on the main menu and click on the bed in Phebe's room! This will cut straight to Peyton's ending (starting with the underground tunnels). The game should also drop a Flower into your key inventory for you to use in the final scene!

Thank you for letting me know that this glitch was still in the game! I got a nice look at what was going on under the hood and I feel like I've got a lot better idea of what areas to focus on in my own programming journey. Thank you again! :D 

Well this is embarrassing. I did indeed accidentally bork the EndDay logic when I was attempting to only ask Players about depression napping once. :'D 

I just uploaded a new build that SHOULD have everything fixed! I tested pretty much everything on my computer this time.  (No more changing of one little logic thread w/o testing it) 

Thank you so much for your really detailed step-by-step of what happened! While I was looking under the hood trying to figure out this bug (my bad, extremely embarrassing OOPS) I did figure out how to save which room was active as well as a possible fix for some Save/Load issues I've been having with my games. 

This bug omg ..... I made a breakthrough with a possible solve for this load/save bug (it's the source of this and the fanny shop bugs) and will do my hardest to fix it tonight! If I can't do that I'll upload a build where you can access the ending via a cheat code instead for the time being. Thank you for letting me know you're still getting this bug! 


So you saved, did the Gamble option, didn't win, before the day passed you returned to the main menu, loaded your save pre gamble and tried gambling again and now the day won't progress? 

What day are you on? Did you save during dialogue? Are you loading from one active game into another? (Returning to the main menu is how the game resets certain variables. If clicking +1 day buttons doesn't end with the day ending that means the underlying EndDay(); function got broken somewhere, which 90% of the time is tied in with a load issue.) 

I can look into this issue this evening. I'm hoping it's just a loading from one active scene to another active scene issue bc that's an easy fix haha. If you don't want to wait for a new build, try exiting the game completely, reopening it and then loading into that file from the main menu. 

Just wanted to let you know: I got to thinking that you might not be able to get Milo's ending with your current save files. I uploaded a special build just for you called "Milo Ending Shortcut"! This special build has a button on the main menu that says 'Milo's Ending'. When you click that button you can immediately go talk to (SPOILER) Ms. Leith in the Casino to activate the final part of Milo's Ending. Sorry for the bug and thank you so much for letting me know! Hope this helps!

OH! Okay now I understand what happened. I need to change the text on that A/N. Activating that dialogue doesn't necessarily 'lock-in' Milo's ending, it just prevents you from getting Samson's ending from that point on. 

Both Milo and Samson's endings have a two part ending dialogue in which you have to do something in between those conversations. 

Since you saved after having seen the "Milo's secret stash" dialogue, he should have still been gone when you reloaded :/ The load/save feature is something I programmed so hearing about these bugs are super helpful! I just recently learned a new way to control Script execution order within the Unity engine that I want to try out to see if I can control some bugs. (But also I suspect this is moreso tied in with faulty logic at the tail end of the game. I'll look again at my reset script.) 

Here's a non spoiler hint about how to get all of Milo's ending -- Find a use for what you discovered in Milo's final conversation. 

And then here's a spoiler version of it: 

To get his ending you also have had to be talking to Ms. Leith in the Casino to get her full dialogue. She will mention 'paying any amount of Chollars to best her fashion rival'. 

After the Blood Moon, talk to Milo to lock you out of Samson's ending (again, apologies I need to rewrite this A/N) and be shown his 'secret stash' in the bushes in the backyard. 

Nico will mention trying to find a use for all the bones and at the end of the dialogue they will either mention "I dont have enough information to know what to do with these bones" (this means you haven't seen the convo with Ms. Leith yet) or "Maybe I can turn this around somehow" (means you have seen the dialogue). 

Go to Ms. Leith in the Casino and talk to her and it will trigger the very ending of Milo's ending. 

Hope that helps and also thank you so much for letting me know about the bugs! 

(1 edit)

Huh! I'll look into this. 

Just to clarify: After the blood moon you said yes when talking to Milo and locked into his ending ? After the scene happened and the next day arrived you saved and then depression napped to the ending? But this triggered ending 5(?) and not Milo's ending correct? 

Then when you are delivered to the main menu after ending 5, you loaded the save after having said yes to Milo only to have the same A/N appear correct? And because Milo's ending requires 2 days to complete there's a chance you won't be able to achieve his ending in the remaining time frame. 

Also a quick question, ending 5 is the Gambling ending. Did depression napping somehow dump you into the Gambling ending?? (I'll have to check to see if maybe I forgot to take out some logic I was using for testing purposes.) I know Ending 6 (Beautification ending) can currently override the more 'canon' endings atm and it's something I'm thinking of adjusting. 

I'll look into smoothing out the ending logic this evening and try to put out a new build. (I want to adjust how the gambling portion is calculated and I also believe that currently if you finish the beautification quest it locks you out of everyone else's ending which feels like it should be the opposite (beautification ending takes less precedence than Milo or Samson, since it's a 'joke' ending.) 

Sounds like that's a resolution issue. When you open the game go into options and try out different resolution options. When you click on the bed or talk to the sheriff more buttons appear at the top of the screen. Alternatively you can try clicking the edge of the window screen and drag it until you can see the buttons at the top (when you try to sleep etc.). Hope that helps!

This is such a beautiful comment! Thank you for playing it and also leaving such a lovely review! I mean it when these types of comments really brighten my day and are the best part of making games. So glad to hear the themes are coming through! 

Omg I hope you enjoy!!! 

And about the bees (I didn't want you to be expecting BEES in game), "house full of bees" is a saying to describe an extremely messed up family/living situation that someone just does not leave (for many reasons, mostly trauma/abuse).  

Here's a good link for the definition.

(And also I learned today that this isn't as common of a saying as I thought it was? Haha! Well the more you know.)

Ahh, so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And really loved Peter and Milo! They were my favorite to write for, so it's nice to see people enjoying them as well! 

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving such a thoughtful comment!!! :D :D :D

omg I didn't know ROT13 was a thing so at first I was like "did something happen to my computer why can't I read this all of a sudden? LOL

But I figured it out and this is super cool!!! 

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Omg you leave the absolute best comments they are always ALWAYS such a joy to read !!!!! Aaaahhh TYSM!!!!!! 

And before I respond to everything else, a little non spoiler hint for ending 5: You get that ending by doing the same exact thing that got your family into this mess in the first place. 

(I will give a more explicit hint later when I know the 'read more' has kicked in and no one gets randomly spoiled, heehee) 

I'm so happy you like Peter!!! I shamelessly also love Peter and I think the world would be like 0.000000001% better if people just randomly started saying Nya like, yeah it just makes everything better. 

And Milo!!! I'm so glad you also loved him, he's just a normal little snow leopard who doesn't do anything wrong at all. 

And yes I agree! Samson just simply can't compete with Peter, you know??? Nya. Samson is a tricky character and I do feel bad for him (lol this sounds so weird to say as the author but yeah I feel bad for him on a personal level) but also since we see the game from Nico's perspective it's a lot of "Oh my God I want to punch this man in his face" lol. That's rough buddy but also *gestures at his role in the general fabric of their community*. 

And since I know we are def in the read more area: Ending 5 is the one I think is a little too difficult to find atm. Basically, you gamble for every single day you can. I'll do an update where it's only 15 days instead of the current 29 (lol). 

Tysm for playing and for leaving a really really lovely comment !!!!!! Aaahhh it feels so nice to know that the game not only works but is being enjoyed by people !! 💓💓💓💓💓💓