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New nami game just dropped lets GOOOOOoooooooooooo

I won't say much re: Phebe and her relationship with her father because I don't want to spoil anything but I will say you are a very astute reader~! :D  

Typos -> Noted! Thank you!

Beta Tester -> Oh no worries! No experience needed! I'll put together a devlog closer to the time I have something to test that will explain everything (how to download etc). There should be an update if you're following the page~! :D

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really excited to share the full story with you!

Thank you!!

Phebe definitely has a hard life and I'm excited to showcase her full journey in the full game! 😄

Thank you!!!!!

And yes very much enjoying my time off. I'll be getting back into it eventually and excited for it 👀👀👀

Thank you! :D

Im so happy people are liking Phebe, she was a joy to write and Im really excited to see what people think of her whole journey! 😭

This was really fun!! I love August's development over the course of the story and I was really cheering him on! His showdown with the final final boss was really good! I was like!!! Nooo!! Be nice to yourself!! Don't be so hard on yourself!! 

Layla was so cute and Kuro was hot and I loved this little trio. I wanted them to go on adventures and love each other and was very happy to see how it turned out. :D 

Thank you so much for making this!

This was so cute!!! 😭😭😭 Cute and melancholic!!! The color scheme really accentuates the mood of the piece and the music is also very somber and nice. Also I love the ghost and wish all the best for them!!! (And also protag!!) The poems were also really pretty and just--!! Everything about this game is so good omg. Thank you so much for making it!!

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This was beautiful!! I loved what you did with the changing fonts and the particle effects. The music was suitably creepy and set a good mood for the piece. And the textures!!!! Aaahhh the textures were so good. I got the positive ending first and then the negative one and the negative one really resonated with me. Loved this, thank you so much for making it!

In order for the whisker owner to show up, ASK the barista about the Whiskers of Familiar! :D

This looks AMAZING.

Aww so glad to hear you enjoyed it!! 

And am glad you were able to figure it out! Not sure if you still need it, but I did end up writing a walkthrough for players who might need a little guidance for how to pass some of the levels.

Thank you so much for playing! :D

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! 

I'll keep in mind for future games to make sure that any changing scenery from puzzles is more readily noticeable, haha. In the meantime I'll write up a walkthrough, in case anyone gets stuck.

Thank you so much for playing! 

Glad to be of help~ :D

Awwwww!!!!! Omg thank you so much for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed it!!!

Happy to hear all the little details came through, we really enjoyed putting all of them in.

And the original version of this game was made in 48 hours (black and white backgrounds, non colored sprites and it only covered the first 5ish k of the full script). We did do a lot in those 48 hrs (all the music was made, the first draft of the script was finished, title screen done, sprite lines done and bg lines done) but we definitely didn't create this entire project in that weekend span! Haha. After the initial game jam was over we decided to finish it and did so over a span of 5 months. So the original framework was done in 48 hrs. :) All the neat bells and whistles came later, haha. 

Again thank you so much for playing and oh???? Fanart??? 👀👀👀

Click on the maid who is scrubbing the floors (in the soldiers' room) while wearing the fancy powdered wig!

The title screen music is called Cold by Anthony Lazaro! It's this one


I haven't made a walkthrough but here's one~

Monday - Choice doesn't matter

Tuesday - Order doesn't matter 

Wednesday - 

Go Out

(If Andino route) Boxing and Sidestep, (if Giacomo route) Casino and Raise

Try to find a side entrance

Thursday -

Stop her

Order doesn't matter

Friday - 

(If Andino route) Casino

(If Giacomo route) Bar

--Routes diverge at this point-- 

Andino route - look for gun in corpse

Giacomo route - stay silent 

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you're still having troubles. 

Im so excited for this

Aw, thank you so much for playing! And glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D

This game is SO CREEPY YOOOOOOOO. I love the use of monotonous repetition to really get into Camille's mindset and OSGOODE. He was so fascinating!! I both liked him and was cursing his name while playing LIKE!! I GET IT!! ALSO AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

I loved looovveeed the slow reveal of both Camille and Osgoode's backstories as the game went along and ENDING 9!!! OH MAN. OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA KNOW MORE! Any plans on writing anything else in that timeline? (even if not necessarily about Osgoode or Camille, but just the whole, you know, THAT.) 

I really really liked your take on the beauty and the beast trope with this one, especially what you did with the beauty! Just her whole emotional ride is SO GOODDDDD. Love how petty and jealous and in love with the idea of love she is in the beginning and then contrasted to the endings!! 

Amiralo games are always a treat and when I saw this was released I ZOOMED over and loved it! Thank you so much for making this!!

Oh good!!! I'm so glad to hear it ended up all working in the end! And no worries! Again, I did learn a lot so I appreciated making it for you! :D Merry Christmas!

Okay new build uploaded! I mapped that minigame to be for h-j-k-l-n-m-,-. Let me know if that still doesn't work and I'll keep looking into it!

Thank you so much for playing!

That's super weird! Let me quickly remap them to some other keys and upload a new build for you! Sorry again for the hassle and thank you for the patience! :D

Awww, thank you!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! :D :D

Oh, thank you! And Hamlet is an amazing name for a hog, haha. 

Ah, I mapped it to the keypad numbers and not the numbers above the letters. Does it still not work with keypad numbers? (And dumb question, but is num lock on? XD

Can you show me a screenshot of the dating one? That's one I haven't encountered before. I've mapped the different hearts to flip over with hitting the number keys! Do all the hearts not show up on screen?

I just uploaded a new version that I believe has fixed this issue! Sorry about that! XD;;

OH That's a canvas issue. What resolution is your screen? I'll try to put out a new build here asap!!

Glad you hear you liked it!

The dance game was just a simple rhythm game (when the arrows hit the squares at the bottom of the screen, pushing the arrow key in that direction should register a hit!) and the date game is a memory game where characters with the same colors are "matches" to each other. 

Happy holidays~! :D

Hope you enjoy! :D

To answer the nickname question, you have to unlock that option from another character. You can talk to Perle (the maid) to get a hint if you get stuck!

(And if that's not helpful, here's another more obvious hint: Talk to Emeric while wearing the last item you haven't used for any other puzzle so far.)

Thank you so much for playing! And for recording your playthrough. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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It's set in a very very loose version of 1920's America! (Particularly prohibition) But character's clothing, vernacular and cultural norms weren't designed to be "historically accurate", if that makes sense. 

Thank you so much for playing! :D

Aw, thank you!! 

I'm so glad to hear that the main themes of the work are coming through. It was fun and cathartic to write this one. I always find fictional media that deals with tough decisions (especially ones in which there really isn't a right answer) to be very comforting. When things are so messy in the real world, seeing only perfect versions of lives can feel suffocating, in a way. 

Thank you so much for playing!! :D :D

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm really glad to hear it resonated with you. It was weirdly fun to write this one, even if so much is happening on screen, haha.