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D'AWWW THIS WAS SO CUUUTTEEE. I wanna be a member of the tomato club now!! I loved Marie! And I especially loved Gakuto!! The ending scene with him got me in the feels. 

Thank you for making this sweet game!! 

This was a lot of fun! I got a game over the first time, but managed to find the culprit the second go about!

The mystery was well thought out and I liked being able to talk to the other characters and compare their stories. 

And the fact that you made this in 10 days is so incredible??? Yo. 

Thank you so much for making this game!!

I. Absolutely. Loved. This. 

The world building, the characters (MOH WAS MY FAVORITE.... Oh man I loved him and his backstory and everything that happened!!!), the art, the music, all of it is top notch. 

The writing and the world building in particular I was absolutely engrossed by and found myself on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. The amount of lore and text in this game is really impressive, especially the fact that it was made in a month (!!!). Very inspiring !!

I've only gotten 2 endings so far, but I'm planning on playing through more times when I get the chance. I was getting hints of things happening behind the scenes and Ive got an idea of how to get those endings.... :) 

Thank you so! much! for making this gem of a game!!

Aw, this is such a sweet comment. Thank you! 

I'm so glad to hear that the characters really came through. And I always love world building so to hear the setting was good too is a big compliment!! 

Thank you so much for playing!

Oh wow this game was delightfully f-ed up hahaha. 

Loved the art and the black humor of the whole thing really shined. I thought the ATL animations really made the scenes POP~!

Thank you so much for making this gem!!

Loved this!!! Loved the art, loved the world building and loved the characters.

You've got me hooked, I can't wait to see what happens next. :D :D

This was a lot of fun! I was able to get the 5/5 and 4/5 endings!

Eileen is like the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I loved how she was always in Jane's corner and helped her out even when her friend might be having strange magic-related dreams?? (And so when I got the 5/5 ending I was like AWWWW YAY!!) 

I liked Jane as the protagonist, I liked that she was a bit older than typical VN protagonists at 25 and that she had a job. I also felt like the riddles were just the right level of difficulty! 

Thank you so much for making this game!

Oh thank you! I love experimenting with the line between puzzle mechanics and narrative games. 

And I would love to have a longer version of the game, but unfortunately longer games take longer to make, aha; 

If you were interested in a slightly longer game with a similar type of mechanic, Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend  has a inventory system where you have to use items you've picked up in puzzles in order to advance the plot! That one is around 20k length, so longer than Kill The Prince?!, but can still easily be finished within a day. 

I'm also secretly working on a longer project as well, but because of the length and the fact I can only work on it for so long each day, that one won't be out for at least another year and a half.

Thank you so much for playing, and glad to hear you liked it!! 

Yesss! I'm really excited to hear what you think of this one. There's a little twist at the end... :)

Glad to hear you liked it! Thank you so much for playing!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D

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Just played through the demo! Very intriguing and gripping. I loved the gameplay mechanics here and the way time passes based on your every action. Searching by keywords isn't something I've seen recently and I thought you did a great job of giving enough clues to guess what those keywords might be. 

Can't wait for the full version!!

Oohh this is super helpful!! (And just in time as I'm trying to design my own GUI... uwa....) Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!!

Oh, oh wow. This is amazing??? Yes of course it's totally okay to put it in your book (!!!). I would love to know which book, so I can buy a copy! You can email me at ! 

So glad to hear you enjoyed it!!

Oohh! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I do have some other games if you wanted to check them out! And I've been toying around with the idea of making a pseudo sequel that some of the charas would show up in (but not be the protags), but we'll see. :)

Thank you for playing!

Oh I'm so glad to hear you liked it!! I really like writing flawed characters-- while also trying to make them like-able and understandable from their own perspectives-- so hearing that about Helena is a big compliment! Thank you so much for playing!! 

YAS YAS YAAAASSSSS. I have been patiently waiting for this game, and the finished version looks GORGEOUS. Love the music, love the characters, love the puzzles. Just the right amount of difficulty for me! I'm so excited that you finished and thank you so much for making this beautiful lovely game!!!

Oh! This is going to be a Unity game! :D 

But I also agree! Renpy was similar in that I could get pretty far with it but would usually have to end up asking help for the last bit haha; Unity has been similar but I'm always needing to ask help for every step of the process XD;; 

And I will reach out in the server when I run into something I need help with!

Hi! No, the demo currently up is from January. We're planning on releasing the full game (minus voice acting and an additional ending) later today in 10ish hours. We 're having a release party for the team and we'll be making all the files public then ! Thank you for reaching out !

I'm happy to be able to participate this year too! :D 

At this point in time I'm planning on soloing this project, but I'll probably need some programming help eventually. I was hoping to reach out to a programmer when I get to that point! :D

1. Uwaaa I'm glad you like Zawar!! There's a lot coming in store for him, hehe :D

2. Noted! I'll see what I can do for a glossary for the full game! :D (I know there's a way to do it but figuring out how to get it to work is another thing, hahaha)

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-- Synopsis --

The year might be 359, but no one is certain. 

Strange creatures known as the Amende have pushed humanity into hiding, leaving them scattered across disconnected colonies that barely cling to life.

One such colony exists in Eastern Crunia, hidden by the boughs of a rainforest. Known only as The Town, this community has managed to thrive through isolationist policies and a strict class system. The classes were once said to be equal, but now they have shifted into stratified castes.

When Pages start showing up dead in town, tensions erupt between the castes that were once meant to be equal. 

Play as Pratik as he attempts to get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths that seem to only plague Pages. Will you destroy the Town that cursed him to live on the bottom rung of society? Or will you save it, reshaping it into the Utopia it once dreamed it could be? 

But only if the Town doesn't kill you first. 

-- Main Characters -- 

-- Other Characters --


Hi everyone! The Town Pages is the next project I'll be working on! It's a Point and click mystery game where you play as Pratik as he tries to get to the bottom of why Pages keep dying. 

I'm hoping to have a very very short demo (like,  5 minutes in gameplay, haha) by the end of Barajam!

I'm hoping to be finished the full game by next October, but I'm working on this game solo, so I can't say for certain if that's when I'll finish! 

I've already gotten the whole game outlined with 4 major endings and a slew of funny super bad decision death scenes (my fav), as well as the first 12k of the game written. 

There are 2 separate predetermined romances within the game (as in, two separate pairs of couples, Pratik can only fall in love with a certain character), and depending on your choices these characters might get together or not. 

I'm in need of some beta readers once I've finished the script (estimated length of probably ~50k), so if you were interested please let me know! :D

-- Questions?! --

1. What character seems the most interesting to you so far?

2. Are you interested in games with unusual settings? Do you like having the in-game culture explained to you naturally through the character's dialogue, or do you prefer a glossary? Or neither?

3. Which character(s) do you think is(are) the murderer? 

D'aww this was ADORABLE!!! Really really sweet, I loved the message. :D 

I just uploaded a new version which has working logic for the 2nd ending! :D

Ah shoot.... Let me make sure the logic is working correctly in that scene... 

And yes, it's that part!

I'll try my best to get an updated version tomorrow with working logic to get that ending (spoilers):

That one is the bad ending, so you've already gotten the "good" ending! 

Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! To get the other ending (spoilers):

Choose not to trust Zechariah when prompted. That should give you the other ending! 

Ooohh Ingrid was my favorite character to write for, :D. 

Thank you so much for playing!!

Cute!! I loved trying to figure out the combinations, and experimenting to see what I could make :D

Thank you so much for playing! :D :D

The character with the red eyes was my favorite to draw and write for.

And of course! One of the main reasons I wanted to try moving from Renpy to Unity was the ability for Unity to be played in browser, so I'm glad that it works! :D :D

I really loved this! I had a lot of fun trying not to die, and I felt like the battles integrated really well with the overall story! The ending surprised me, but it fit into the overall theme of being "in orbit" of a bigger war. I could tell there were different paths, do they all converge on the same ending?

A lot of fun, and really inspiring on how to integrate plot and gameplay mechanics~! :D Thank you for making it!!!!

I loved this game!!!! I thought all of the jokes were hillarious and I loved all the cheese related puns. 

I totally didn't see the twist coming at the end and was pleasantly surprised! The battles were challenging but a lot of fun to figure out what I was supposed to do.

A whole lot of fun!! Thank you for making this gem!!

Very cute!!! I love how each of the masks had different jokes associated with them (and I laughed at the puns, haha!) and how they also changed the ending slightly! Very cute and fun to replay!

Aaaah!! Thank you so much!!!!

It's always nice to hear when the themes and motifs are coming through! Thank you!!! :D :D

Oh I love Studio Ghibli! That's a huge compliment, thank you!!

And I watched your video and loved your playthrough! I didn't realize the glass breaking sfx was so loud on other people's computers, so I'll make sure to update the game with that sfx a little quieter!

Thank you so much for playing, and doing a LP! :D :D

Thank you!

And ooh, sure! I'll have to check it out! 

Thank you for looking at my game! :D

Um, this was ADORABLE?????

I loved Brissa, I loved Jaemin, Cyprienne, Nicky. I literally loved all the characters we met. 

I played through Cyprienne's route first, and really loved to see the themes that route dealt with (as someone with a non-art day job with an art nighttime hobby, I very much identified with Cyprienne, haha.)

I also really liked how Bri being trans was organically brought up in the narrative, as well as Nicky's pronouns. And the town of Innisburg was so interesting! I wanted to learn more about their town! :D

This was SUCH a sweet game, I kept finding myself cheering for Bri, I wanted her to get her happy ending and be happy!!! I'm SO SO looking forward to the full release. IM... HYPED...!!!!

Also Brissa was my favorite character, I drew a picture of her :'D

Oohh so cute!!! Congrats on finishing Nanoreno!! :D :D

Hi! I haven't made it, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, unfortunately.  Sorry about that!

Ohh so glad to hear you enjoyed it!! :D :D 

ANd OMG if you ever cosplay I would love to see pictures!!! AAAAHHHHH.