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Thank you so much for playing! :D And thank you for the feedback! 👀 Ill keep it in mind for my next game.

Just started playing this Clara is ADoRABLE the changes in the sprites' clothing is a really nice touch! And they all look so cute in their different outfits heehee. :D 

That's a screen resolution issue. Hit escape, options and Reset Resolution. This will show the buttons at the top of the screen! 

This is the most beautiful tutorial I've ever read! I love this!!!! 

Ah! Now I understand, haha. 


It loops back to the remaining two options and continues on from there as usual! 


To get the final ending you drink the tea after having finished both of the other endings!

[Spoilers below] 

She does indeed drink the tea! XD 

Here's the text as for what happens if you try drinking it without seeing both endings. 

(If you haven't finished any route yet)

                $ ex = "neutralfrown"

                A "…{fast}"

                $ ex = "gone"

                M "Anything?"

                $ ex = "plz"

                A "This tastes like you dipped some grass in hot water." 

                $ ex = "gone"

                M "I’ll take that as a no." 

                $ ex = "gone"


(If you've finished one ending but not both)

                    sub "Something tingles at the back of my brain. I see one— two— visions swim before my eyes and then– nothing." 

                    $ ex = "confused"

                    A "Hmm." 

                    $ ex = "gone"

                    M "That’s a curious reaction. Did you remember anything? "

                    $ ex = "confused"

                    A "I… I might have? It’s not strong enough to really pick out anything concrete." 

                    $ ex = "gone"

                    M "Seems like parallel-world Aimee is a bit of a slacker." 

                    $ ex = "plz"

                    A "H-hey now…"

                    $ ex = "gone"

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You can purchase the fishing rod from Fannys shop! There is a fishing spot up in the mountains. It's the screen with the stream (left at the fork on the mountain screen) and there should be a big fish icon on the water you can click. 

There's a known bug where sometimes the fishing rod and the guidebook will appear to be sold out even if you haven't purchased them. To fix this, hit the escape button and return to the main menu. Reloading your save will have the fishing rod and guidebook back in-stock.

Omg I love this so much. I got all four endings and I laughed SO HARD when I found ending 1. It was so clever! Also the ending names are *chef's kiss*.  The amount of faces is really impressive and uncanny. I kept replaying over and over to see them all. There's a great variety with them!

***~~Fuck AI art~~*** and thank you so much for making this game! :D

Thank you so much for letting me know about the bugs! Im working on a patch so this is really helpful. :D 

And yes! Fanny has an ending, haha. You'll need to donate to her shop to unlock her conversations. 

Tysm for playing!

Aw omg, thank you for this sweet comment!!! 

So glad to hear the themes are coming through and that people like delightfully heartless Fanny! 

Thank you so much for playing! 

Aaaaahhhh so glad to hear you liked it!!! 

I tried a lot of new things with this game and it sounds like they worked out. 👀👀👀💞

Thank you so much for playing!

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Haha, yeah it's a funny coincidence!

This was so bittersweet! I loved the slow build of Cordelia and Dunia's relationship and how both of them had to move past and forgive themselves for their own pasts before being able to truly open up to each other. 

A beautiful story, thank you so much for making it!

Omg fmskfnpsnfonapd thank you so much for playing ! 

I'm really glad the themes seem to be coming through, that was something I was trying to keep subtle but not too over the top. (A balance I find hard!) 

And haha, I see you managed to avoid [spoiler]'s route. 😆

The art was beautiful in this! And I loved the fight scenes (battle couples are <3)!!!

Thank you so much for making this!!!

Im so glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D :D 

I'm still investigating how the bug happened and I hope to put out a more permanent fix once I can get an idea of what's causing it. 

And yes, fun fact that door is controlled by an internal variable and isn't explicitly tied into having the key in your inventory. So thus, you can still go into the basement in the special load I provided bc I flipped a few variables behind the scenes. :) 


As someone who hasn't played FFXIV, I could understand it! There were just enough context clues to understand the overarching story and it just felt like really cool world building! 

I LOVED THE CGS THEY WERE SO GOOD???? Thank you so much for making this it was a lot of fun!!


Okay bad news first: I can't seem to replicate your bug on my end!;;; 

Good news: I build a special build just for you! 

Go ahead and download the build called "Peyton's Flower". 

When the game opens, click on the button in the upper right to start the game. 

This will load a save that has all the variables ready for the ending. If your inventory is empty, don't worry. Go ahead downstairs and click on the iron door. I've added in an extra bit of code in this dialogue that will drop the flower into your inventory. 

Discover the new room and activate the ending (this will make the title music stop playing, haha). This time you'll have the needed item for the ending! 

If you're playing on Mac or Linux, let me know and I can make this build in those operating systems for you!

Thank you again for your patience! 

(And if anyone else is reading this and has also gotten this bug, feel free to also download this build!)

Just wanted to update you! 

I'm trying to replicate the problem on my end (and my power keeps going out, so ofc that's making it difficult! LOL) but haven't figure out how it happened just yet! 

(A picture of all the key items you can acquire in the game.)

 I've tried triggering the cutscene with no additional items, with just the fishing rod, the Guidebook, and also the key (thinking maybe the inventory thinks it's full when it's not...?) but no luck so far. I've also reloaded the game a bunch, opened it and closed it and tested it that way as well and still can't get it to break. 

I'm currently using a PC, are you also on a PC or a different operating system? 

In the meantime, I'm also working to see if I can just send you a save file that you can load from that already has the Peyton flower in the inventory. 

Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience!! 

(2 edits)

Hmm. Yes it should be a key item. 

I'll look into it on my end and try to replicate it + push out a fix. Unfortunately you can't get the ending without it. 

(I have an idea of what caused it. If at any point you returned to the main menu and then went and got that scene with Peyton, it's possible that the flower wasn't added to your inventory. )

(Big spoiler below:) 

Try examining the flower Peyton gave her! 

(if this doesn't work plz let me know, haha)

I sent this to my friends who like FFXIV! 😆

As someone who has never played it, would I still understand the plot in this game? 

Also I'm obsessed with the textbox and how dynamic and beautiful it is!! The GUI is so good..... 

Omg! This is so cute! I love the picross puzzles! And the color scheme is really nice in this game. :)

Looking forward to it!!! :D :D :D I love seeing how you update some game jam titles afterward!

Thank you! 😆

Oh finally, a game where I can use my eviseration skills to give me an edge in my dating life. 🥰🥰🥰 (This looks awesome! Can't wait to play!)

This looks so cute!!!!!

OOoHHHH! Okay! Thats a canvas issue! Try dragging the bottom corner of the window a bunch and see if the yes/no shows up!  And I'll see about putting out a resolution fix tonight! 

(Canvas issues my nemesis, I forgot to add a few canvas scalers so there's a bunch of times things don't quite cover the screen)

Interesting! Seems like there isn't a single triggering instance of what's causing it to break then. 

When the game froze like that, did the music stop? 

If it didn't, I think I have an idea of what might have caused that to happen. 

I've uploaded a new build of the game called "BedBugs", and you can click Q. Start from the main menu and immediately try to go to bed. In theory, this should work! If not, I'll keep looking into it, haha. 

Thank you so much! 


To get into kitchens - Wear maid outfit and talk to maid in left hand screen. 

To get past moustache men - wear Powdery Wig and talk to woman scrubbing floors in the barracks (red room) to get giant moustache. Wear giant moustache and talk to moustache men. 

To talk to the princess- pick up punch from the banquet hall from the giant punch bowl. Give this drink to her guard. 

Answers to princess quiz -> 

1. She likes to dance 

2. She's nicer than she lets on (talk to woman in the banquet hall standing near pillar of gifts)

3. Any answer (correct answer needs to be unlocked)

Go talk to Emeric while wearing the livery. Ask him about the princess' nickname. 

Go back to princess and give this answer as the final question in her quiz. 

After that talk to the guard in the right hand side of the screen. 

That's it! You'll get the ending after that. 

D'awww this is so cute!! Also I laughed at every use of recoil. It was a really clever touch!

Aww, thank you! :D :D

Thank you! 😊

Cnosjflanfpkaodja Peyton is a favorite of mine 🙈 I'm very happy with how his CGs turned out! They animate a bit in game too 👀👀👀 

Thank you! Excited to keep working on it! 😊💪✨️


Aw thank you! Ill def take a break if I need it, but right now Im having so much fun working on it~! 😊✨️ But thank you for your concern!