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I'm so in love with your novel, it's a real gem. I've finally played chapter 2 and extra story today and that was amazing. I'm intrigued by the plot, the narration has proper pace, characters are delightful (MC is so easy to be associated with) and watching relationships development between Mathias and MC is exciting, you are going great depicting their bound. And Mandra...they are something! I wish they were a romantic option since I'm totally absolutely captivated by them *sigh*, Mathias is amazing yet Mandra...are infinitely gorgeous. It's almost a relief I don't have to choose between two of them (can't say I wouldn't like such an option, heh) :)) Anyway, just want to thank you for this amazing masterpiece, can't wait to discover more. 

P.S. Is it any way to obtain that stunning music piece performed by Mathias and Mandra? (maybe buy it somewhere?) I was totally amazed by the gorgeous heavenly sound, it's marvelous and I'd like to have this one in my private music collection to enjoy the masterpiece whenever I like ;))

Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Btw, you *can* have a little taste of Mandra in the extra story, depending on your choices *evil grin* but yeah, they're not an LI in Book 1. .-.

The song Mandra and Mathias play is one of my favorites too! It's called "From the Vine," by Calico - The Samurai Gypsies. They have this song and a few others available for free (Under Creative Commons) on FB's creator studio. And if you want to read, hear, and see more about the band, here's their new site:

I'm glad you left this comment, btw. It seems they changed their site, so the link I have on my credits page in-game is outdated. hehe


Splendid! Thank you so much :))