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Thank you so much! <3

SAhiueha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And if you like Mand that much, you might enjoy the next chapter... *evil grin*

hahaha thank you for playing! ♥

vfxdkghrbfliuh You're the sweetest, aaa ç-ç Thank you so much for playing and for this beautiful comment! 

It means the world to me ♥ and I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too!

Thank you sooooo muuuuch! ç-ç This is such a beautiful comment, I ç-ç 

I'm super glad you enjoyed my game, I'll work hard to make the next chapters (and games) even better. Thank you for playing! ♥♥♥

Aaaaa! Thank you so muuch! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ç-ç Thank you for playing!

Awwn, thank you so, so much for leaving this beautiful comment! I really hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too... and the next games, because I'll absolutely continue making them, haha!

Thank you for playing!

Hello there! ♥

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥

If it's the song right after MC wakes up, it's "Twelve Spanish Dances, Op.37 - Arabesca" (guitar version)
But if it's the song playing while MC and Mathias talk, it's "Between Worlds" (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter Ft: (Smiling Cynic).

Both are amazing, you have great taste haha :))

Aaaa, I loved your comment, haha! Thank you so much for playing! I'm super glad you're enjoying LtGBtK so much. If you do write about them, let me know! *-* I'd love to read it! ♥♥

Thank you soo much for playing and for your comment! I'm so glad you're enjoying the game ♥♥♥

Aww, thank you so much! I'm super glad you and your cat enjoyed it haha! :3 Thank you for playing. ♥

Hii, Erized! ♥ Aww, thank you soo much! I love reading your comments & feedback; you're a blessing. ♥ It's more about necessity than productivity, to be honest xD I don't think I could process life without my stories -_-' hahaha

AAA, I'm so glad! I'm as psyched as you are, then. I'm still not sure about how many portraits we'll have. It will depend on how many members will decide to ask for a portrait. For the facial appearance, here is the list of things I'm asking members to consider when asking for the portrait, so you'll see the kinds of details you can expect:

  • ♥ You can ask me to change the nose shape, jaw, and lips. 
  • ♥ For longer hair, I suggest braids or any hairdos that don't interfere in battle. *evil grin* >:3
  • ♥ Feel free to add piercings, marks, scars, or makeup;
  • ♥ As for things I can't change: clothing, character's pose, or expression.
  • ♥ Also, to keep the general theme of the Dragon Commanders, the character's eyes should be hidden, either by their hair or by accessories.

As for body type, I'm still thinking about "if" and "how" I can implement it. For now, that's on my backlog, so, on CH03, it'll be up to you to decide and imagine it in any way you want. :3

Btw, you have no idea HOW GLAD I am that you noticed the fern and its connection with Matt! 8D ♥

Aaaa! Amazing news! Can't wait to play it! ♥♥♥

I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thank you for your kind comment and for playing. ♥

Hi, darling! Ahhh! Thank you sooo much for this amazing feedback and for your kind words. ♥ 

I love thorough feedback, and I really appreciate yours, so please don't be sorry hahaha xD As you mentioned, this is definitely a labor of love, and I always feel really amazed/emotional/thankful when people not only notice that, but also share their thoughts about my game with me in such a detailed way. Thank you so much for the time you took to play the game and to write this! :) ♥♥♥

Answering your comments: I'll definitely keep the B&W color scheme in the next versions of the game, although I might try a few different painting styles (but that will only come in the distant future, once Book #1 is finished, after CH04). But what you described is exactly what I've been trying to express through the style. I'm _so_ glad you picked up on that! You're a star. Also, YEAH! Knight Val's reaction is definitely there—and Matt's reaction to her reaction too xD hahaha

Btw, I still want the player to have a taste of Mand, that's for sure! 8) Mandra's intimacy scene SHOULD still be there. Hmm. I'll check the code to see if I accidentally messed it up, but I'm pretty sure it's still working. Althooough, if you're playing a more dominant DC, that might be the reason. The Ruler archetype won't leave Mathias's side at the gazebo, so only The Destroyer and The Seeker end up going to Mandra's hideout, and in there, depending on the DC's relationship with Matt, they might be pushed away or not. :3 Also, yeah... While Book #1 is more focused on Matt, Book #2 will have a lot more Mand. ;)))

As for details about how Matt fell in love with MC: I might bring it to the game as well, but during LtGBtK's 1st anniversary (you can check the Masterpost in ko-fi here or tumblr here), in September, I wrote a lot of short stories and little scenes based on questions and writing prompts people sent. There's one about the first time Matt ACTUALLY recognized his feelings. If you want to read it, here's the link! Also, hmmmm... the sex scene between The Ruler x Matt should definitely still be there. Maybe I *did* something with the code, after all. XDD I'll check it later today to make sure.

Well, I can't say much about the Queen, the blooming ceremony, and the post-coronation (if, of course, Mathias ends up being crowned *wiggles eyebrows*) cause spoilers, but I'm already hoping you'll enjoy it all! haha 

Still, if you want to learn more about foot-soldier Quaresma, the soldier trying to become the DC's squire, here's a short story about how the DC met them!

And again, thank you sooo much for playing, for leaving this amazing comment, and for all your support! I really hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too. ♥♥♥

Aww, thank you so much for your great feedback and your kind words!

I'm SO glad you mentioned the option to keep playing with Matt or not! There are variations of it for every archetype (depending on past choices), and I really hoped that would give people more agency over their feelings for Matt. I'm happy you liked it. ♥

In the next update, you'll definitely see a lot more of Mand, Mel, and Curio 8D I hope you'll enjoy it too! ♥♥♥

Hello, dear! Thank you so much for your feedback. ♥♥♥ Aw, yisss!! I was hoping some of the archetypes' actions would be more justified after this update. I'm so, so glad they are, haha :) In the next update, you'll know a lot more about Curio and Melike, for sure! I hope you'll enjoy it too. ♥

Happy New Year!

Aww, thank you so much for playing! ♥ I'm so, so glad you enjoyed it. 8D I hope you'll like the new chapter as well! ♥

Thank you! ♥

Aww. Oh my, your comment just brightened my pretty complicated day, so thank you! :')) I'll definitely keep writing! 

BTW, if you want to read a short excerpt of the next chapter, you can check it in my ko-fi here!

Salut! ♥ Aww, thank you so much for playing and for leaving this sweet comment. I'm super happy you enjoyed the game so far. And don't worry, I intend to make many more games after this! hahaha :) ♥♥♥

Hello there! Thank you so much for playing and for leaving this lovely comment. I'm really glad you're enjoying the game! ♥♥♥

Aww, I'm so glad! Thank you for playing and for leaving this lovely comment! ♥ I'm celebrating 1 year of LtGBtK, so if you'd like to read more about Mandra and Matt, you can check my Tumblr or my Ko-fi. ♥♥♥

I'm so glad! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥

Hi, Konoi! 

Oh wow. This is the most detailed feedback I've received for this game, and it gave me such great insight. Thank you for taking the time to write it! ♥♥♥ I'm really really glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm so happy you liked Knight Valência! You'll know more about Val and your Commander's relationship in the next chapter. I hope you'll like her even more! mwahaha >8) 


About the Dragon Commander title: September is LtGBtK's first anniversary, and I'm planning a lot of stuff to celebrate. Part of it is to answer the players' questions with the characters in the cast, so I can have Knight Valência answer this one for you if you want. ;) ♥♥♥

And about your question about good/bad endings: Don't worry, there's no right or wrong in this game, and there won't be good/bad endings. ♥ I'm an avid VN player, so I know exactly what you're talking about hahaha! But I always felt sad every time I got a bad ending/game over just for picking the choices that felt more aligned to my play style or to the character in my head, so I left the "wrong" choices out of this one. You can choose and build your Commander in any way you want. :) 

What CAN happen is that your choices can unlock hidden/secret scenes that are very hard to get. Sometimes they are sweet (like a soft scene for The Destroyer archetype—the thorny choices in the middle—in CH01), and sometimes they can be dangerous (like a rather violent fight scene with Mand in CH02). But even in this second case, you'll know when it's coming, cause I made sure to add a lot of choices in this scene, so you can stop things before they get too bloody. xD hahaha 

Again, thank you so much for your feedback and for playing! I hope you'll continue to enjoy the game and its universe. :* ♥

I am! <3 Thank you for playing and for leaving this lovely comment ♥♥♥

Thank you so much, love! Hahaha yeah, time flies. It's really weird to think that I've posted this game so long ago. O-O 

Aww, thank you so much! <3 I hope that will come in time hahaha! In the meanwhile, I'll do my best to bring you all the best stories I can. <3

Hi! Thank you for your thorough review. Oh, I agree about the art assets; they are still something I'm working on (in fact, I have a release scheduled for later today that will replace most of the sprites and part of the UI), so the next versions will look a lot better hahaha.

I understand my game won't be the best match for everyone, but the elements in the narrative/pace/the character arcs are what I intended them to be. It's meant to be a more introspective experience of slow discovery of aspects of the plot, characters, and the MC's BG, rather than focusing on action—the whole plot of the game happens in 4 days but takes into account almost 30 years of history, so it's meant to have good chunks of reflection about the past! This is all part of the experience I'd like to offer to my players. As for the choices, I believe the way we decide to look at our past and the events around us helps to shape who we are as much as our actions, and that's one of the concepts behind the game.  Introspection and reflection are definitely strong in this one!

Again, thanks for playing and for sharing your thoughts!

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Oh wow, this is a huge compliment! Thank you SO much for playing and for leaving this lovely review. ♥♥♥ I'm really glad you liked the characterization, and I'm even happier the choices helped you to play the character you wanted! :) I hope you'll like the next chapters too.

Also, I think I recognize your nick from Twitter *and Ko-fi. haha :3 Thanks a lot for all your support, you're a star! ♥

hahaha aw! Thank you for playing and for your comment ♥

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your comment ♥

Thank you so much for all your kind words, and I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope you'll like the next chapters too. :) ♥

Can you tell me in which CG you felt that? I tried to be very careful with the MC in the CGs cause I only have one image of each for now. I tried to make the MC look as neutral as possible in all of them, but if one of them still needs adjustments, I'll work on it. ;)

Aww, thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters just as much. ♥♥♥

Thank you *so* much for your comment, and I'm *so* sorry for taking so long to answer it! y.y

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and... yeah, that scene can become quite spicy, hahaha! Considering the route you chose, that will definitely come back later on, so I hope you're prepared for it. *evil grin*


As for your questions, I promise to answer them all during the special event I'm planning for September. ♥ We're celebrating 1 year since the release of LtGBtK, and I'm preparing a lot of cool stuff + loads of lore since yeah, the first book won't cover much about that haha!

HAHAHA shoot, they did serenade your Commander, huh. I wonder what else they'll do... >8))))) awn, those two final lines ♥

PS: I'm so sorry to say, but Queen Yvana meant "My younger" instead of "youngest" after the Serenade totally not my fault a.a'

...Sorry. :( It's one of those terribly small typos that can change the story completely. Mandra still has a HUGE ambition to prove themselves, though, cause their little sister is... quite something. You'll meet Lady Melike in CH03, though Mathias and Mandra already talked a little about her in the Extra Story. :)

Yeees, I'm so glad you liked her! Thank you so much for your kind words; you're a star, and I hope you'll enjoy the short stories I'm working on! ♥♥♥ *evil grin*

I'm so glad you liked Melike! I was excited to see what you all would think about her. I hope you'll like her in the game too. ♥ 

And thank you for your kind words, love! Your comments always brighten my day. ♥♥♥ Now I'm off to work on those short stories! hahaha

Thank you! ♥♥♥ I will, promise. ♥

hahahaha loved that! 100% agree a.a

Thank you so much, Lou! Yeah, it's always hard. ç-ç But you're a star; thank you for being always so sweet and supportive. I hope everything's okay there! ♥♥♥

Thank you! Well, now that I have that image in my head, I don't want it to go away. ♥ haha Thank you for your comment and support, and I'm really sorry for taking forever to answer you. i,i'

It took me forever to answer your comment. I'm so sorry! But I'm glad you liked this update and the more recent one; it's always such a joy to read your comments. ♥♥♥ And this one really resonated with me, because I always try my best to make each route and choice feel powerful to the player and impactful in the story. CH03 will definitely show more of your influence on Mathias, so I can't wait to share it with you! haha ♥