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Hii, Erized! ♥ Aww, thank you soo much! I love reading your comments & feedback; you're a blessing. ♥ It's more about necessity than productivity, to be honest xD I don't think I could process life without my stories -_-' hahaha

AAA, I'm so glad! I'm as psyched as you are, then. I'm still not sure about how many portraits we'll have. It will depend on how many members will decide to ask for a portrait. For the facial appearance, here is the list of things I'm asking members to consider when asking for the portrait, so you'll see the kinds of details you can expect:

  • ♥ You can ask me to change the nose shape, jaw, and lips. 
  • ♥ For longer hair, I suggest braids or any hairdos that don't interfere in battle. *evil grin* >:3
  • ♥ Feel free to add piercings, marks, scars, or makeup;
  • ♥ As for things I can't change: clothing, character's pose, or expression.
  • ♥ Also, to keep the general theme of the Dragon Commanders, the character's eyes should be hidden, either by their hair or by accessories.

As for body type, I'm still thinking about "if" and "how" I can implement it. For now, that's on my backlog, so, on CH03, it'll be up to you to decide and imagine it in any way you want. :3

Btw, you have no idea HOW GLAD I am that you noticed the fern and its connection with Matt! 8D ♥