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Hi, darling! Ahhh! Thank you sooo much for this amazing feedback and for your kind words. ♥ 

I love thorough feedback, and I really appreciate yours, so please don't be sorry hahaha xD As you mentioned, this is definitely a labor of love, and I always feel really amazed/emotional/thankful when people not only notice that, but also share their thoughts about my game with me in such a detailed way. Thank you so much for the time you took to play the game and to write this! :) ♥♥♥

Answering your comments: I'll definitely keep the B&W color scheme in the next versions of the game, although I might try a few different painting styles (but that will only come in the distant future, once Book #1 is finished, after CH04). But what you described is exactly what I've been trying to express through the style. I'm _so_ glad you picked up on that! You're a star. Also, YEAH! Knight Val's reaction is definitely there—and Matt's reaction to her reaction too xD hahaha

Btw, I still want the player to have a taste of Mand, that's for sure! 8) Mandra's intimacy scene SHOULD still be there. Hmm. I'll check the code to see if I accidentally messed it up, but I'm pretty sure it's still working. Althooough, if you're playing a more dominant DC, that might be the reason. The Ruler archetype won't leave Mathias's side at the gazebo, so only The Destroyer and The Seeker end up going to Mandra's hideout, and in there, depending on the DC's relationship with Matt, they might be pushed away or not. :3 Also, yeah... While Book #1 is more focused on Matt, Book #2 will have a lot more Mand. ;)))

As for details about how Matt fell in love with MC: I might bring it to the game as well, but during LtGBtK's 1st anniversary (you can check the Masterpost in ko-fi here or tumblr here), in September, I wrote a lot of short stories and little scenes based on questions and writing prompts people sent. There's one about the first time Matt ACTUALLY recognized his feelings. If you want to read it, here's the link! Also, hmmmm... the sex scene between The Ruler x Matt should definitely still be there. Maybe I *did* something with the code, after all. XDD I'll check it later today to make sure.

Well, I can't say much about the Queen, the blooming ceremony, and the post-coronation (if, of course, Mathias ends up being crowned *wiggles eyebrows*) cause spoilers, but I'm already hoping you'll enjoy it all! haha 

Still, if you want to learn more about foot-soldier Quaresma, the soldier trying to become the DC's squire, here's a short story about how the DC met them!

And again, thank you sooo much for playing, for leaving this amazing comment, and for all your support! I really hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too. ♥♥♥