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I think you bring up a real good point on the randomization part. March of the zombies had no randomization while raining blood had too much randomization. The real reason the holes were so far apart was you had bad luck, cause the holes spawn is completely random! 

Finding a good middle ground for randomness is tough and I will keep that in mind.


The zombies do look very head-boppable! Maybe next time i'll have something for you can bop on the head.

Beautiful. The games industry needs more ethical games like this one.

yeah staying as far left as possible is a good way of dodging those zombies!

Amazing concept! goofy hat shenanigans!  Slime Slapping Action!

Obviously an extremely ambitious game for a jam. Came out pretty damn good tho. I think if there were lobbys or room you could join to do specific things like fight, sit n talk or race this game could probably have a 2019 club penguin feel and following. 

Good job once again guys!

Glad you enjoyed it. The UI/UX was lacking something here, will keep this in mind for future games. Thanks for your feedback!

It's all about the Feng Shui!

Good Point. I did have some trouble spacing my UI and really just ran out of time in the end. I will keep this in mind for next time. Thanks for the feed back!

There are UNLIMITED WAVES! but the enemies ramp up a little quickly, anything past wave 5 is a toughie. As for the power ups, they do stay with you until death. In hindsight adding a HUD/GUI element indicating what power ups you currently have could have helped. Thanks for the feedback :)