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Dear PeanutParade, I just wanted to stop by to tell how much I enjoyed your game! It's so well done, with very fitting CGs and a compelling story, I espacially liked the mixture of light and more exciting moments, it was great. :)

My favourite part were the characters, such a wide range in the supporting cast and the possible boyfriends are all very interesting and charming. You characterized them so well and gave a lot of scenes with them, I really felt like I got to know them and I really liked all of them. They all are very special in their own way and it was very exciting to learn more about them. The relationships built up so well (Paz was my favourite) without pressure or unneccessary shyness (like the MCs that are nearly fading when holding hands; aside from that I really liked that being naked/without shirt was treated being so normal and not exaggarated with overbording blushing or something). Come to think of it, the MC is great! She isn't a pushover, holds herself and deals well with the situations, but thinks it over and sometimes is doubtful, too.

The only things that i think could be improved are the music, that sometimes stop until the next scene and the abrupt endings of some scenes that I'd like to read more about, especially at the ending. But that didn't reduce my enjoyment, I had a lot of fun reading your story!

And, as I read the other comments, I wanted to say that I read for the story and not the sexual content, I think it suited really well in there at it is and complemented the narrative, but I don't think it needs more than that. The essence is the narration, the characters and the relations they build, and that all works really well together in your VN.

I hope we get to play another one someday, I'm looking very much forward to it! Thanks a lot for Aurore (I totally forgot to mention that I really liked the wordbuilding, specifically the witches related to gems and the plot around them, but also the conclaves - I think there'd be potential for another narration, if you ever want to revisit :)), I really enjoyed playing! Send you support and greetings! :)

Hey, your game was a really great experience! You did so well in combining the different aspects of the story and balancing them as well as presenting them to the player (in addition with very nice and fitting illustration) . You really had me hooked and surprised me a number of times with the turn of events while also tied all loose ends together in the end, I enjoyed this a lot. I'm very much looking forward to everything you have in mind for future projects. thank you for this game. :)

Thanks a lot for your fast and detailed answer!

I had no clue that the setting of the game isn't as our world, that really helps with understanding the story.

I think that my confusion was because I had imagined kind of a continuation of the common story, in this way it is more scene based - which is completely okay!

Thank you for your help, I'll start fresh with this in mind! :)

Dear Reine Works, I loved the demo of SSWK and was really excited for the release, but now it feels kind of uncomplete - I don't know if it's supposed to be that way or if I encountered a bug of some kind. My MC just tells the BF that she wants to see where the relationship is going. So they barely just started dating. Then one of the next events (prince route) is that he gets to know her parents before they even have had a date (except the one MC left for work) and MC acts incredibly rude and hurting and he doesn't even mind that much (but blew off when she had to leave for work during their first date)? And I didn't understand what that was about her parents - why can MC check in what there are doing?

One of the next events was MC working and being distracted by the BF and she casually just kisses him even though I didn't notice any indication or development that she is more in love than 'Let's try and see where this is going because I really like to have you around'.

In another event MC thougt about her past life, but what she studied and her job now was just some word (I forgot what exactly was written, it was something like I studied at [WORD] university and majored in [WORD] to work as [WORD] - that has to be a bug, hasn't it?).

And all the events after MC agreed to date was like they already she suddenly was sure that she is in love and... For me it feels like I see the events in wrong order?

I really like the writing style and can't imagine, that you didn't wrote a development of the relationship, it really feels like I am missing certain scenes/events? I am around Day 34 with the Prince BF.

Sorry for the confusing message and best wishes!

Dear SweetChiel,

it's so great that you continue to update your followers so frequently, your posts let me feel like I can watch over the process of Bermuda being made! And it really shows your passion for the project - that makes me so excited for your game, I'm sure it will be a great experience and I'm looking very much forward to it. :)

Don't forget to take your breaks and all the best to you (and your lovely woofers)!

I'm so happy to read this, I can't even ...! Just know that it's so GREAT that you're still working on this wonderful game! :)))

Hey Minyan, my comment is a little late, but I wanted to say that I'm definitely interested in Arena Circus Livestreams! The Pretenders Guild is amazing, so I'm very excited for Arena Circus and would appreciate to get a little more insight in your work. :)

Dear Matchaa Studio, I am Really looking forward to play Golden Hour! 

The demo was really great, you have an awesome cast of characters, a very enjoyable writing style and pretty art, all together in this cool reality-fiction mixof the world you built. And I like photography as a theme as well, I'm excited how it will play out in the story (and the CGs :D).

And you as a team seem to be really nice, just one reason more to support you. :)

Unfortunately I missed your Kickstarter (about just some hours :'( ). Will there be a possibility to get the exclusive chapters now? By pledging or by buying after release maybe? I already fell for Kouya, so I'd be really happy to somehow get the extra content somehow. :')

Best wishes and support, and don't forget to celebrate your progress! :)

I'm sorry that I may sounded harsher than I intended to. Sometimes it's rather difficult to express my toughts in English since it is not my native language.

It's not that I didn't enjoyed the game and your writing style! I really liked the events and how you described them and had fun reading. There was just missing something for me to feel deeper in the story and for the characters. But I like them nevertheless and really admired the diversity of personality!

And since I like your ideas and your writing style, I'm really looking forward to Heaven's Grave. :)


Dear Blackcross & Taylor, I'm struggling to write a comment, because I really wanted to like your game but it just couldn't convince me. Nevertheless I want to support you and looking forward to your future games, I like your ideas and think you're doing a lot the right way as developers.

But back to TROS. It's absolutely not a bad game! And I liked a lot of it. For example the art and the really many choices were great and extremely enjoyable! :) But the story, characters and relationships kept being plain to me. In the end the characters felt kind of cliché to me and not as if they're real persons with whom MC is in love.

I really liked that so different characters and espacially Bastien were a romance option but in every route I waited for the deep feelings or deepening plot. I liked the events and actions at the court but the end really felt rushed to me. So there was that back and forth with Bastien and then they simply marry each other out of the blue and Bastien even talks about taking it back. I couldn't feel the love in this.

I experienced this with the other routes too and was looking forward to the secret route. It was pretty clear to me who it would be and because of their special bond in every route I was getting my hopes up that this would be much deeper. But then the route was kind of mixture of friendship and love? I kept waiting for "you're adopted" and then getting a lovely route with more feelings. But that way it was really awkward for me, since I'm not into those kinds of love stories and it clearly seemed that way sometimes - so it was neither just being platonic close nor love. So it got a really strange and undefined relationship for me at the end.

I had this in my head for some time now and really hope, you don't feel discouraged, because I want to achieve the complete opposite. I know that's a rather critical comment, but I felt like I really would let to know what I think of the game. So please don't take it to heavy. I hope that what I wrote was understandable and maybe helpful. I'm keeping an eye out for your upcoming games. :) Greetings!

I really enjoyed this! The story was very original and refreshing and I found especially the mermaid lovely. I'm looking forward to your future projects (wouldn't mind more story with the mermaid though :D)!

Oh, I just remembered something I forgot to mention:

I truly appreciate how different the romances played out! They didn't were the same with different characters, they each followed their own pace and offered own choices. It never felt forced to me, instead all the routes hadenough space for Ash and her lover to unfold their story. This is very well made! Just wanted to add this. :)

I'm currently working on a own website, so I'll be really happy to send you a link when it's ready! It would be really cool to have you look through my stuff. :D

Dear Minyan, I so enjoyed The Pretenders Guild! You created lovely characters and a really exciting and refreshing story. It felt really vibrant to me and I was delighted to see the world you created (I liked the map, it provided extra support for the imagination). In addition I find your art style very appealing and the characters had a wide variety in very own loveable nature and appearance.

To possibly give you some useful feedback and not just rambling I'll answer your questions now. :D I'm not a natural English speaker, so please don't mind some mistakes.


1. Were you satisfied at the end of the route you played?

Yes, I was! As a minor critique point I felt like the endings were a little sudden and short compared to the rest of the game. But that's maybe just because I love fluff and would have enjoyed some more of it. :D Even so I liked the endings, especially the scenes after the credits really felt nicely fluffy and fitting for the characters. :)

2. Favorite / least favorite part?

I loved the scenes in the last night! Most of all the one with Paris was extremely hot and romantic at the sime time. In general I very much enjoyed that it felt mature (Rafael jumping out of Ash's bedroll was hilarious :D) and espacially Paris! I will refer to this later again. Back to my favourite parts: The customization of Ash is great! The different races are gorgeous: Their artstyle, the different cultures and most of all how they played out, it's brilliant how you involved them in the game. And I was really thankful for the hints, I can much more relax when I know what the "right" answer is. :)

I don't have a least favourite part, really. As I wrote before I would have enjoyed if the endings would have been a little longer, so that I can enjoy more romance, but that's it. :)

3. Favorite love interest/what made him your fav?

I really like all of them, but I have to admit that I completely fell for Paris. He's gorgeous. His charme and how he slowly starts using it on you (and stops to do so with others) is just so... lovely. And flattering. I think I turned red myself a few times because of this charmer. And I fell in love with his looks at first sight, too. His style is great, a tall, broad man with this cute little Cubi ears (it gets even more adorable to know how sensitive they are). In addition I felt he has a great dynamic especially with Cubi Ash - it was so rewarding to hear in that last night how long he has wanted her and how he looked at her. I think I've got a soft spot there for those Casanovas, damnit. I so liked how Paris was Ash's soft spot and seems to always have been. And the cute little gestures of him the entire journey were just so sweet. The scene in the rain was one of my favourites, too, I wold have love to hear some more of his history (and about his right eye). Oh, and the very first drunken kiss was so great, it catched my completely by surprise! I'm used to waiting at the end of visual novels before the characters are kissing. So Paris really got me by surprise there and I find it truly refreshing and hot and butterfly-y. I really fell for Paris here.

3. What made you decide to play the game?

I play a lot of visual novels (maybe too much :D) and I saw your game by accident. I was really pleasd by your artstyle and I saw that you took part in This, My Soul, which I thoroughly enjoyed, too. :)

4. Did you find any bugs/typos?

I saw three typos (like I said I'm not natural in English, so please excuse me if I got it wrong):

1. The last evening at Paris' route: And you're always wearing that tiny *litle shirt... (by the way I really enjoyed him saying that :D)

2. At Rafael's route after the bandits: ( I don't have the complete sentence, it begins with: I want to believe him. Rafael looks at me with those clear honest eyes... and now it is probably going on with: telling nothing) but the *tuth.

3. At Rafael's route shortly after 2. (begins with I don't know Braums for long...) I can accept easier than whatever it is my heart's *decding to do with Rafael.

5. Overall thoughts/ comments or suggestions

The Pretenders Guild really is a great game! You have the characters fleshed out really well and they are all so loveable.Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the music, it was very cool! I liked the different themes and how you placed them, the feeling fitted the world and characters quite well. I already mentioned your art, but I will say it again: Your drawing style is as magnificent as your writing. :D

6. Would you consider sharing the game page on Twitter to spread the word?

I don't have a Twitter account, but I surely will tell my friends about this game. :)

7. If I made a commercial game would you consider purchasing it?

Yes, totally! This was really polished and high quality for a free game. I always appreciate when I don't have to pay (much), but you definitely deserve a reward.  I don't like playing unfinished games, but I'm looking forward to buy Arena Circus Golden once it's ready. :)

So, I hope you don't mind the long post and I could express my admiration of your game (and, as you should know by now, Paris :'D) properly. I would be happy if it was helpful for you. You have my support and I'm excited to play your future games. :)

Hey Sonett, I really wanted to write to you so often and I never did. And now I just saw you asking for feedback and I'm finally writing. It's not just for Aloners, but it's feedback in general. ;) I hope my English is okay, because it's not my mother tongue.

I love your games. I really do. I played a lot (to be honest an unholy lot) visual novels and I always come back to yours. You're writing style is just so unique and intense, you make me feel things and so much and so different. And you weave me, the player, into the story - not just the ingame character, you really create space for the individual person playing your games. I like that so much about them!

And then the characters. I thought I wouldn't like Trash at first, I really did. But gosh, you made me completely fall for him! And then you did it again with Ran. And with Bahadur, too (okay, to be fair, this was love at first sight :D). They're all so well thought through and fleshed out to the tiny details. 

And you combine that with astoundingly beautiful artwork, that fits your characters and the world you create perfectly.

And last but not least I'm reading through your tumblr from time to time and you seem to be such a kind and friendly person. I wish you success with your games and hope that you're well in private! :)

I am so, so glad that you decided to make your games full time. I wish you all the best and am looking very forward to everything you release. For now Trash has me all worked up again. :D And I know, usually feedback have to has some critical points too, but I don't have any. If I'll come to think of one some day I'll let you know. :'D 

Long story short: What I want to say is that you're really an extraordinary talented person. And that your games are extremely great.

P.S.: If you ever need help from another artist, let me know. ;)

Best wishes and support from Germany! :)

Oh my. After I wrote that entry I felt like playing again. I hadn't done Wizz' route before, because I thought I didn't like him. How wrong I was! I completely fell for him. He's such a great guy. And it proved your skills even more, because I really didn't like him a bit in the beginning! I'm stunned. And here I am babbling again, I'm sorry, just couldn't keep this for myself. :)

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Hey, I can only agree with everyone else here!

Your game is really, really great. It's difficult for me to express what I'm feeling about it since English isn't my native tongue, but I'll try just because I want you to know how much I enjoyed your game. 

At first: That gameplay was so much fun! The management with improving skills, making records, buying new thingies and talk to the lovable band members - I adore it. The great music selection makes it perfect. And I loved the art to put on new releases. I had such a great time playing it, I enjoyed myself an awful lot, thank you so much for this!

But the best part: Your writing. It is stunning! I'm normally not up for drama in visual novels but this was so, so well written that it felt just natural and real. You have the characters fleshed out so well that I really grew to like them, everyone in their own way. And I actually cared about them! I love how you can feel the growing friendship between them and how each one is developing in his character. And this combined with that gripping, heart-stopping story! It gave me goosebumps, it made me laugh and nearly cry. And the romance. Gosh. I really, really am looking forward to a continuing of the three main guys, I love them all by now. You made them real persons with real stories! I would be so happy about reading more of them. Especially Dallas. That final scene. Oh my, I want to see him so much in a lasting relationship with Robin. It's completely understandable that you have a lot on your mind already with work and your personal life! And I hope you can enjoy Rockrobin after all that work you surely had. I will just stick around and keep looking for news of Dallas, Beau and Emmit, no matter the time it takes. I'm just happy that you want to continue. And I mean it, I'm so much looking forward to see some more Robin story some day, and it's completely fine that you take your time. I'm happy by knowing that you want to continue. :)

So, that was a long post, I hope I didn't took to much of you're time with my rambling, but I want you to know so badly what I think about that fantastic experience you created! Thank you so much!

I hope all is well with you and you feel alright! And I'm looking forward to any news, take your time. :)

P.S.: Best wishes from Germany, I so enjoyed Faust's accent and rambling in the music store. :D But mostly in open mode there were some things that Germans wouldn't really say naturally. It's no big deal, and maybe you meant it just that way, but if you want to I could make some suggestions how someone from Germany might express himself. :)