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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Continuing Story Mode romances?

A topic by TheOneWhoPlays created Dec 30, 2017 Views: 728 Replies: 13
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1) This is one of the best VNs I ever played. Everything about the game is AWESOMELY done, characters, script, star raising etc. But you already knew that ;)

2) I read somewhere that you wanted to add endings/continuations for Dallas, Emmitt and Beau in open mode. Or an option to break up with them. Obviously that's gonna take awhile  to write, seeing the quality of the game. 

BUT are you still planning to do that, if so when? :)


I have a problem with not giving up or even admitting defeat. I also always get the small cart when I go grocery shopping and then wish I got a bigger one, because I'm optimistic that I won't be a complete loser. But I always seem to let myself down.

I want to write these stories. They're complete in my head and just need to be written. And it's hard to reply to posts like these and hold myself accountable each time. I do want to finish and make you all happy. I do, please trust me on that. But I also got a stressful promotion at work recently and on the weekends I just veg out. The truth is, if I were as passionate about this game as when I first started, I would make time and I would do it. But I'm not and I'm very ashamed to admit that.

There are 4 things I want to finish writing before I would even consider launching the game out of beta and officially moving on. 3 of them are Dallas/Beau/Emmitt's open-mode stories. The last would be releasing Seth. Those are what I consider to be the "minimum" of my duty before I could admit I bit off more than I could chew. I want to believe that I can do it, and I definitely want to do MORE than just those 4 things.

For you, I will work on those 4 things today. Right now. I will make progress. I can do that for you at least.

Thank you for your kind words and I hope you get to read these finished stories some day.

Thank you so much for creating this game! I basically spent the past few days playing through Story Mode to its first completion, and I completely fell in love with Robin, her band, and her world. I will definitely be following along eagerly, hoping for more updates from you-- I am craving more Beau, and I can't wait to see Seth's story come to life as well. I hope I will get to read their stories some day, although I completely understand life getting in the way :)

Thank you for creating this game, it is honestly one of my favorite games and even the fact that you are still trying to make progress on it despite everything else going on in your life is really great. I really appreciate the progress updates now and again and I love that you appreciate your supporters just as much as they appreciate you, I wish you well and good luck on your work with the game :) 

I second what Courtney said. Honestly I've been following your progress on this VN since before the beta was released for free. I just fell in love with the demo and Robin and couldn't help coming back over the years  with fingers crossed to see if/how it was progressing. And I'm always so relieved to find you haven't given up on it and let it die. You've done such an amazing job fleshing out new characters that had never even been introduced when I first discovered the game. You've got such a dynamic and compelling gift for story telling here, and I've been waiting years to see its conclusion and I'll probably keep waiting till it finally happens just to sigh remorsefully when it ends. And I totally respect that even after all the ups and downs you still haven't given up on this - on us faithful readers. I know I'm not the only one stalking the forums hoping for a new little morsel of story to feast on at the first opportunity. As a writer as well, I completely get where you're coming from on having everything fleshed out in your head but finding it so hard to get it out and into written form. It takes a lot of motivation, willpower, and passion. Sometimes it feels like surgery, trying to forcibly but carefully extract the ideas from your mind without losing any lustre or detail somewhere in the middle of that process. What I'm trying to say in this long-winded post is that we've all had your back till now and we'll continue to into the future. We aren't giving up on you or this story anymore than we know you don't want to either. Even if it takes another few years it's okay. We'll wait. We'll keep cheering you on. You've got this! :)


Thank you so much for the kind words and support ... I really mean it. Thank you.

Claudette will be the next released character. I am testing her route now. She was written (mostly) by Starling, which is why she's ready before others.

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I will, always, look forward to your further release. This is the game i always come back to since last year. I hope you are doing well, physically and mentally tho. So, just do it with your pace and take care of yourself. You already gain lots and lots of fans and supporter with this project.

Ditto to everyone else's sentiments regarding this game. It is hands down one of my favorite VNs - so unique. It's not much but I just wanted to add my two cents and hope that it gives you some satisfaction in return for all of the hard work you (and others) have put into this game. I check back every so often to see if there are updates, which I'll always welcome, but I also understand if you have to set this aside at some point and move on. A lot of love has gone into this game and it shows.

Developer (1 edit)

You guys are really the best anyone making a game could hope for. Thank you.

I'm happy to say I've made really good progress on Beau's continuation route yesterday. I'm introducing band tags  in the next update (is your band sexy or cute? vulgar or clean? etc.) so I want to put some final touches on that system before release, but I expect there should be new content released by next weekend. :)

That's great, thank you for keeping us updated and for all your hard work, I can't wait to see the new content :') 


Well, I guess I just found my new guilty pleasure! I spent the last few days with this game and I can honestly say it grew on me. I was a bit disappointed that you don't get many more choices in general, but I did get attached to Robin and her crazy drama.  In my current playthrough the ending is a bit sad, Dallas left Robin to do her thing  and never heard back from him for several years after all they went through :(
I sincerely hope you continue it or release the ending as text so we can have a bit of closure!

The band management system is well done though I do wish there was more to it.  For a free game though, that you did as a hobby I would honestly say it is very well done. In some aspects, you managed to do what other music themed games (like AAA game rocksmith for example) should have done as well: have an engaging story and characters.

I think the best revision of this game would be 

  1. same story development and characters
  2. gameplay and engine similar to games from Telltale 
  3. random events in band management as the band evolves
  4. some kind of gimmick during concerts such as playing a real guitar, bass, singing along with the tune, etc
  5. it's own soundtrack (I realize you wanted to cover as many genres as possible but there are a few styles that most metalheads / rock fans agree are good!)

I would buy that in a heartbeat, even for 30-40$.

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Hey, I can only agree with everyone else here!

Your game is really, really great. It's difficult for me to express what I'm feeling about it since English isn't my native tongue, but I'll try just because I want you to know how much I enjoyed your game. 

At first: That gameplay was so much fun! The management with improving skills, making records, buying new thingies and talk to the lovable band members - I adore it. The great music selection makes it perfect. And I loved the art to put on new releases. I had such a great time playing it, I enjoyed myself an awful lot, thank you so much for this!

But the best part: Your writing. It is stunning! I'm normally not up for drama in visual novels but this was so, so well written that it felt just natural and real. You have the characters fleshed out so well that I really grew to like them, everyone in their own way. And I actually cared about them! I love how you can feel the growing friendship between them and how each one is developing in his character. And this combined with that gripping, heart-stopping story! It gave me goosebumps, it made me laugh and nearly cry. And the romance. Gosh. I really, really am looking forward to a continuing of the three main guys, I love them all by now. You made them real persons with real stories! I would be so happy about reading more of them. Especially Dallas. That final scene. Oh my, I want to see him so much in a lasting relationship with Robin. It's completely understandable that you have a lot on your mind already with work and your personal life! And I hope you can enjoy Rockrobin after all that work you surely had. I will just stick around and keep looking for news of Dallas, Beau and Emmit, no matter the time it takes. I'm just happy that you want to continue. And I mean it, I'm so much looking forward to see some more Robin story some day, and it's completely fine that you take your time. I'm happy by knowing that you want to continue. :)

So, that was a long post, I hope I didn't took to much of you're time with my rambling, but I want you to know so badly what I think about that fantastic experience you created! Thank you so much!

I hope all is well with you and you feel alright! And I'm looking forward to any news, take your time. :)

P.S.: Best wishes from Germany, I so enjoyed Faust's accent and rambling in the music store. :D But mostly in open mode there were some things that Germans wouldn't really say naturally. It's no big deal, and maybe you meant it just that way, but if you want to I could make some suggestions how someone from Germany might express himself. :)

Oh my. After I wrote that entry I felt like playing again. I hadn't done Wizz' route before, because I thought I didn't like him. How wrong I was! I completely fell for him. He's such a great guy. And it proved your skills even more, because I really didn't like him a bit in the beginning! I'm stunned. And here I am babbling again, I'm sorry, just couldn't keep this for myself. :)