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Great puzzle design, it is really easy to see that it has been done with care.

I really like the aesthetics and the atmosphere of this game but I have some criticism to do in terms of gameplay: 

-The game gets very hard towards the end.

 -the movements of the lantern are a little too sharp for my taste -> it should be a little more floating I think. 

-the path to take is not always obvious you can get lost easily.

Good polish on the mushroom movement/bounce. I like the fact that the experience is chill and don't require too much thinking but the game should be a little bit more hard from time to time. Overall a solid game !

I like those kind of puzzle game ! great work ! (maybe a bit too hard I got stuck at the 8)

Funny game with good game design.

here is our game

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Solid game ! Love the design and the tron feel ! It just lack of better UI and some music + a little bit of optimization when there is a lot of ennemies. But it was great anyway since it was like us your first game jam :D 

So fast ! Even during my playtest I'm not that fast ! I don't know it was even possible ! ( If you have a recording I would be happy to see how you did)

For the bugs :  can you describe them ? 

-> what did you do before the crash of the ending ?

->type before opponent what do you mean ?

Thanks for your honest comment! It's good to know that there are certain people who really love our work :D.

Regarding the AI I know that the razer pc is completely trash (he always overclock) :/ ... (we are going to rework it).However, it seems that NASA's AI is strong enough for most people.

I'm sorry for that ! The first IA should be easy to beat since she just throw random attack (actually some player say it was too easy...). 

The objective of the game is to discover the effects of abilities and to play accordingly (so we can't say exactly what each attack do but with the help of the "battle box" that describe move when they are throw you should find).

I really have trouble to see were I go... It sad because the art and the ambience are great.

I like it but it repetitive

For us it was our first game released and our first game jam. It was also the first time that we worked as a team. Frankly I am rather satisfied with our game (I did not expect such a good result). It took us a long time but I think it was worth it (no major bugs!)!

We probably gonna add some secret move so it confirm the need for it :D. For the endless mode I think it would be a really boring mode but I never think about it. Anyway thank for answering my question!

Really well executed game ! I really have fun with it but for me it's too hard + sometimes it's not really clear why you fail.

I really like this games. Frankly I have nothing to complain about because the game has the perfect duration and solid gameplay

A pretty good game with solid graphism !

Thanks for your detailed feedback! We will probably nerf trojan in the future

Yes you must have been lucky but it proves that we will have to rework the AI

Thanks a lot :D ! 

"There could be a lot more you could improve and add to this game" -> do you have some suggestion ?

Merci pour ta revue honnête ! Elle me confirme un changement que je ferais : rajouter plus de feedback au lock/ randsomware.

I still think that a little tutorial doesn't hurt ;) 

If you have time check our game :

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Honestly I really like the game but the enemies are really too strong/ appear too fast it make the game kinda feel impossible.. (+be sure that the player know that you can merge cell together)

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Did you manage to finish the game ? Normally for the 3 last PC it's super hard to do a trojan only

Thanks a lot ! (you're the first to say that adware is overpowered so I don't really know if it really the case)

My poor Nasa computer noooo  ! :((

I really love the concept but I didn't manage to go really far in easy mode ...

As I expected a really polished experience the first game when I really say "Oh no no more lvl". The only problem is that there is no music and NO BEAM SOUND (that would be soo cool).

We will maybe create a post jam version of the game later with more polish on IA and the game overall but we can't really make more than that because creating pc sprites and attacks take a lot of effort. But your comment goes straight to my heart ! Follow us if you want to be advertised when we send the next game >:)

Thanks ! Trigger for life !

Thanks 5 stars for fun was not expected !

For the IA the truth is that we didn't really try to make it very intelligent (except for the last fight) otherwise it could beat the player very easily and that would no longer be of interest.

GG it's not that simple (I retry it this morning and I die like 5 time in a row ;(

Thanks you :D

Merci pour ton commentaire constructif ! Il se trouve que nous contions à la base mettre une transition style matrix pour rentrer dans les combats mais cela n'a pas pu être fait par manque de temps... 

PS : j'ai essayé une partie des "INROADS" hier mais tout les personnages se sont fait décimer en quelque tour ( je le noterais une fois que j'arriverais à le finir :D).

Did you manage to beat the final boss only with trojan ?!

If you have time play our game :

And this really underrated game :

Me too man ...

If you have time try our :

 Overall a good game

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Cool art and music but the game lack of real rythm feature.