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Awesome, thank you for taking the time to play it. Your feedback is valuable. I'll work on adding a more obvious tutorial.

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Thank you PixelTheWise,

I hope there are many more in store for us.

Thanks Mapo ^^.

TBD community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Any and all suggestions you have to improve the project are welcome here.

Providing as much information as possible as to why you feel your suggestion would improve the project will improve the likelihood of incorporating the suggestion into the project.

TBD community · Created a new topic Balancing
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If you come across a particular object / character that you feel needs to be balanced (either too weak or too strong).

Providing as much information as possible as to why you feel this object / character needs to be balanced will improve the likelihood that it is properly adjusted.

TBD community · Created a new topic Bug Reports
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Post any bugs you come across here

Providing as much information as possible will improve the likelihood of fixing the bug.

Cool game.

After a certain point there's no way to lose.

Hello Mino,  I'm grateful for your interest in the project.

Currently, skills are indexed from most basic (0) to most complex (4). If in auto mode, the highest indexed skill that is available is automatically selected (From 4 to 0). 

Are you proposing that instead of automatically selecting the highest indexed skill, that the player can manually set up skill priority?

For instance, they can swap skill 2 with skill 4, so that skill 2 is seen as highest priority in auto mode?

I wish I had the words to ease your pain.

It hurts me when I see others hurting.

I hope blessings and prosperity await you and your wife.

I hope a light exists at the end of this dark tunnel.

There’s one thing you should know though, and I mean this sincerely.

Your unborn child has already made a significant impact on this world, for as I read this post it reminds me not to take a single day for granted, a single moment, for you never know when it will be the last.

I hope that I may honor the memory of your child by respecting these precious moments.

I hope that when I complain about petty difficulties that I remember what a blessing it is to just be alive, to breathe, to laugh, to remember, to love, to forgive, to live and to learn.

I am grateful to your unborn child. May they rest in peace.

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Hey Eldritch, awesome work.

Based on the patterns I see between the packs can you confirm if these are procedurally generated?

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Hello Qwaz,

I'm grateful for your interest in the project.

I originally had it as a web version, however, the size of the project has grown to a point where it's not as smooth of an experience in web format.

I didn't want anyone to experience the project in a less than optimal state, so I took down the web version, and now focus solely on desktop builds.

Are you unable to download the Windows build?

Thank you for the info, I've made some changes, please let me know if this continues to be a problem for you as I have not been able to recreate the problem on my end.

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Thanks Evm, this sounds similar to the other reports. I haven't been able to replicate the issue on my end yet, but I'm looking.

No need to pay Evm, but I'm grateful for your support. The biggest help at the moment is playtesting, suggestions, and bug reports.

Thank you for the response! 

A few questions:

1. Is the main issue that your team keeps running and no new enemies appear?

2. Do you remember what the portal looked like? (If I can determine where the portal leads I can see if it's specific to a world)

3. Do you remember where you were when you clicked the portal (Sanctum (The home area) or in another world?

4. Do you remember how many members were in your party before clicking the portal?



Thank you for the response. 

In order to better identify and solve the issue can you provide some more details?

The fire and sacrifice is a random encounter. It isn't guaranteed or specific to any world level.

Are you stating that anytime you encounter a fire and attempt to sacrifice one of your allies that it stops working?

If so, can you specify how many allies you have at the time of sacrifice? (e.g. Are you left with no allies when the sacrifice completes?)


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1. Click the build icon (bottom left) (This icon is only available after you get through a certain portion of the tutorial, if you want to skip this wait, click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner and turn tutorial tips off)

2. With the build interface open, click a building that you can build.

3. Place your cursor in the world where you would like to place the building by moving left and right along the ground.

4. When you find a good spot, right click of your mouse to disable dragging

5.  Click on the green checkbox

Skip to 6:05 here:

Awesome, well there's $8 to support you. Cheers.

Great work, inspired by Arclands?

Hello Moonstar, can you show a screenshot of the message it shows?

Well done Vik ^^.

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Well done Pixia.

Constantly improving Luiz. Awesome.

Simple yet fun! Well done Stan.

This is great work!

Congrats on the release.

Hello Dem,

Thank you for interest in ExpandCiv. At the moment ExpandCiv is not my development priority but I have noticed it still maintains a certain popularity so I may revisit it. There is a tutorial but it's intermingled into the regular game. Underneath the day and time hud, there is a box with text, when clicked it displays the tutorial tips that show up over time to help guide you. You can remove these tutorial tips to gain access to the full game by opening up the menu (click the gear icon to open menu) and then toggling tutorial tips off. 

This is great. ^^

Arguably your best work yet, it's great to see you improving Luiz. Well done.

Beautiful work.

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Modularity is my baseline recommendation for most, if not all, projects, even if they have no plan for using more than 1 character. This method allows for better control/management in the long-term.

Someone else mentioned the performance aspects of using separated sprites. However, unless I'm misunderstanding the situation, a user could still bake the assets into one image as needed using art software that provides layering. That's essentially a feature of modularity, it still provides the original option of a single sprite. On the other hand, if you start from a baked in approach the time required to separate out the pieces could be significant depending on the user's art expertise, let alone inaccurate to some degree as most users will probably cut off a few unintended pixels in the process of separating them .

For me personally, I've already had to separate out the hammer from the main character's sprite for my purposes, so this would be of benefit for me, but I don't want to speak for everyone of course.

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but the only downside to modularity is the time it takes to bake them into one image if needed. If the individual pieces are exported with the origin point already in mind, then the transition from modularity to baking them into one image is as simple as opening the files, stacking the layers, and then exporting as a single sprite.

Focusing on your own benefits as the artist, from a programming perspective, any time you find yourself having to repeat the same process for different objects  (in this case using the same base sprite against a varying amount of hair styles), if there is a method in which you can reduce this repetition while providing the same effect it's recommended to do so. Otherwise, it becomes difficult, borderline impossible to continue to manage the project as it expands.

***Apologies if I've misunderstood what's being discussed here.

Well done OcO.