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Thank you so much, Scorpio. ❤️

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These look great (and cute ^^)!

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Hey Animamundi24 👋,

Note: I didn't have anyone else to play with so my focus was on testing the abilities of the character (the yin yang spike ability character).

How does the game feel? 

As a keyboard user, it took a little while to get used to  it, but once I did, it started feeling pretty good chaining attacks together and moving around the fight area.

I like the character select screen, it brings back memories of playing games like Super Smash Bros.


It's been a while since I played these games, but it seems like the frequency in which players get downed by attacks may be a bit too high in certain cases, specifically when using the spinning yin yang spike. (However, I imagine this is, in part, due to playing by myself)

Combat Flow:

As lorporlem mentioned, some of the animation speeds seem a bit slow compared to the fluidity of the dash move, for example, I think making animations faster, might make the combat flow feel a bit better.

In your reply to lorporlem you mentioned: 

"The fighters intended to move slow enough so players will be able to react to each other's moves. "

Which makes sense. I wonder if you could somehow show the initial frames of an attack in a slower manner and then the rest of the animation plays at a faster speed. So you have an anticipation period (so the other player can react), and then the fluid animation period? 

Combat System:

I like the variety of attacks and how you can chain them together. I think a tutorial where you help the player from simpler skills to chaining more complex skills could help with players newer to the genre. (Just a thought).

Other feedback:

Add a way to skip the promo vid while it's playing.

Nice work so far, Animamundi24. Keep it up 👏!

Awesome idea, Spirit Corgi 👏!

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Ahh, thanks for letting me know, there is dialogue for it, but perhaps some changes have prevented it from occurring in new builds, I'll take a look.

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Hey CV33 👋,

I enjoyed playing Sundered Helix.

What Stood Out:


The twists and turns, unlockable doors, breakable tiles, provided a means of exploring the world you've created in a way that didn't feel forced.

Art Style:

The sprites look good, and blend well with the tile sets of the world.

Team Play: 

I'm a big fan of team play, and being able to watch the team members level up and grow stronger (although I'm not sure how they got stronger, but they were leveling up ^^) was fun.


Team Selection UI:

As others have already mentioned that first team selection screen can be overwhelming, until the stats, that you'd use to determine which members to pick are explained, it becomes difficult to understand what I'm looking at. At the end I just went with the recommendation of choosing a row.

I'd suggest splitting up this process:

1. Base stats

2. Secondary / Specialized Stats

3. Portrait and Name Customization

This might help with the pacing of information.

Trader UI / Tooltips:

I appreciated the tooltips when hovering over items in the inventory, however, upon checking the traders goods I noticed that some of the items (chest armor for example) didn't have a tool tip other than showing the price. So I was unsure of the benefits the item would bring.

Screen Resolution:

3440 x 1440 p prevents me from seeing the close and confirm buttons, I first thought I was stuck on the into lore screen, and tried installing other builds to make sure it wasn't build specific, I then later realized, upon messing with the settings, that elements are out of view in 3440 x 1440 p.

I like this game, and it has a lot of potential, keep it up 👏 ! 

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Hey Sprit Corgi 👋,

What Stood Out (For Me):

Lively Towns / Cities:

I'm not sure how RPGMaker (This utilizes that engine right?) works, but the way the cars are driving around, and people are walking about and conversing with each other, and the presence of the police, etc, helps immerse me into the world.

Battles: I'm not big on heavy dialogue games, but the presence of battles helped balance this dialogue, and this was my favorite part of the game.

Characters have personality: The dialogue showcases some personality in characters that makes them feel more alive rather than just fulfilling a role.


Get the player making choices sooner? (Just a thought):

The heavy dialogue sequences at the beginning of the game may put off some players who would come to really enjoy features such as the battle system. If you could perhaps shorten the duration between scenarios where the player isn't able to make any interactions with even a few choices (to make the player feel they are part of the story), could help.

Battle Indicators:

There were a few times at first where I was unsure why the card I was clicking, wasn't activating. The dialogue at the beginning seemed to place importance on utilizing quick attacks at first but I noticed I couldn't use them at the start of battle (later I found out I need specific points to activate the quick attack).

One issue with the colorization of card points to indicate TP vs. GP is that when these bars are empty you can't discern the color of the points and thus, it's difficult to know which cards reference which points.

Is it possible to change the UI to something like this to be more indicative of cards and points?:

Battle UI:

The Character Stat UI is generally in front of the first card (from left to right), perhaps changing the interface to where all cards are readily visible could be helpful.

Also a battle question:

Do you know why I was not able to use this card, is it not a 30 TP cost?

Well done Spirit Corgi, it seems like a lot of effort has been placed into the game so far. Keep it up 👏. 

Thank you so much for playing Animamundi!

I appreciate the compliment ^^.

"how the Expedition timers are handled? For example, I have mining for 21 hours, what is I quit the game for a day. I guess the timer progresses on a server and will countdown offline."

All timers should work even while you're offline.

If you start an expedition that lasts 21 hours, and you don't open the game for 21 hours, when you return, the expedition should still be finished.

Thanks again for playing, Animamundi.

Well done AsE,

What Stood Out (For Me):

Art Style / Theme:

I like the art style and theme of the game, it reminds me of my crash bandicoot days.

Variation in Environment:

When I plunged underwater and found I was able to jump much higher, that was a cool experience.
I think expanding on this could be a great way to open up various forms of gameplay for players.


Although rare, at least in my playthrough thus, they provide some ability enhancement that diverges from the traditional gameplay.


Coyote Time:

I think adding coyote time to jumps is a good idea for most platformers, it usually provides a smoother gameplay experience for players:


Telegraphing Enemy Attacks:

The mushrooms specifically, I was unsure when exactly they were going to attack. Perhaps providing a more obvious load-up phase for attacks, or a red area around them indicating how far away you need to be, would be helpful.

Limited View:

I did figure out that you can zoom out a bit, however the limited view still posed a problem in some cases:

There were a few times where I was either able to jump really high, or I was on high ground and I needed to progress to the left or right (usually right), but there was no way of knowing what lies below when falling down. It feels a bit like rolling dice to see if I'll end up getting hit when I fall down (especially by the fish).

Having an ability to directionally move the camera in an intended direction (even if briefly) could help with this. 

Control Pop-ups On First Encounter:

When first encountering the breakable ground tile, I think it would be convenient to show a pop-up of ("E") for players that have yet to pause the game and are unfamiliar with how to break the tile ground. This could provide smoother gameplay. (But I do appreciate the pause menu)


Checkpoints, for more casual players, might be beneficial, so they don't have to start from the very beginning when they lose a life. (It provides a sense of progression, especially to those less skilled in platformers)

Keep it up! 👏

Hey CV33👋!

Thank you for the feedback.

"I really enjoyed this game. I only had time to play it very briefly, but I got a feel for what it was going for...most likely going to pick up from my save sometime later."

I'm glad you've enjoyed the experience so far. ^^

"The voice over was well done all around and a great inclusion.  I really liked the overall look of the game.  It seems from my brief play time that it is an easy to learn game, but a lot of complexities to master as time does on."

Thank you, I appreciate your acknowledgement of the voice overs. 

The game does indeed have quite a few mechanics / paths of progression that continually open up as you play; building on the depth / complexity of the game as time goes on, I'm glad you were able to understand the gameplay so far.

"The only thing I encountered in my brief play time is that I thought it was odd that the only time there wasn't any voice over to explain stuff was the first time I got to the map screen."

This is a good point, although there is a brief introduction into the Outerworld when you get there (if this didn't happen for you let me know), there is no explicit explanation of how the map works itself. I was hoping it would be visually clear enough to not need an explanation, but I can see how it would be beneficial to explain:

1. You can select 1 option per row
2. You progress forward each time you select an option
3. Beating options can progress world level increasing difficulty / enemy level over time and opening up new options.

"I like the concept of creating your own pathway through, but I didn't know what the difference between 'normal' and 'encounter' was until I tried both out really."

Good point! I'll add a description to each option, so players get a better idea of what they are, before experiencing them.

Awesome feedback CV33, thank you!

Hey spiritcorgi 👋,

Thank you so much for the feedback.

"This game had so much replay value associated with it. The quick movement into the zones with key upgrades made the game really easy to get into."

I'm glad you enjoyed this aspect of it. Replay value and quicker gameplay (compared to traditional turn-based games) are some of the factors I'd like to maintain and improve upon.

"I probably need a couple of playthroughs to understand all of the powers and compatibility."

No worries, it can take a while to discover and understand the various mechanics / paths of progression.

"I think something to add (and maybe it is there and I just didn't get far enough) would be combos off of different powers in certain order."

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you expand on this more just to make sure I understand what you are referring to? I actually just added a combo system yesterday, but by the sounds of it, it works slightly different but here is a quick example of it:

Thanks again for your feedback, spiritcorgi!

Hello lorporlem 👋!

Thank you so much for taking the time to try it out, and I appreciate your feedback.

"It might be a little complicated, regarding the various skills and spells, but so are most of these games, so not really a negative point."

This has been one of the more difficult tasks I've encountered: Providing depth / complexity, without overwhelming players. 

I'll look to see if I can simplify it more, perhaps this is just a matter of slowing down the introduction of characters with more unique effects / skills.

"I really enjoyed the pixel graphics, the sounds and dialogues are awesome (it's you, or someone in your team, talking everywhere right?!)"

Thank you ^^, for now it's only me, but I think I might team-up with more professional voice actors down the road.

The main benefit of doing it yourself though, is that you can go in and tweak the voicing in a shorter time frame.

"Once my first party got defeated, the creator had new members for me. Where do I find the old ones?"

The Soul creator has a chance to create those members again, and they will maintain the progress you've made with them.

 Each time the Soul Creator summons souls, any of your unlocked souls have a chance show up in the soul slots you have.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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Hello AsE_CG,

I'm very grateful for your feedback!  

"If I were going to be picky the voice over was a little hard to understand at times..."

Thank you for letting me know, I did these myself, so they are in no way professional. I might look into getting them done by a professional when closer to release, and if not, I'll at least try to go through and update those that feel lesser in quality.

"I was starting to feel good about my strategies and gameplay but I still felt like I was only scratching the surface."

That's great to hear ^^. I'm hoping to get to the point where diversifying one's strategies vs. different enemy comps becomes the norm, rather than sticking to a one size fits all approach, as I think this will lead to variable gameplay.

"I'll be interested to hear what the final title is..."

Yeah , I'm a bit stuck on this, I might just call it Soulmancer for the time being ^^.

Thanks again.

There was indeed an issue with level scaling, which should be fixed now (

Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Strickove.

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Ahh just now seeing this, thanks for the notice, just to clarify, 

You are in world level 130?

If so, then yes there are some issues with the level scaling, I'll look into this.

Wow, thanks so much Strickove!

I appreciate your comment. 

Hello 👋!

This game's foundation is not idle in nature, however, there are multiple idle mechanics throughout the game as you progress.

Idle Mechanic Preview:

1. Expedition System (Sending souls to collect resources over time).
2. Hatching companion eggs overtime.
3. Expansion System (slow-paced civ building).
4. Base Building with rooms that generate resources overtime.
5. Unlocking NPCs that generate resources over time.
6. Souls can gain exp over time.

***There may be a few bugs as I've recently added in two of these systems over the course of the jam (Expedition / Expansion).***

It's looking good👏!

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I'd greatly appreciate that. (Added you)

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Hey Abstruse,

Thank you for the clarification.

I'll provide an export (For Linux) for you once I get this next update out (should be soon). 

This is a good opportunity to test Linux (If you're up for it).

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Hello Abstruse,

I'm not familiar with Proton, but it seems to be a wrapper for running Windows programs on Linux?

I could export Linux and Mac builds, but the demand is generally so low that the cost of continually updating them is difficult to reason with.

"sounds like ai lol"

Ouch ^^, although it's not AI, I do understand the skepticism, this is now the world we live in.

I just wanted to pose some questions to learn more about you and your journey.

"this is my 3-5 jam i think and my game is called wild alchemy, you can play what i have so far on my profile"

Awesome, I'll keep an eye on it. 👏

Hey Mario👋, sure ^^!

How are you doing?

How has the jam experience been for you thus far?

How many game jams have you participated in thus far?

What's your game about?

Hey codmizer👋,

I've updated the game to version

Please let me know if the issue is addressed.

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Hello codmizer, is it possible for you to post a screenshot of how it looks for you?

In the meantime, I'll test a new game and see if it get's stuck.

Update: Nevermind, just tested and you're right, I'll work to find the solution here soon. 

Thanks a bunch! 🤝

Hello again, Hasrem!👋

I've updated the game to version

As you mentioned, there was no true defeat outcomes occuring.

Hopefully the problems are resolved now.

Thank you for bringing the problem to my atttention.

If there are ever any more problems, I'd be grateful to hear of them.

Thanks. 🤝

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Hello Hasrem! 👋

Thank you so much for this information.

It sounds like the defeat outcomes aren't occurring.

I'll get right on fixing that, and I'll push out an update when I do.

Hey Moogle! 👋

Current Version:

I've added a slight boost to character skills if the character has 2 or less skills (the boost increases more if only 1 skill).

Hopefully this helps a bit.

Thanks again for the feedback. 👏

Awesome, thanks for the feedback Moogle!

This helps. 👏

Hey Moogle!👋

I'm glad to hear that version .80 worked better for you.

"I will say that it doesn't currently feel like all units are balanced, but I am also thinking that is intentional and meant to drive the player towards opening up more creation slots and such in order to customize their loadout. If so, then my only negative thought about that is you can sometimes roll a pretty bad party before you start unlocking upgrades. But, it's not like there's a big failure penalty, so it might be fine."

Although the goal is to have balanced characters, there is also the idea of working with what you currenty have (which is not always the optimal team).

For rarer monsters, such as unlocked bosses, they do have slight boosts compared to other characters that you unlock. So that's a natural, intentional imbalance that's supposed to be a reward for having unlocked the boss.

Nonetheless, I would like to improve the balancing.

Do you have any examples of specific cases for this? (Usually I tend to think about characters with only 1-2 skills as a possible culprit for this imbalance).

Thanks so much for playing again Moogle! 👏

Ahh okay, so that's an old version.

The current version should be

In this version:

The encounter cursor should be green.

The provoke (taunt) icon should not show when clicking an invalid target (green cursor on enemy and vice versa).


The audio resolving itself is still a mystery to me because it's the first time I've been notified of such an issue.


Did the cursor issue still occur?


I'm currently adding a slight touch delay when a dialogue starts to hopefully avoid the issue you experienced.

(1 edit)

By the way:

Which version of the game were your playing?

Were you using a Sanbox/Virtual Machine?

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Hello mooglerampage!👋

Thank you so much for playing! 

I'm sorry to hear you encountered issues while playing.

I'll attempt to address each of your concerns below:

"Is there a known issue where audio will refuse to play regardless of settings? I can't get any sound or music for some reason. I did see some kind of funky Avast prompt the first time it loaded (aside from the regular Windows Defender prompt which I am used to) and wasn't sure if that was related, but closing and re-launching didn't help."

This is the first time I've heard of this issue. I'd recommend check the debug console (F12 on Windows) to look for any errors.

"On the topic of how the game launches, it was weird that it opened in full-screen initially but I couldn't see the mouse cursor anywhere on-screen, even though Windows had complete focus on the game client and wouldn't let me click into background processes. I suspect it could be a game engine limitation but I think it would be better to have a windowed mode option."

This is also the first time I've heard of this issue. I'll look into providing a windowed mode option.

"I ran into one issue where a tutorial dialog tried to run exactly when I clicked something in the home area, so I was stuck in a menu with no way to advance the dialog (left / right click did nothing). Eventually I hit Escape and it took me out of the menu, allowing the dialog to run."

If you could provide a bit more detail for this one it'd be very helpful (details of the menu), for example:

Was the tutorial about using an interface, or were you in the visible home area with no dim screen?

Do you happen to recall what the dialogue was saying?

"I ran into a problem with an Encounter in which the Bookshelf wouldn't seem to do anything regardless of which skill/outcome I selected. There was a Taunt prompt I believe, which flew by pretty quickly and didn't really help me get past it. I had to exit the area which ended that run, unfortunately."

This likely means you were attempting to target the encounter on itself.

Encounters are about choosing what skill to apply to your own party.

The tutorial mentions this, but perhaps I can be more obvious, or add reminders.

The Encounter should also have a green cursor when you select a skill for it, indicating that you need to select one of your allies, rather than an enemy, but I'll double check to make sure that's the case.

"I'm not sure I like that when only one enemy remains, offensive skills are a single click with no need to use the cursor. I get that it's faster, but it's not consistent and takes some getting used to. it also doesn't mention this in the tutorial unless I missed something."

Ahh yes, this is a good point, I debated with this one for a while.

This is one of those cases where it's difficult to showcase just how convenient this is until you have to do without it, because there simply is no other target to select for in that case, so it's really just more hand movement for the same result.

You are correct though there is no tutorial for this. I've received some feedback to go a bit lighter on packing in tutorials back to back, so I've been weighing what to say and not say, and this one felt intuitive enough that player's would get the hang of it over time.

Perhaps I can try to squeeze in some dialogue mentioning this though.

Thanks for pointing this out.

"It seems like you can start with 3 party members, but some of the other creatures are actually unlockable if you go into one of the Upgrade menus, then upon returning to the hiring area you can recruit up to 4. This was super confusing and I don't know if this is how it was intended to work."

Each slot has a chance to summon a soul, the first 3 are guaranteed (it mentions this in the soul creator's upgrades). The soul creator resummons when you return from the Outerworld, allowing you to select a diversified team, each time. 

The amount of slots available can be upgraded over time.

The upgrade menu showcases all characters that are unlockable, once you unlock a character it is available to be created by the soul creator.

The Upgrade menu mentions this when you unlock a character, and the unlock icon on the character unlock progression screen (pops up on the end of battle) mentions this as well.

"I loved the art style. Animations felt punchy even with no sound. Fantastic, amazing sprite work."

Thank you so much, mooglerampage. ❤️

"It seemed like enemies ramped up in power way faster than players. Are we supposed to clear all 3 areas in a horizontal row before moving to the next row? I think the world navigation could use a bit more explanation or visual cues to have at least some idea what we're doing."

The first row is highlighted while all other rows are dimmed.

If you hover over any option those that are interactable will brighten even further (this only happens with the first row)

This is a further indication that the first row is the only set of options for you to choose from.

After passing that row they fade out and the next row is available (1 choice per row).

If you have any ideas for extra visual cues please let me know.

"The ideas behind the upgrades, skill customization, etc. all seem very cool but I didn't get far enough to experience much of it due to the various UI and technical issues. There's a ton of potential here and I do plan to retry in the future. I hope this feedback is helpful!"

I really am sorry to hear that you didn't get to experience the full breath of the game, I'd like to work with you to solve each of these problems so you can enjoy the game more.

Your case is a bit unusual, as I usual don't get this many bugs at once, so if possible, I'd like to know more about your PC setup, and factors related to it. Do you happen to have discord?

Updated the game, should be working now (fingers-crossed)

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I like it! 👏

Adding it to the list.

"I will admit, Souls of the Chaos was intended to have a less generic sound. In addition, in game they always call it "the chaos" and not just chaos, which to me sounds like it could be an entity that could even be a final boss."

It very well could be a boss!

Overall, it's more indicative of the concept of evil in general; a pervasive presence that can course through any entity in the world if their fortitude as not strong enough to resist it.

Ahh, interesting, if you could provide a screenshot for me that'd be a big help in resolving the issue.

In the meantime, I'll check to see if orbs are working on my end.

Interesting idea!

I'm okay with vague references (such as little red-riding hood), but I'd prefer staying away from more specific references (such as super-heroes) to avoid copyright/trademark risks.

Hey Altabestudio!👋

"I am sort of a story driven, slow paced player, the main reason I don't like puzzle is due to my trauma with math class, puzzles remind me of that. There are many other players that like puzzle probably won't mind."

Awesome, this is good to know. I'll work on adding more story bits into the game.

I've wanted to get a fully-functioning procedural story-gen system integrated, but as you might expect, this has proved challenging, but I'm working on it.

"You can lure me into doing puzzles as a player by NOT telling me it's a puzzle"

Ahhhh I see.😊

"As for my habitual clicking on characters, maybe just make it partial screen instead of a full screen open that I have to click back from, that might work better visually? Then again disabling that would be easier."

Noted, I originally had it like that, but added the background screen so the player could focus in on the party interface for better clarity. I'll see about returning to that style.

Thank you for the response! 👏

Thank you so much Dire Prism!

It means a lot to know that you took the time to play it. 👏

I like both of those. 👏

I'll add them to the list, Thanks hythrain.

I think Souls of Chaos is a bit more preferred over Souls of the Chaos.


The player should feel like one of a few entities in the entire universe that has the ability to command souls against the Chaos. 

Each playthrough should feel unique (working on adding more map options to help with this).

The game doesn't need to take itself too serious at all times (as you saw).

I do have a preference for a variety of different progression paths (not sure where you are in the game but here are the current progression paths):

1. Skill Tree
2. Equipment Grid
3. Orb Zone
4. Companions
5. Spells
6. Soulmancer Abilities
7. Auras

I do have something called the Path of Chaos that I'm working that's a bit more of an Epic Showdown vs. the Chaos that could be viewed as the current End Game (time will tell).


This is more of a lifestyle project for me, so it doesn't need to be at a specific place or have a specific identity/genre, etc.

I'm open to all ideas that can potentially provide a more enjoyable experience. 

I just want to keep adding improvements to it over time.


Thanks for asking, hythrain.