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Impressive work kentang.

Thanks VPS

I like the entire set OcO thank you for your efforts.

Thanks Taz.

Thanks Stealth. Nice job.

Haha I love these, great job.

You are talented. Well done. How long is that in true time?

Well done.

Loving the pokemon vibe here. Nice work. 

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Ahh I see, cool. I like the lighting, I think it would be good to hit 1) a colder, damper, darker transtional area, 2) a swampish/water transitional area, and lastly a 3) sun shining through type of area. Could be in any order, and depending on the vibe could be based on the dark cold feel to being freed to the outside world: 1) -> 2) -> this theme -> 3). Just an idea. 

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I could name several, but are you trying to center it around a specific theme? Also, are you primarily an artist or do you delve in other areas of game development? I ask because this has a hollow knight vibe when I see it, and it's tempting to work with you to bring something similar to life.

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This looks great, thanks Maaot. Do you plan to work more in this art style?

Well done Stealth. 

Thanks Kass.

Well done, Kass. Thanks

Nice work garr. 

As always, love the uniqueness of your work ^^

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This looks great, what's the license?

Wow, great work, thank you. 

Well done. ^^

Well done Stealth. Thank you. 

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Great work Stealth. Thank you.

Update: Nice winter addition. ^^ 

Great Job.

This is great work, Thank you. 

Well done ^^.

Awesome work, thanks. 

Thanks ^^.

Thanks Szadi.

I don't take any of it bad, or at least I shouldn't. I recognize that greatness is hardly ever by accident, and feedback is what helps light the path towards it. So thank you, harsh or not (it wasn't harsh). 



Thanks BG. ^^

Thank you for your feedback  Icehouse. 

Thank you, Yazorius.

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and also for the feedback.

Thanks ^^.

Great work, thank you. 

Cool ^^, thank you. 

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Well done OcO, thanks.

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Thanks GP.

P.S. do you have discord?

Well done GP. 

This looks great. (thumbs up)