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I really appreciate your support and I hope I can do it justice. Thank you!

Hey TinyBean, you're not Blind ^^,


I'm currently in the process of setting up a Steam page and for now I'm considering closing off access as I get closer to release. However, once the steam page is setup I do plan to provide a form of access to the game, but it might be more focused on playtesters.


If you have any thoughts on this, I'm all ears.

Hahaha! I love it!

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Thanks so much for playing BraveKing!

Couldn't figure out how to build rooms because I accidentally pressed to skip the tutorial. 

Once you mine open enough space in the home world, you just need to click the build button and find the room option.

Also kept collecting eggs but not sure how to use them?

This was actually a bug that should now be addressed in 0.85.26 (the bug reduced the reward pool to mostly companion eggs). These are companion eggs that can be used later in the game.

  Something I didn't like so much, "spend skill point for 5% chance to trigger cool effect." It's a bit hard to be excited about such low odds.

Understandable, as you progress you might start to get an idea why the odds start off this low for some options. There are several different mechanics that contribute to effect outcomes in battle. These chances culminate in to quite a lot of activity as you progress. Companions, equipment, orbs, etc. can all trigger different effects. If the chances were too high, then the visual clarity of battles would be overloaded with effects that are proccing several times per turn. 

 There is also a tier system that allows these chances to improve (later in the game).

Thank you so much for playing G-Raffiti!

I REALLY appreciate the Narrator and the fact the "voice acting", is it all your doing or did you used a IA to read your text ?

Up to this point, each voice has been done by me.

I then modify the voice as needed, depending on the creature. (e.g. smaller creatures = higher pitch, larger = lower pitch)

Thanks a lot for the feedback Ase!

I am loving the game title, and the game thumbnail looks new to me as well.  I feel like the pixel art style for the title image fits the game really well.  


I had a little bit of an issue with the pool mini game where I accidently clicked too far outside of the screen and it exited the mini game as a loss.

Thanks! I will get to work on fixing this issue!

I was also able to find the soul fragment in the flashlight mini game this time, I think I just had trouble because I was playing on a track pad the last time I was testing it out.  

Ahh, I see! One other factor is world level, the higher you climb, the more difficult that event (and most other events) becomes.

On a more personal note I am curious if you have any suggestions for an .ico converter. 

I use a method that is mostly done by the engine I use; I just need to ensure I have a few icon images of a specific size loaded in my project before exporting.

What's your main worry with online image converters (safety, privacy, etc)?

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Hey xyncht, thanks for asking.

This is one of the rarest rewards in the game currently, but the most reliable place is from beating the Path of Chaos event in the Outerworld Map (it emerges every now and then at higher world levels).

I'll look into to making them a bit more common though for the next update.

As mentioned, I've been brainstorming how to better show what effects do without having to hover over them.

Thoughts on this to help summarize effects?

I see, and yes this is the title (at least for now). If you have any ideas though, please let me know.

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback moogle!

I'll work on brainstorming some methods of improving effect clarity.

If there's anything in the RNG area you'd like changed, please let me know.

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback Bakar!

In terms of the souls with varying detail and anatomy, this is a fair point. Not all sprites are from the same artist, thus I had to weigh the consequence of having more variety with inconsistency vs. less variety but more consistency. So far, I've been leaning towards the former.

Thanks again!

I appreciate the feedback, Velvet!

I'll work on extending the time between introducing each new mechanic/tutorial.

This is so dope! Please keep them coming!

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Thank you for playing!

Please let me know if there's anything you'd like added or changed!

True, I think the main issue there is if you really want the player to feel like they are exploring the narrative/story of the game, those quests will probably need to be quite sophisticated, and not obvious in repetition. 

 I think players are quite good at identifying repeating patterns in games.

Hey o139,

I also have a deep interest in endless games. 

Currently, my main roadblock to enhancing the experience of my project is figuring out how to integrate endless narrative/story into endless games.


- Added higher res icons for most upgrade icons.
- Made the selection box around the icons more representative of the touch area.
- Made the base builder interface darker too.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ahh, I see, noted! You can now remove that portion of your post just in case. ^^

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"hit test in upgrades screens are smaller than selection boxes, e.g. you need to click the planet icon to select it, not the area that is then selected" 

 To get a better understanding of this issue, I’ve included a gif, as I'm not quite sure what you're referring to:

Thank you for the report! 

 When you click an enemy in combat, there should be this exact same interface, but it shouldn't have the black background behind it. 

 Currently when testing this on my end, the black background doesn't show, so I'll investigate why this might be happening.

Hey  DJ L3G3ND!

Here's a combination of what I liked and a few suggestions:

What I Liked:

  1. Tutorial Design: The self-paced tutorial is a strong feature (perhaps the strongest feature), enhancing the learning curve for players.
  2. Animation and Sound: The fluid animations and the quality of sound effects and music enhanced the gameplay experience and were another stand-out.


  1. Game Mechanics:
    • Equipment Tutorial: A more detailed guide on equipping a sword would be beneficial, ensuring players can fully utilize game mechanics. (Perhaps I just missed how to equip the sword ^^)
    • Combat System / Ways to Counter Enemies: The current difficulty curve and the absence of defensive options like parrying or countering enemy attacks (at least as far as I progressed) could make it difficult for less mechanically sound players to progress. Incorporating more ways to counter enemies might help with this.
  2. User Interface:
    • Post-Death Options: Displaying options after character death would guide newer players on their next steps, improving user experience.

There’s a good level of polish here, especially from a tutorial perspective.

Looking forward to the progression of this project!

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Thank you so much for the feedback!

My replies to each:

I deleted one of my teammates because I thought I was supposed to for the tutorial and couldnt get him back. 

This tutorial just shows you that you can clear space in your party. I'll try to make it seem less like it’s telling you to remove a member, and more that it's showing you that it's possible.

The game kept saying I could make a new character at the soul creator but it never seemed to let me do it, despite saying "character unlocked". This was a bit confusing.

The soul creator creates more souls for you after your run in the Outerworld ends. You might not have experienced this if you didn't make it through your first run.


Some moves seemed to do damage and also do stuff to the player as a buff but I could never see how much damage these moves do

Damage is indicated on the enemy's health bar when you hover over a skill.

I dont know how to heal. :( lol

Not all souls can heal, which is intended, however your party heals a bit per battle, there are also rest sites and encounters that regenerate your party.

Lots of tutorial sprinkled through the game play. I spent a lot of time going through talking.

Yes, there's a lot of different aspects to the game. In this sense, are you asking for them to be more spread out?

Game play started to feel a bit repetitive for me. It was like "appear from nowhere, kick a butt, jump through a portal". I expected a bit more story or story-facing direction when it comes to gameplay.

Do you have a sense of how far you progressed? There are sub-stories / dialogue sequences interspersed throughout the game as you progress and unlock more allies. Based on what you mentioned about not knowing how to get more souls, you may have not completed your first run, so I can see how this could be your perception. The game is quite long from a progression standpoint, I think it's hard to get a sense of all it has to offer in a game jam setting. In general you'll encounter a dialogue sequence / sub-story every 5 to 10 world levels, but perhaps you'd like one every 3 or so world levels?


The mini-game puzzle was nice but I didnt know I was playing a matching game until after it was done flipping the matches down. This might be my fault, I just dont know what I expected there but after it happens once, the user should know what to do so even if this happens to someone else, theyll be ready the second time. :)

I think this is the tricky part, as you say above, you seem to feel there's already a bit (too much?) tutorial, so I was trying to implement puzzles that didn't need a tutorial, but I'll consider adding a brief tutorial for the card matching. 

 Thank you for the feedback!


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Hey Incognito!

I enjoyed playing Mechnic Duo, even with solo play:

Here’s my what I liked and a few suggestions:

What I Liked:

  • Interactive Elements: The hover-over feature for more information is a great addition, offering players insights directly within the game environment.
  • Sound and Visuals: The sound effects, particularly for drop collection, are commendable for their quality.
  • Map Variability: The dynamic map layout and the
  • Upgrade Diversity: Varied upgrade options added a layer of strategic depth and replay-ability. The presence of upgrade trees further contributed to this.
  • Gameplay Diversity: The dual gameplay methods (air vs. ground) introduce a unique twist, catering to different player preferences and incentivizing cooperation.


  • Introduction and Tutorial: Incorporating an introductory segment or tutorial before the gameplay commences could significantly enhance user orientation. Players quickly find themselves under immediate attack, which can be overwhelming without a basic understanding of controls and game mechanics. Consider displaying the controls information or a brief tutorial for first-time players.
  • Multiplayer Functionality: Expanding the game to support multiplayer interactions across separate devices could significantly broaden its appeal and accessibility, allowing more players to engage simultaneously.
  • User Interface and Accessibility: Some information pop-ups extend beyond the screen, obstructing the view. Adjusting the UI to ensure all information is fully visible could improve the user experience.
  • Audio Balance: The intensity of the sound on the air side might be too overwhelming for players, especially those focusing on ground-based gameplay (at least from a solo play perspective).
  • Game Balance: The effectiveness of sandbags and explosion damage seemed far better than most other upgrades on the tank side. Evaluating and adjusting these elements or boosting the effectiveness of other upgrades could offer a more balanced challenge across different play modes.

I had fun with Mechanic Duo and I’m a huge fan of upgrade paths and progression in general, so this appealed to me. I’m excited to see where the development of the game heads if you continue to work on it!

Hey Zookiwi 👋!

There are several aspects I liked about your game.

I also added some suggestions that I think may improve the experience even further.

What I Liked:

  • Visuals: The color scheme, theme, and art style were well-chosen and made the game visually appealing. These elements helped create a unique atmosphere.
  • Ducks Mechanic: The behavior of ducks, especially when they launch high-up unexpectedly, added an enjoyable feel to the gameplay.
  • Game Concept: The core concept of the game is great. I'm interested in seeing how it develops further.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Dialogue Interaction: Making dialogue touch-triggered could improve the game flow by allowing players to move through conversations at their own pace, accommodating different reading speeds.
  • Animations: Adding more animations, like hurt and waddle, could make the game feel more alive and enhance player immersion.
  • Collision Impact: Adding more weight to hits when the hammer connects with the invading ducks could improve game feel.
  • Audio-Visual Synchronization: I noticed a desynchronization between the hammer hit sound and animations when holding down the left mouse button, you could potentially improve immersion by syncing this up.
  • Progression Feedback: It was sometimes hard to tell how I was progressing, although it did become more obvious once the duck spawn rate shot up. Clearer indicators of progression could help keep players informed about their achievements.
  • Power-Up Drops: Introducing power-up drops could add a new layer of strategy and variety to the game, making it more engaging.

I enjoyed playing your game and think these adjustments could help refine it. I appreciate the effort put into its development and look forward to its progression.

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Hey Mathias!

I enjoyed playing Prospector, here's my feedback, I tried to be quite detailed as I find this more helpful when I'm receiving feedback:


  • Compliments:
    • The menu's music brings delightful "Halo" vibes, enhancing the initial impression.
    • The visuals are strikingly well-crafted, setting a high standard from the start.
  • Friendly Suggestions:
    • Perhaps consider looping the main menu music for a continuous, ambient experience.
    • Adding pop-ups to describe each menu option could enhance clarity, especially for the less obvious choices, making navigation more intuitive.

After Pressing Play:

  • Constructive Feedback:
    • Introducing control functionalities gradually can significantly smooth the onboarding process. This method, from my own development experience, tends to be especially helpful for newcomers.
    • A visual representation of arriving at the "small space trading post" could be a powerful addition. Showing the ship docking, rather than just describing it, might deepen player immersion.

Upon Closing the First Pop-Up:

  • Observations:
    • Displaying controls on the top left is helpful. Encouraging players to actively use each control before it fades could further ease them into the game's mechanics.

Main Gameplay:

  • Enhancements:
    • The shift functionality for more information is quite useful. Modifying this to an automatic hover-over display for interactable objects could streamline gameplay and reduce the need for constant button pressing ( maybe as a toggle option in settings?).
    • The game's notification of being saved is a reassuring touch.
    • Implementing a camera mode that locks onto the drone, if not already in place, could be a significant quality-of-life improvement.
    • Assigning WASD the same functionality as arrow keys could offer ergonomic benefits, considering the concurrent use of the mouse.
    • The eerie ambiance music contributes effectively to the game's atmosphere. Smoother transitions of music when moving between the shuttle and the outside world could enhance this experience.
  • Gameplay Dynamics:
    • Adding details about mineral resource capacity and shield information upon hover could offer players deeper insights into game mechanics.
    • The drag and drop functionality for item transfer, along with auto-saving upon base return, transfer all, and sort items features, are appreciated for their contribution to a seamless experience.
    • After toggling off the shuttle music, a consideration for making the ambient music play in the shuttle, this could maintain the immersive atmosphere and avoid complete silence.
    • Introducing a visual cue, such as a slight sparkle on interactable items, might reduce the frequency of needing to press shift.
    • Adjusting the initial damage rate from environmental hazards like ground heat to be slower could offer players a fair chance to react.

The game shows great potential, especially for a fan of base builders and crafting. Adding a few more quality-of-life features could make the experience even more enjoyable. Your dedication to refining the game is evident, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Feedback applied, thanks again!

Thank you for the feedback Ludo!

Progress since Finally Finish Something 2023:

Hahaha, so cute! ^^

Hey OHMS, Stranded Eternity currently isn't the focus of my dev time at the moment. Main project for now is the one called TBD. I do appreciate your interest though.

Also, sorry to hear you're stuck on the loading screen, unless I open up the project again, my best advice would be to continue to refresh the browser, if that doesn't work I'd check your browsers console log (usually F12) to see if there are any errors.


I've considered this, maybe further down the road, as this can create conflicts, some objects trigger at specific places in Sanctum when unlocked.

Alright I'll test this out. Thanks.

Interesting, so setting up an upgrade system for the buildings.

Your selection of buldings remains the same (think of it as the hand you've been dealt)  until you choose one.

We might need to add some more interactions that can help with utilizing excess resources. Perhaps let's start planning out how to add more depth to expansion.

Dungeons are impervious to elemental shifts for the time being. 

Noted, thanks.

If it should be in the game from the outset, I think it might be better to have it in the characters unlocked interface.

Yeah, I've yet to add the floor accessories.

Thanks for the notice.

Extra Turn should just be giving characters +100 energy

On Repeat (Extra Attack) happens during the current turn and does not go through the process of skill activation (skill activation is what uses up the energy), thus it shouldn't be an issue, however I'm sure there are some excepions which might be causing issues.

Soulmancer's Freeze spell on the enemies and one of them who was already frozen and still has the frozen ice below him, no longer has the ice on him. So I am guessing that he was affected, but in freezing a frozen enemy, the ice was removed, visually only.

I did make some changes pertaining to this when I removed effect stacking, I'll double check.

We can discuss this on Discord.

Awesome, as someone who lives a simple life, technology is one of the few areas I'm willing to spend more on considering it's potential.

There's a point. If I just transfer my TBD folder to a new PC, will my save game transfer over?

This is something I've wanted to try with you so that I could test your game version to see if I could recreate the issues!

In your AppData folder you should have a folder called TBD.

Copy and pasting that into the AppData folder on your new device might work.