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I think the stats might have gotten stripped out of this reply by Itch - I can see `img` tags in the HTML but there's no `src` on them:

Funnily enough, the same thing happened when I tried to paste the above screenshot directly into the text box - I had to use the 'image' button on the toolbar to get it to work. Maybe the same issue?

No problem :)

This is an extremely late reply, but I ran into the same thing - until I saw this thread I thought it was an issue with my text rendering code :p

I was able to get the spacing looking a bit more like what I'd expect by following these steps:

  • Open the font in FontForge
  • Go to Element -> Font Info -> OS/2 -> Metrics
  • Lower the descent values to your personal taste (0 - 200 looks okay in my opinion), paying attention to which ones are positive/negative
  • Go to File -> Generate Fonts
  • Select TrueType for the file format, and generate it

I have no idea if this is the 'right' way to change the line height (I know absolutely nothing about fonts...) but it seemed to work for me!

Hopefully this helps if someone else has the same question.

Thank you for the kind words! Was nice to actually make something with Rust instead of just getting bogged down in engine dev like usual :p

Thank you!

This is now done - all downloads of the game now come with a 'licenses' folder, containing the license for all open-source software used.

Just realized I forgot to include the open-source licenses for the dependencies I used in the final download - I will push an update to fix this later today.

Thanks 😊

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for using Tetra! It's really exciting to see a finished game using it, and your feedback over the course of the jam has been really helpful :D

That aside, here's my feedback:

* The art is extremely cute, and definitely evokes the vibe of those old handheld/mobile games. The end screen in particular made me smile :)
* I liked the game mechanic - I had a good 'aha' moment when I realized what the pickups were allowing me to do!
* The controls worked well - the way the back of the character's tail would get out of your way when you reversed direction was nicely done. I imagine it'd be quite easy to overlook little details like that with a tight deadline, so kudos :)
* It'd be nice if there was a way to restart the music once you've stopped it (that said, we discussed this on Discord a bit and I definitely could make this easier in the engine's API). Also, there's a bit of a delay between the game starting and the music starting - is that in the audio itself, or is that a bug in Tetra?

So yeah, slight audio quirks aside, a big thumbs up from me :)

I didn't manage to get this into a finished/un-buggy state in time for the deadline (see the devlog for why), but I still wanted to submit for posterity's sake!