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Seconding all the comments saying this is a really clever interpretation of the theme! Super dreamy vibes, and I love that bass sound.

I hadn't heard the original song, and you could have totally fooled me into thinking this was always meant to be an instrumental - you made it work really well!

Really nice medley, I'm super impressed with how many songs you were able to fit in while still having it all flow naturally!

I love how atmopheric this is, fits really well with the theme! I've not played Oxenfree but if the music is anything like this then I'll have to give it a go :)

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This is outstanding! I don't know the soundtracks it's based on very well (I really need to get around to playing those games...) but this totally stands up in its own right, the sax solo absolutely blew me away.

Strange combo of songs, but you made it work :D

I really like how 'classical' sounding a lot of this is - it's a lot more subtle than most orchestral game music arrangements I've heard, and I think that extra dynamic range made the more intense final track have a lot more impact.

I would never have expected to see a Doom medley in a 'dreamscape' themed jam, but you made it fit the theme really well! The style of music is completely different from the original but it sounds really natural.

(bonus points for the high production values in the youtube video)

I get real 'boss battle' vibes from this, I liked it a lot!

These are all really good, I love how varied all of the tracks are! I haven't heard of either of the games, but this definitely makes me want to check them out.

Three seconds in and I was already like

One of my favourite tracks from the jam so far :)

Really liked both of these, the Abyssal Ruins one especially!

Really nice arrangement - just hit the end of disk 1 on a replay of FF7, so this song was fresh in my mind, and I think you really did it justice :)

I really liked this! Songs with very few tracks can very easily sound 'empty', and I think you did a really great job of avoiding that - the little background ambient bits gave it a load more atmosphere without distracting from the piano.

I wouldn't have guessed it was your first time using a DAW, the whole thing sounded super well balanced.

Someone could have told me these were from a Bomberman remaster and I would have 100% believed them, amazing work! I love the dreamy atmosphere on both tracks, and the choice of synths/beats really gave that late 90s console game vibe without sounding too lo-fi.

Thank you! I spent quite a lot of the back half of the jam messing with the pacing/dynamics, so I'm really glad it paid off :)

Extremely groovy, I love the bass sound on this!

This was fantastic, one of my favourites from the jam so far!

I really love how you mixed together the realistic sounding instruments with the more synthesized sounding ones, those pitch bends took me straight back to SNES-era soundtracks :D Also the fact you were able to fit eight(!!) tracks into a seven minute medley and still keep it flowing well is seriously impressive. Well done!

Really liked this, the combo of the music box and the sax was an excellent choice :)

Thank you!

You 100% did this song justice, really pretty arrangement :)

You absolutely nailed the theme with this, really impressive how many varied sounds/styles you were able to fit in while still having the whole thing flow well!

Loved both of these, the effort you put into the mixing/recording definitely came across in how cohesive they sounded! I've not played the games that the originals are from, but these definitely made me want to give them a try :)

Was the background 'pad' on the second track also your vocals? I couldn't work out if it was that or a synth, very cool effect :D

I'm not familar with the original games, so I can't speak as to how well these match the style, but these were all really, really good in their own right! I'm super impressed with how you managed to make all the tracks sound cohesive despite them being quite different in style/tempo.

I think Loom was my favourite track overall, head was nodding throughout :)

I liked this a lot! Whatever that TSSHH sound is in the background is, it immediately gave me PS1 Final Fantasy flashbacks :D Something about the melodies had a very Final Fantasy feel to them too, which helped get that vibe across even though the instrumentation was a bit more synthy.

Only critique is that I kinda wish the fast bit was a little longer, cause the transition into that was really cool :)

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I think the stats might have gotten stripped out of this reply by Itch - I can see `img` tags in the HTML but there's no `src` on them:

Funnily enough, the same thing happened when I tried to paste the above screenshot directly into the text box - I had to use the 'image' button on the toolbar to get it to work. Maybe the same issue?

No problem :)

This is an extremely late reply, but I ran into the same thing - until I saw this thread I thought it was an issue with my text rendering code :p

I was able to get the spacing looking a bit more like what I'd expect by following these steps:

  • Open the font in FontForge
  • Go to Element -> Font Info -> OS/2 -> Metrics
  • Lower the descent values to your personal taste (0 - 200 looks okay in my opinion), paying attention to which ones are positive/negative
  • Go to File -> Generate Fonts
  • Select TrueType for the file format, and generate it

I have no idea if this is the 'right' way to change the line height (I know absolutely nothing about fonts...) but it seemed to work for me!

Hopefully this helps if someone else has the same question.

Thank you for the kind words! Was nice to actually make something with Rust instead of just getting bogged down in engine dev like usual :p

Thank you!

This is now done - all downloads of the game now come with a 'licenses' folder, containing the license for all open-source software used.

Just realized I forgot to include the open-source licenses for the dependencies I used in the final download - I will push an update to fix this later today.

Thanks 😊

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for using Tetra! It's really exciting to see a finished game using it, and your feedback over the course of the jam has been really helpful :D

That aside, here's my feedback:

* The art is extremely cute, and definitely evokes the vibe of those old handheld/mobile games. The end screen in particular made me smile :)
* I liked the game mechanic - I had a good 'aha' moment when I realized what the pickups were allowing me to do!
* The controls worked well - the way the back of the character's tail would get out of your way when you reversed direction was nicely done. I imagine it'd be quite easy to overlook little details like that with a tight deadline, so kudos :)
* It'd be nice if there was a way to restart the music once you've stopped it (that said, we discussed this on Discord a bit and I definitely could make this easier in the engine's API). Also, there's a bit of a delay between the game starting and the music starting - is that in the audio itself, or is that a bug in Tetra?

So yeah, slight audio quirks aside, a big thumbs up from me :)

I didn't manage to get this into a finished/un-buggy state in time for the deadline (see the devlog for why), but I still wanted to submit for posterity's sake!