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as i understand, in general, as long as O don't need to download the language to run it, there are no limits on the language you use

it looks like it will be fun, and it looks like about as much as I could do in the 10-day period, however, I also understand that many are more advanced than me, many are less advanced than me,

I think I would narrow this down to one or two main ideas, implement those, and as you implement them, do it in such a way that implementing other things will be easier so that when you get done with the game and only 3 days have passed, you can add more in, which would be much better than taking the full 10 days trying to get everything in, and only slightly being successful at it

make sense?

excelent idea, would be nice if there were some type of hurt animation when you hit something, it would also be nice to have a health bar on enimies to know if it's better to gun them down or to run

with a bit of polish this would be a fun game, and hope to see you do something with this.

super fun game, i loved trying to figure out how to move my die to get the right number to face up, may have been nice to have a bit of the third dimention in there to give me a bit more read of which numbers are where, but still fun

interesting game, took quite a bit to understand exaclty what was going on, even after the tutorial, however i'm not sure if a better tutorial would have helped, it's a complicated game. 

once i figured out how the game worked, it was super fun, and i'm glad i put the effort to learn the game, but learning the game was dificult

excelent puzzle game, really fun puzzles, there were a few times where i got the dice on the finish with the right side facing up, and it didn't move on to the next level, so unless there is some requirement for how the dice should be facing i am unaware of, you may want to look into that, but still super fun

quite interesting for a 1D game, feels like i'm just suposed to pick a door, i'm not sure if there is any skill behind which door to pick, but if there is, i cant find it, but still interesting exploring the 1D idea

realy fun, took a bit to get used to moving so fast in a top down shooter, but once i got used to that, i loved it

realy fun game, art style reminds me of a game from my child hood,

 would be nice to be able to undo a move, and i'm not sure weather or not i'm actually supposed to be able to switch the dice i'm using, but all the puzzles were solvable without doing that, so.....

all in all loved the completely non random game that still fit with the theme that invites so much randomness

looks awesome, the music and visuals are quite intense,  however the gameplay is not. movement is slow, and all the projectiles are even slower. might have been nice if bullets were faster and coming from many directions so you cant just stay in one spot and shoot in one direction to win, but as you were focusing on shades and visuals, i would say you achieved your goal.

the movement feels solid, i can see what you were going for, but it rely feels like you can't do much, nor can anything do much back........

also when to many people are around you it is possible to clip through the ground, maybe look into that.

with that said, it feels solid for as little time as my friends who are new fathers have so....

really fun, i spent some time mulling over an idea much like this, but you did it better than i could have

I cant figure out what i should be doing, if there is anything to the game other than moving left and right, i would suggest adding brief instructions in the page description

loved the game, took me to long to realize people were activly not giving me money for lemonade because they found it to expencive, but once i realized that, and did something about it, i loved the game

also the end scene was a nice touch

I had lots of fun playing. it fit the theme quite well. the art was rely cute, and it all meshed quite well together.

the physics were quite floaty, and that made some of the platforming a bit more dificult than it needed to be.

but even still, i loved the game

quite big for a game jam game, i am probibly not even half way through, and it feels solid. I am confused on why it keeps switching from first person to over the shoulder pov, i think it  would be better to just stick with one.

the story also feels good, i am not much of an rpg guy so i cant comment to much on it.

I did like that enough people had enough varied abilities that fighting was not just attack. and that was fun.

loved the game, can't believe you managed to pull out that many good, difficult puzzles in that short amount of time

quite fun, would have bee good to be able to choose what to upgrade(maybe hp, power, attack speed off the bat?)

but still quite fun

ya, checkpoints may cut down on the grindy-ness

got to a point where i couldn't figure out how to move forward, and it didn't help that my screen's resolution is much smaller than the reselution of the game, so i had to scroll around to see everything

but still quite a fun game

fun game, throwing mechanics was a bit janky, but everything else felt great

it occationally would eat a jump, and the later levels got a bit grindy

love the idea tho

fun difficult, but fair platforming

there was the occasion where i could jump up walls, might want to look into that bug, but it didn't impact the experience much

some of the platforming was a bit finniky, maybe try adding some wolfe time to the jump?

also, there was no easy way to quit the game for the level where that is a requirement

but other than that, it was fun.

loved how you fit with the topic by having the dev themself make the game easier when you mess up
the platforming no matter what set of paths you choose was fun
great game

fun concept, kinda wish the health refills loaded a bit more often, as well as the level it's self being a bit more complex, but still pretty fun

took me a second to realize what was going on, and even longer to know how to progress

mostly it was weird that the sound effect of winning a level was the same as the sound effect of dying.

but still super fun, would play more

loved the game, found that multiplication cards are broken when put along with high wrath values(can multiply by 15, which gives broken values)

but... even with that, it's super fun.

nice ideas, i'll keep that in mind

loved the game, super fun, and super cute.

good game, would love to see more complex levels, but for the time, it was great.

not necessarily late... but i clicked the wrong button when submitting my game, so just removing the wrong game from the jam, and submitting this here

wait...... I submitted the wrong game for the wowee jam.....

guess i'm disqualified :(

the game i meant to submit is here tho.....


great game, kinda weird how the player is pixelated, and everything else is moddled, but the game play was quite fun

with the knowledge that these types of puzzles are difficult to make, especially on this scale, this was amazing

nice game, a bit easy, would be nice if it ramped up in dificulty, but still a fun spin on using portals

7/10 quite fun

nice game, sometimes the portal takes a second to teliport, and the buttons are a bit hard to see, but the platforming was tight, and i would love to see what more you could do with the screen wrap you have going on there

8/10 would play more levels

nice game, solid mechanics, 10/10 would play more levels

Super fun, exelent idea well executed

5/5 stars