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HEADS UP TO EVERYONE!! You need to play this game all the way through! 

I really enjoyed it. you have really added a lot of polish and gotten that feel down. Also your implementation of the theme is great! We have a similarish reveal in ours, but yours feels so much more personal!

Thank you so much o.o

I've put a lot of efforts in each specificities of the game and the fact that you have felt it, make me really enjoy ^^

Because all the game was built around the end reveal and I was not sure everyone will play all the way trough.

I was anxious about that anyone should see the end x)

Thank you for the feedback dude you're awesome. I will check out your game !

Just the way your art work and sound blend into eachother is fantastic :) 

I know that feeling, it's such a worry of "what if they miss the reveal" but I think the way you have drip fed info to the user about the cookies is enough to keep players wondering, what comes next. I also love that you can keep playing after.

Thank you, really :D

I have one last question, have you encounter any bugs or problems ? 

Because I want to continue to improve Cookie Factory after the jam, and I think there are still bugs that I have not found ^^

I hadn't come across any in my play throughs. Solid job on the bug hunt! They are a constant fear. We thought we were fairly bug free but after we submitted a friend found that if they just fly into the wall it will glitch out the physics and you can't die or kill anything...
What do you want to impove/ add?

Nice perfect then ! I have spent so much time to hunt them, mostly the end bugs wich force me to jump all the game through each time :p

Wow this is an important bug, your friend save the game literally ^^

In the first update, I will fix all the little bugs, add a second game music theme, add more cookie types. I will also review some effects, and add some of them. This is the Polish Update :D

The second update gonna be more interesting, It will contains features like a library of cookies. A big review of the dialogues, a third part dialogues and finally I want to add easter eggs. This is the Comfort Update !


You have done a really solid job!

Unfortuneatly it was caught after submisision but that's okay, we are mid getting our non gamejam game ready for PAX so we have bigger fish to fry. 

That is a good plan, what kind of easter eggs are you considering?

Ow okay, fortunately I don't have encounter that bug ^^

You've already another jam, juste after this one ? I didn't inquire about the PAX, but it seems to be a big event :D What type of game are you making ?

I will keep the surprise :)

I am glad, it hasn't come up yet for anybody else XD

It's a longer term project, we started back in October. It's a VR party game called Operation Armstrong :) 

Wow o.o
I've check out your project, and just wow !

Sincerely I wish you the best, I'm gonna subscribe to follow the news