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You have done a really solid job!

Unfortuneatly it was caught after submisision but that's okay, we are mid getting our non gamejam game ready for PAX so we have bigger fish to fry. 

That is a good plan, what kind of easter eggs are you considering?

Ow okay, fortunately I don't have encounter that bug ^^

You've already another jam, juste after this one ? I didn't inquire about the PAX, but it seems to be a big event :D What type of game are you making ?

I will keep the surprise :)

I am glad, it hasn't come up yet for anybody else XD

It's a longer term project, we started back in October. It's a VR party game called Operation Armstrong :) 

Wow o.o
I've check out your project, and just wow !

Sincerely I wish you the best, I'm gonna subscribe to follow the news