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We will up a build tomorrow for Mac and linux. We didn't had time to do it today, sorry. We'll keep you up to date when it's up!

Sounds great!


Also, we gave a shot for webgl but we had insane input lags making it unplayable and not enough time to make it work properly.

I feel ya on the webGL.  We did the same thing and our game turned into something completed different lol.


It will be up in the evening, noone of us has a mac or linux OS, so I'm installing VM to test it, might take 1 hours or 2

Very cool!


The macOS build is ready in our game page !

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Nice - I'll give it a go

EDIT - Works!  Alright I launched the app, started, thought that I might actually need a real controller, plugged in my PS3 controller, and started over.  App didn't seem to recognize any controller input but it did recognize my keyboard input although it was all funky (I'm on a QWERTY keyboard and I'm guessing this is made for an AZERTY keyboard).  The controller training is really cool!  I like the interface going across to show the button presses and the countdown timer.  Well made menus, fitting classroom sounds, and quality artwork.  Great jam entry!  Is the app supposed to be used with (non keyboard) controllers?


Yeah it is supposed to work with gamepad, PS3 should work fine, did you try to relaunch the game after plugging your gamepad? Might be weird but maybe keyboard was player one and gamepad player 2

Ah gotcha.  I'll try again with plugging it in first.  I'm guessing it'll pick it up.