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Indeed it is!

This was definitly the next step, adding more stage and using eventually camera shake, rumble and these stuff. Also for the visual effects we wanted to do particles but it's always tricky with UI :/

Yeah it is supposed to work with gamepad, PS3 should work fine, did you try to relaunch the game after plugging your gamepad? Might be weird but maybe keyboard was player one and gamepad player 2

It will be up in the evening, noone of us has a mac or linux OS, so I'm installing VM to test it, might take 1 hours or 2

Also, we gave a shot for webgl but we had insane input lags making it unplayable and not enough time to make it work properly.

Unfortunatly we knew we were taking risks because not all people have controller, we support almost every controllers but joycon and PS4 bluetooth, so if you have an old controller might give it a try it could work.

We will up a build tomorrow for Mac and linux. We didn't had time to do it today, sorry. We'll keep you up to date when it's up!

Le gameplay est vraiment super cool, j'avais hâte de le tester dans sa version la plus récente et je suis pas déçu, vivement qu'il y ait plus de niveaux et de patterns !