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Thank you very much, will do!

Thank you, your feedbacks are definitely on match with what we are aiming for to make this a better game :)

Many thanks!

Thanks! We'll try to improve the movements as we feel it still lacks a bit of polish, especially regarding the attack set. We will surely do an update in few weeks after the jam ends

Good job! And thanks for the feedback, I guess we managed to bring a bit the souls essence then :D. Will rate yours!

Thank you for your feedbacks! Making the boss more predictable and the controls more flexible and fair are definitely what we're aiming for after the jam :)

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed that's thing that are not easily saw when you're designing the boss as you know what's coming next. We'll definitely do some adjusments regarding the animations to make the anticipation a little bit longer and we'll try to add some feedbacks before the projectiles actually appears to determine if it's real or fake.

Oh ok, fair enough!

That's a good point for the camera, I'll see what I can do to fix it

Thanks! :)

Thank you for your feedback! We will made some adjusment to make it a little bit easier by adding some fairness to the controls and slowed down a bit the boss to create opportunity windows

Thank you for your feedback! Quick question, what disturbed you with the controls?

Thanks for your feedback! This is indeed what we had in mind, a furi-like game where it's just boss fight after boss fight. Also for the teleporting thing we already made some changes we'll publish after the jam to make it more understandable and create an opportunity window to counter play

Thank you! I hope the healthbar was clear enough tho


Thank you!

Thank you very much :D

Thanks for the feedback!

Indeed we lacked a bit on the feedback for the real and unreal projectiles, we should work on that to make it more clear once the jam is over. Also we'll try to do a proper build for each OS + online build once the jam is over and we finished the polish

Thanks, I'm so happy you liked the boss :D. We should definitely add a little sandbox scene before getting into the actual game so you can master the control before getting the boss in the face

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Damn. We'll definitely try to fix our issues with webGL to be sure to have an online build you can test once the jam is finished!

Thanks! And yes polish is definetely in the books when the jam will end

Thanks! Hope it wasn't too harsh tho :)

Thanks! :D

Here is a link to the mac build :

But I've no idea if it works well ^^'

Here is a link to the mac build :
But I've no idea if it works well ^^'

We will try to do a mac build with a drive link tomorrow, sorry we haven't tough of doing a proper build :/
I'll ping you when it's done!

Thanks! Indeed a part from the controls we've write on the page there is nothing much and the time before the fight start might be a bit too short so it can be a bit harsh, sorry if it bothered you! 

Yeeeeeeeeeees T.T That's something we wanted to implement but clock is ticking too fast

Thank you!

Many thanks :D

Thank you for you feedback! Will rate yours aswell :)

Thank you! Honestly the last phase I was such an evil kid when I did it, it was so pleasing and when I linked everything together I was like "oh gosh, this is insane but so satisfying"

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Thank you, we took a lot of pleasure designing the boss' abilities :D. It is indeed challenging because there is some lack in term of accessibility and feeling for the controls, making the game harder than it should be. I hope we'll be able to fix that after the rating periods so we can be even more requiring :D

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry you couldn't play the game, we wanted to do a online build so it would be easier to test but unfortunately it failed at the very last moment (and put us in an incomfortable position, in need of the grace hour to make a proper build haha). But we'll definitely try it again after the rating period and I'll poke you once it's up! :)

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you there is a tons of flaws and it's a bit frustrating knowing that we knew it when we published it but just didn't had the time to fix it :[

Thank you very much!

Wow, cool graphics! Good work

Nice concept! If I can just say one thing is the dash is usually linked to the direction you're moving (wasd) more than your cursor. Because in your game if you want to dodge you have to redirect your cursor and stop shooting, and this binary choice is not the most pleasant thing (as a player you want to do both at the same time)

Nice game! I was a bit bothered by the planet become so small I couldn't even upgrade my drills anymore. I wanted to have more level, this is actually a good concept for an idle mobile game! And I liked the twist at the end :)

Really cool concept, not the first time I test something like that but it's a really interesting take of pc platformer with a mouse. I'm just a bit saddened to not be able to use both tool together as it could have lead to more nervous-gameplay. But overall it was fun and the level design is well tought!

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed we lack a TON of polish for the controls and it's quite annoying sometimes that you're not able to do things you want to do. Controls definitely need some love and work to be satisfactory