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Any chance we could get multiplayer? the amount of fun that would be!

Maybe add some rare items that come from the sea?

also I would really like it we could make camp fires and beds and things and i would also like to see a day and night cycle!


Multiplayer is not being planned anytime soon or for the foreseeable future.


Kinda rude that people would downvote you so much for simply stating that something isn't planned.


This is the use of their form from now on. In the form it CLEARLY says... What do you wish to have in raft?

- Multiplayer and meet others and trade and fight

You have pretty much made a FALSE statement

  • Q: Will there be multiplayer?
    A: Since multiplayer is super difficult for a small team like our's, we do not have any current plans for it. "
Nop he/ she is just saying what the devs posted... sad but true there are no plans for multiplayer and i fully understand know Xb but maybe in the future once the game is more complete and has enough content they can look at it.

I'm also an independent game designer. I can do most everything on the design end except make art assets - models and promotional images. My main talents lie in programming and writing.

I spent the better part of a year devoting myself to learning how to code for multiplayer, and it really is a pain in the rear. It has to be something you plan from the beginning, and even then, you have to know EXACTLY how the whole system will come together before you write it; alternatively, you have to go back through your entire set of code in all of the scripts used just to rewrite it to include multiplayer support. By then, though, the game should already still work, so you still have to test it again, thoroughly, to make sure you didn't miss anything in multiplayer, or you need to have several people proficient in multiplayer coding to proofread all of the code too, to double- and triple-check that nothing was missed. And you'll have to debug it, too, which is even worse because, again, the code already works. So you have to find where it works but doesn't.

Every input needs checks for singleplayer, client, and host or server. Any inventories need to be known by a server, as well as any changes and when. Non-authoritative p2p is prone to lag and needs predictive ai to represent other players, to better understand where they are and what they're doing; ai in p2p needs some form of synchronization, so even the shark existing complicates matters. Checks need added to update positions and changes that may have been missed. All connected players need managed so the game knows who is allowed to play, and who gets the data. Everything needs to check if in multiplayer to disable communication attempts so it doesn't waste resources in singleplayer. It's like programming your game layered overtop of your game, and requires points in the singleplayer code to connect to the multiplayer code; you can't just add more code to it and hope that it works, the way you would add new content.

It takes way more effort than it's worth for a small group. It's not impossible, but it's definitely "super difficult" without a team devoted just to it. If they aren't planning multiplayer now, it will be even less appealing when there's more content, and they probably never will. That's the sad truth of it. Knowing how to code is different from coding for multiplayer, and the task is just too ambitious without several experts on the matter.


2 man Co-op would be more than enough fun! :D Multiplayer is too much atm I think.


2 man co-op would be great idea for this game:DD


Ohh, I ment 2 players. Not necessary 2 men.


lol why is there so much down votes on you correcting a small mistake 0-o


i think 2 player would be great better yet if you had different rafts but could build 2 each other or move them to set the building blocks for server play IF the devs want sever play


don't 2 идут 4 люди


"dont 2 go 4 people" ( google translate) and i think once they get the ground work for 2 people it should be easy to put it up to 4+ people.

я думаю, что как только они получают подготовительную работу для 2-х человек он должен быть легким, чтобы положить его до 4 + людей. (Google Translate очень жаль, если его неправильно)

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Rare items that come from the sea would be so cool! I hope they add diving equipment that you could make from the scrap metal pieces or something that would allow you to dive for new items in the ocean. Also the idea of abandoned shipwrecks and deserted islands is such a great idea as well and I hope they will take the game in this direction with the next few updates. :D



There is a multiplayer mod! Go check that out :)