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Spikes to protect against sharks I think is a necessity. It's so annoying when the shark destroys some of your base and you don't realize until it's too late because you were on the other side of your base from where it was attacking. :( I hope they add this soon!

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Rare items that come from the sea would be so cool! I hope they add diving equipment that you could make from the scrap metal pieces or something that would allow you to dive for new items in the ocean. Also the idea of abandoned shipwrecks and deserted islands is such a great idea as well and I hope they will take the game in this direction with the next few updates. :D

I like the idea of it being added to console eventually.... However, right now I think they should just focus on expanding the game by adding new things etc (like the deserted islands, and day and night cycle like you mentioned), before they work on a console version.

The download isn't a virus and won't harm your computer, It's just apple's way of trying to get you to not download anything "not registered" with apple.

Lol I like your lookout tower at the top :P