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Sorry to have been a hassle, it really just made it sound like it was something you were technically not allowed or supposed to offer but where doing anyway, sort of under the table.

Like, I hope I wasn't an annoyance, thanks again for your work.

That's fair, but if I were you, I would remove the winking emoji as it makes it sound like you're saying you don't offer it but actually are.

No worries though, happy to purchase the extra content separately, thanks for the tool! It's really useful.

I must have misunderstood.

"Exclusive content

Support this tool at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive."

That's why it's 12USD instead of 9.99USD

Bought premium, cannot activate.

Just wanted to pop in to say I knew even back then the game would be great, congrats on all the success so far! :)

Have you done something similar to this before?

I am 100% confident I have seen a VERY similar looking game quite a while back in a youtube video by either Markiplier or RPGMinx, I remember it being darker/gloomier though and maybe raining, the map looked the same though, even the boat, am I going crazy? Is this the work of cthulhu?

I actually managed to find it not too long ago, thanks though!

(medical problems verified to be caused by the Steam client in my case)

I absolutely have to know more.

I actually simply tried it on another computer, running it in exactly the same way, both windows 10, and it worked no issues, so it's gotta be something hardware specific I guess?

See the screenshot that Eldar Bogdanov posted just above? That's the error I get every time I try to open either version of the game, just black screen and that error.

Using a FAIRLY new windows 10 laptop.

(1 edit)

Can't open either version of the game.

Edit: Fully aware that without more information like the error message I get or system specs, this is pretty useless, will update it once I am back at my computer.

Really love that art of the robot, gonna check the game out at some point, props to the artist though. :)

Awesome, gonna give it a look.

Any chance it's possible to go into nightmode and swap the white/black?

(1 edit)

Can't attack, Griff makes the sound and gently vibrates, reminds me of behaviour in old games when played on newer computers and the animations speed up and go wacky, cannot attack things because of this.
Figured out that his was happening because the game though I was pressing alt, despite never having pressed alt once the game launched (I did not alt tab), after pressing alt again, this resolved, unsure why alt would do this.

Would also love a way to un-invert the flight controls.

Biggest gripe of the demo is definitely that gliding across gaps feels... not great, because the flight is momentum based (I think) it encourages you to sprint/charge at the gaps before flight, however it's very easy to overshoot and simply run off the edge and die, jumping to early has a similar problem where you simply do not make it, it feels quite janky and such problems are not very common in similar 3D platformers, other than that, really neat demo, enjoyed it, glad things are rolling along.

Interesting bug I found, at the start area if you pull the stone block (which the game doesn't really inform you that you can do, as far as I can tell), rather than pushing it when you reach the wall, you'll pull the block on top of yourself, making it begin to float.

Game also froze and crash first time I highlighted the back button in the settings, but have not re-encountered that.

The resolution and whether the game is windowed or not windowed also seems to randomly shift every time I open the game.

Keep it up! :)

Edited to update info.


Yes, they are pumping all their efforts into 1 instead.

They made a post about it here on itch.

Needs a The Wolf Among Us 2 Crossover.

Already are, just buy it and you get one.

Personally I'd 100% consider Rimworld to be survival, it's just that you're not playing as a single entity but rather as the colony as a whole, you still need food, water, temperature, even social interaction and comfort, as well as health, and health for all of your individual body parts and organs, honestly to me it's far more survival-y than most survival games.

Monster Hunter definitely isn't survival, I was just comparing it to what I envisioned what you envisioned may look like, personally I love games where you can build up a sort of home base which aids in all of your adventures, from full on progression, such as new gears, skills, quests or more available to you that simply wouldn't be otherwise, to convenience increases (without making the base unpleasantly inconvenient), for example in raft or even factorio, the ability to slowly automate tasks that once required your full time attention and effort is some of the most satisfying feelings offered by any sandbox game.

An example of that sort of expansion based progress that I personally love is FTB Infinity Evolved skyblock, a minecraft modpack where you start on a TINY, virtually useless dirt island, typically 3x3, 2x2 or 1x1 with a single tree, perhaps a hammer, and from that you begin the process of expansion, cutting trees, planting trees, composting leaves into dirt, expanding your tree farm, creating a crook, collecting silk worms from trees, using silk and wood to make a sieve, sieving dirt to get things like stone, seeds and other resources you use for expansion, the entire game is basically a tech tree that opens up until you've got automated tree/coal/lava/water/obsidian/everything farms, obviously that same scale would be nigh-impossible for a small team to meet, but that feeling is something I think is worth trying to replicate, that feeling of "wow, I can't believe how far I've come"

Honestly, a lot of that was probably of very little use, but I hope you managed to gleam SOMETHING of worth from it. :)

I'd definitely agree on the other examples you gave though, they're definitely games where you are expected to survive, not thrive, which TYPICALLY makes your advances feel insignificant, in contrast, rimworld has an ending, where you leave the planet via starship, effectively making the game a massive roguelike, where you start again if you lose and you have a specfic goal in mind you very well may not reach, factorio is similar in that boat, although I guess Rimworld has saves and Factorio has respawns, so not quite roguelike-y.

Sounds like what you are describing is, SOMEWHAT similar to monster hunter?

Where you slightly build-up and improve your base as a sort of way to gain an advantage for the rest of the game which takes place outside of it?

I do think what you're hitting on is that survival is to an extent contradictory to building, as surviving SHOULD progress towards thriving as you build, if it does not your building will feel pointless, fruitless and unrewarding, why build this awesome base if I'm still somehow left hungry and cold shivering in a ditch?

Personally I find a game that handles this really well to be RimWorld, as the threats of the world scale up as you do, you can definitely feel that you are making progress without feeling like an untouchable god king.

My question to you, is which games of the survival/building genre combo have you played and felt this level of imbalance with?

I don't really have anything to say about the game at the moment, I just really wanted to show off my snazzy new profile picture.

Going slightly crazy, is there actually a feather in the final level?
Do the feathers do anything? 
Is that unfinished/something for the "full version"? 

Awesome little game though, a lot of challenging fun.

Name checks out.

Unfortunately the site never stops loading for me, unless that's intended and I am missing something. Would love an offline version in a simulated browser, would be neat.

"Arrows to pan"
Any chance of a WSAD option? :)

The timely response itself answers the question enough on its own!
Thanks for the information, and by no means do I want to or expect you to rush (even if I did, I wouldn't expect that to matter), I'm just excited to see how the game evolves! :)
Just keep up the great work, hope everything comes along smoothly (as it never does).

FLAMBERGE community · Created a new topic How is progress?

Hi, I've been interested in this game for quite a while and have been keeping an eye on it periodically, I just wanted to know if there is somewhere you post sort of, occasional status reports, I ask because while I find the concept really intriguing, the fact I've not seen much developer interaction makes me a tad hesitant, thanks in advance! :)

This is a pretty sweet update. :)

The game is unplayable for me, the game opens fine, but I simply cannot control the paddles, the mouse is strongly pulled to one specific location making it impossible to actually aim for most of the incoming projectiles.

I really think the animated look is the only way to really tell, the cats look brilliant in motion, that's what sells it for me, I feel like the best dog is C, but it feel most similar to cats, so it depends how they end up moving, possibly the black colour makes them too similar to cats too.

"I am sure no one else is like that"
I found it annoying how the width of water troughs and stalls are not multiples of wall, so if I line them up right next to each other they have to have a gap.
I don't think you're the only one picky about placement. xD

I believe so, cannot quite recall.

I could immediately tell it was supposed to be corrugated iron,  if there is a way to make it look maybe half as thick, I think it would do you a lot of good, as long as it can be placed on either edge or the centre of the tile it's on (So you'd sort of be treating each tile like  3*4 and it would either be placed on the back 6, front 6, or middle 6.
It would be less complicated mechanically if you could make it 1/3 of the width and it would look better, but it might (I don't do sprite work) make the art harder to make.

When I did the tutorial, I got ahead of it in several places which caused some issues, for example when it told me to go do one thing, I would start on another (multitasking) like collecting seeds while collecting wood for example, I gathered too much and later when it asked me to go collect seeds it wanted new seeds, not counting the ones I'd already done, this can cause issues with getting stuck and slowing down the game significantly. :)

(3 edits)

First of all, that's nice to hear!

Secondly, that's a shame..

Here's an idea for you that I just thought of.

Two product pages, A and B.
A is the page you have now, 

"Page A" currently gives access to two files.

Glass Masquerade (Win).zip
Glass Masquerade (Mac).zip

Instead, it will give access to four.

Glass Masquerade (Win).zip
Glass Masquerade (Mac).zip
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Win).z00 (Part 1)
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Mac).z00 (Part 1)

(Those would be partial encrypted ZIP files, like you would send to avoid e-mail file size limits.)

"Page B", the DLC page, would have two files.

Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Win).z01 (Part 2)
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Mac).z01 (Part 2)

This means people who only Purchase from Page A, only gain access to the base game and do not need to download the Part 1 file.
People who  purchase from both Page A and Page B, will download Part 1 + Part 2 and extract them (winzip etc automatically sort of stitches them together) which gives them the full game.

I know it sounds a tad convoluted on paper, but in practice all you'd have to do is download two zip files and extract them like normal.
Just an idea I just thought up for you. :)

I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I could come up with.
Failing that, you could simply add "Glass Masquerade + DLC" as it's own price and have it cost the price of the game + DLC
Personally I think that'd be better than people not being able to buy and support the game and get the updates in any way. :)

The other Idea I had is that our robot "friend" has that robot that follows us activate an electric shock or something if we try to harm children because it's trying to protect its potential future slav- err, helpers. :)

Perhaps due to the disaster nanobots were released that protect children up until a certain age in an attempt to prevent the extinction of the human race?

They either stop at said age because they are damaged and cannot detect that the teenagers are the same things as the children, or because there is only a limited amount of them and they have been programmed to only protect children, then move on to the next one, as teenagers/adults are better capable of protecting themselves?

(1 edit)

Will Glass Masquerade 2 come to Itch?
Also will this version be updated with the new 1.4..3 changes?

Download version? :)