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The timely response itself answers the question enough on its own!
Thanks for the information, and by no means do I want to or expect you to rush (even if I did, I wouldn't expect that to matter), I'm just excited to see how the game evolves! :)
Just keep up the great work, hope everything comes along smoothly (as it never does).

FLAMBERGE community · Created a new topic How is progress?

Hi, I've been interested in this game for quite a while and have been keeping an eye on it periodically, I just wanted to know if there is somewhere you post sort of, occasional status reports, I ask because while I find the concept really intriguing, the fact I've not seen much developer interaction makes me a tad hesitant, thanks in advance! :)

This is a pretty sweet update. :)

The game is unplayable for me, the game opens fine, but I simply cannot control the paddles, the mouse is strongly pulled to one specific location making it impossible to actually aim for most of the incoming projectiles.

I really think the animated look is the only way to really tell, the cats look brilliant in motion, that's what sells it for me, I feel like the best dog is C, but it feel most similar to cats, so it depends how they end up moving, possibly the black colour makes them too similar to cats too.

"I am sure no one else is like that"
I found it annoying how the width of water troughs and stalls are not multiples of wall, so if I line them up right next to each other they have to have a gap.
I don't think you're the only one picky about placement. xD

I believe so, cannot quite recall.

I could immediately tell it was supposed to be corrugated iron,  if there is a way to make it look maybe half as thick, I think it would do you a lot of good, as long as it can be placed on either edge or the centre of the tile it's on (So you'd sort of be treating each tile like  3*4 and it would either be placed on the back 6, front 6, or middle 6.
It would be less complicated mechanically if you could make it 1/3 of the width and it would look better, but it might (I don't do sprite work) make the art harder to make.

When I did the tutorial, I got ahead of it in several places which caused some issues, for example when it told me to go do one thing, I would start on another (multitasking) like collecting seeds while collecting wood for example, I gathered too much and later when it asked me to go collect seeds it wanted new seeds, not counting the ones I'd already done, this can cause issues with getting stuck and slowing down the game significantly. :)

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First of all, that's nice to hear!

Secondly, that's a shame..

Here's an idea for you that I just thought of.

Two product pages, A and B.
A is the page you have now, 

"Page A" currently gives access to two files.

Glass Masquerade (Win).zip
Glass Masquerade (Mac).zip

Instead, it will give access to four.

Glass Masquerade (Win).zip
Glass Masquerade (Mac).zip
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Win).z00 (Part 1)
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Mac).z00 (Part 1)

(Those would be partial encrypted ZIP files, like you would send to avoid e-mail file size limits.)

"Page B", the DLC page, would have two files.

Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Win).z01 (Part 2)
Glass Masquerade + DLC  (Mac).z01 (Part 2)

This means people who only Purchase from Page A, only gain access to the base game and do not need to download the Part 1 file.
People who  purchase from both Page A and Page B, will download Part 1 + Part 2 and extract them (winzip etc automatically sort of stitches them together) which gives them the full game.

I know it sounds a tad convoluted on paper, but in practice all you'd have to do is download two zip files and extract them like normal.
Just an idea I just thought up for you. :)

I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I could come up with.
Failing that, you could simply add "Glass Masquerade + DLC" as it's own price and have it cost the price of the game + DLC
Personally I think that'd be better than people not being able to buy and support the game and get the updates in any way. :)

The other Idea I had is that our robot "friend" has that robot that follows us activate an electric shock or something if we try to harm children because it's trying to protect its potential future slav- err, helpers. :)

Perhaps due to the disaster nanobots were released that protect children up until a certain age in an attempt to prevent the extinction of the human race?

They either stop at said age because they are damaged and cannot detect that the teenagers are the same things as the children, or because there is only a limited amount of them and they have been programmed to only protect children, then move on to the next one, as teenagers/adults are better capable of protecting themselves?

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Will Glass Masquerade 2 come to Itch?
Also will this version be updated with the new 1.4..3 changes?

Download version? :)

Thanks, change-logs are a major contributor to my decisions to purchase a game, not only does it help to determine if changes have been made that make the game more appealing to me specifically, but it also gives a rough indication of the health of a project, I was looking into picking Flamberge up a while back but decided to wait after hearing about certain improvements it needed at the time, I definitely look forward to seeing this progress, it's a really cool concept for a game, the only similar game I know of is a prototype/demo here on itch called  Plan B (, just curious, I don't know if that game had any specific inspiration, but did yours? :)

Ahh, makes sense, I had just assumed I was also getting electronics and simply couldn't see them in the mass of loot. :)

Do you have changelogs documented anywhere? :)

Thought I posted this ages ago but must have forgotten, crystals don't seem to appear in the items list. :)

Awesome to hear, I know updates take precious time away from development, but with smaller scale projects like these, it  seem  all too common for such interesting little titles to simply flicker out without a whisper, glad that's not the case here. :)

Woah, it's back! Does that mean anything?

Hey there, really neat little game you've got here, excited to see more of your progress, haven't seen the Trello updated since December, does that just mean you're hard at work, or preoccupied?


While the brief synopsis and examples/related entries are useful and good, I personally think this is FAR outweighed by the inconvenience of having them spread across 10 different pages, the way it was previously, as just a single solid list should still be possible, whether that be through a "show X amount of results per page" option, or if you find that slows the page down too much with the added info, a "See full list" option that shows the old page of just text.

I don't think you understand the difference between a spin-off and a rip-off.

Is level 10 the maximum for the demo?

Just in case you cannot see what I mean, here's a picture. :)

I honestly thought it was just a rather clever and artistic use of the icon at first. Haha.

The icon for the game makes the character look like a mermaid, if that was intentional and the character was it'd have been really clever.

From the looks, this reminds me of Infinifactory, if it turns out half as well I'll be happy. :)

Added to the watch list, good luck.

I'm actually using a windows laptop, I had to constantly alt+tab to recenter my mouse.

Best of luck getting it sorted. :) 

PLEASE add screenlock to the game, this is very simple in Unity, it's absolutely vital for playing games in windowed mode.

This is so damn adorable.

Tried Gurren Lagann? :)

Why Smurfs though?

The title clearly says "Yet Another Day Exhausting".

The game itself is pretty neat though! :)

In anther note, have not tried it yet, but the art looks great, so props to whoever did that, plan on trying it soon. :)

Is montsouris  a typo of monstrous, or your own thing?

Awesome to get yet another update, keep up the awesome work!