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Would it be at all possible to include a borderless windowed mode?

Cool, can't wait to see what you do.

The cannon and gun? saw the gun in a post of yours, found two cannons last game. :)

I found a bug, If I change the resolution to 1920x1080 but do NOT enter fullscreen mode, the game will not load, it loads but you cannot see it (you can tell this because the sounds all continue, you can hear yourself attack, etc.)
If I then close the game and re-open it, the screen is fully white, and you cannot navigate to the options menu to fix the resolution, I'm fairly certain that like when you tried to load the game earlier, the menu is still there, just not displayed, deleting the options.ini at \AppData\Local\GotFL fixes this issue, but trying to set the resolution to 1920x1080 again will still cause the problem again.

Here is what the options.ini looks like when broken.

















WindowsSDKDir="E:\Program Files\Windows Kits\8.0"

VisualStudioDir="E:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0"

Hope this helps!

Certain parts of the game also quite remind me of Enigmata Stellar War.


It might be interesting to check it out.
Particularly the ancient cannons and other "drop only" buildings.
And the waves of enemies are similar too.

By the way, just some feedback that I imagine I would probably find interesting if I were the developer.

The inclusion of the golems, and being able to control them, was a major selling point for me, there's just something about harnessing ancient technology, particularly the kind of mystical kind that, at least to me, just feels good, plus they feel sort of, special.

It reminds me sort of an old-ish game called Spellforce, where you had rune warriors, and almost every one of them was human (in the first game I think they were), but later there were a few special units that were not, my favorite of which was the blades, which were these magical/mystical construct enemies that usually served as the elite units of your enemies.

Or in final fantasy tactics, where you have the normal character races etc, but there's a special character you can unlock through a quest called Construct 8 or Worker 8, "It is a robot from the days of Saint Ajora Glabados" So basically a robot that uses lost/ancient technology, similar to your golems.

I love that in games, unsure why, but the golems in this serve a similar function.

This certainly feels like the kind of game where the developer knows more about the lore than the game tells. Haha, but yeah, the trees were just an example, and a way to tie it into the suggestion. :)

I don't know how realistic it would be, but it would be amazing if you developed a random/procedurally generated mode, for maximum replayabilty, maybe have each bomb have a seed, so you can share ones you find particularly interesting, just an idea, I know it's a lot easier to spitball ideas than to actuall impliment them.

Well, you're sort of supposed to be speeding through them. ;)

Absolutely brilliant demo, fantastic work, cannot wait for more from you, It's such a minor thing, but I love that the wires cut where you cut them, it just feels so good.

I also love the way you've turned bomb diffusal into a puzzle/logic game.

One of my favorite games on Itch.io.

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Another thing that MIGHT be a nice addition, although I'm not entirely sure about the balancing, would be a forestry, a building that instead of planting crops, re-planted trees for harvesting material, possibly at a slow-ish rate.

I'm not sure if it was an intentional decision, but the "enemies" are actually in some ways more "good" than the player, they are protecting all the trees and nature from complete and utter destruction by humans, when I won the game earlier, there were almost no trees left, I had transformed the landscape into a desolate wasteland, and the forces of nature (the enemies) failed to stop me.

Slightly poetic, sort of a "Humans Are the Real Monsters" type situation.

After playing the game for quite a bit, here are my biggest complaints, and a few suggestions.
There seems to be some sort of issue with the AI pathing for the villagers/settlers, I read in the patch notes that you fixed enemies fleeing into walls, but the same thing happens with your own people, this happens a lot if they pick something up, like a chest or a golem etc, that is particularly close to an obstacle, and I find my gatherers in particular doing this a lot.

Also, unsure why this is, but at least in full-screen mode, screenshotting the game does not work for me, it produces a white screen.

Gates should either have an option to rotate them, or a second building that is a rotated version, building a weird gate sized lump into a wall to fit a vertical gate into the side of a base is weird.

I wish the basic towers we could build either had a maximum of 14 or 16, so that we could keep our defenses symmetrical, It's annoying to have one side of a base feel weaker than the other.

It would be great if there was an option to remove boulders or the dilapidated brick walls, even if it costed time or resources.

And finally a question, to what extent do you intend to continue updating the game? Do you consider 1.0 to have been a finished product and everything else are little extras, a lovely cherry on top, or do you still consider this an ongoing project?

Thanks for your time, first purchase I have actually made on Itch.io, all my previous favorite games were free.

Unfortunately it's not, it was a browser based MMO, the players all build RTS styled bases independently in a vast desert, and could attack each other, or the monsters in the environment.

It also had golems, with red facial markings, which had some lore behind them, and occasionally dropped their head, or specific parts of them, I cannot remember, as a rare drop called a reborn golem (a head with the red rune on it which in the description it said was sort of like a baby, kind of like a phoenix if I recall correctly) similar to how we build golems in your game, although in theirs it was only a quest item with a description that expanded on the lore.

There were also sentinels, which were strange orb like machines, that floated around, and seemed to be powered by the blue crystals in the games lore, as they had glowing blue lights, similar to the ones you have near the wild/overgrown golems.

Further out in the farthest reaches of the (populated section of the) map, there were shadows, which remind me of wraiths, they were the most end game monster, similar to the wraiths in your game)

Just stuff like that, little slightly generic things that just coincidentally match up a little.

They did not have units in the game yet, but they had said that was planned.

Thanks, making my purchase now, this game reminds me of an unfortunately discontinued game made by some friends of mine, it shares quite a few coincidences between the two, however it was a multiplayer game, so it was admittedly rather different.

Also, I checked, got to day 4 and it ended, although I was sure I died on day 5 earlier, maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Do you have any intentions on having this game on steam in the future?
I'm more than willing to purchase it here, I know you get more from itch.io, is there any chance of itch.io users getting a future steam copy if that's the case?

I started playing the game as a recommendation from a friend, I beat it while at their place, on the verge of buying it myself.
I did think I got past day 4 on the demo version, but perhaps I am remembering falsely, and will check now.

One question I had, what is in endless mode? I assume that's full game only?

Finally managed to beat the game, took 12 days. :)

I think it was, I expected it to assign the soldiers to builders because it needed building.

Thanks again, this game reminds me of an indie game my friends made a while back, although it was an online game, there were a few similarities, almost certainly entirely coincidence. xD

When I did that earlier, it wasn't working, the would just stay as soldiers and refuse to build.

Anyway, thanks for all the answers, the game is really cool.

And the one other question I have about the game, can you, undraft millitary? I don't have many constructors left.

Is there any way to remove/delete reusable items, that I have simply missed?

I feel as though, if I am unable to make any more golems, I may as well restart now.

Thanks for the tips, I had actually been doing those things, I didn't really change my tactics at all, and am now on Day.... 10 with 20 threat.

Before night one is even over I have around 5 threat.
I don't know if that's high, but it feels like I am being swamped, I'm probably just doing something stupid.

What exactly determines threat? After three days mine is 10 and I have giant skeleton swordsmen, enormous golems, and hoards of archers attacking my poor little village...

The first few times I pressed X, nothing happened, scrolled down, read your messages thought "So I'm not insane" scrolled back up, pressed X again, text appeared.

Try Pressing X more.

Posted in Cool logo.

That's nice to hear, I hope that now that you have screenshots up you have more success! :)

Created a new topic Cool logo.

I think you have a pretty cool looking logo, and the description sounds interesting, but any potential customer has nothing else to go on, for all anyone knows a logo and a description is all there is.

Without any form of screenshots or videos, there's no indication of what the game is actually like, some of the worst games I have played sounds cool in their description, and a cool logo is not a guarantee of a good game.

Personally, I would think anyone buying this is, rather foolish, until you provide at least some sort of preview of the game, screenshots, art at least, but that's just me.

Best of luck, hope to see more of this in the future.

This is happening on a lot of Itch.io games at the moment, try a different browser or use the Itch.io Program.

Downloads don't start at full speed, they start super slow, before a download gets up to speed of course it's going to say it'll take forever, it was likely still initializing.

Posted in Download Error

I fixed the issue by using the Itch.io program, maybe it's browser related? Do you all use chrome?

Posted in Download Error

I have been having this problem on multiple games across the site, it took 8 attempts to download kill the dragon the other day and that is under 3mb.

And even though I can eat an unlimited amount of the beetles, no clue what they are contributing, if anything.

Love the concept, hope it goes well!

Have never seen more than one crab per map. No clue how to ever become one, also unable to absorb bird power.

Never-mind, eighth try was the charm.

I keep getting "Download Failed - Network Error" Then if I try resuming, "Download Failed - Forbidden".

If it's too tall, getting down to kill the shark will take longer and eventually it will collapse if you don't constantly repair it, seems like that should be enough to prevent issues.

Kinda rude that people would downvote you so much for simply stating that something isn't planned.

This is rather cool, interested to see where this goes. Happy new year.