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Why Smurfs though?

The title clearly says "Yet Another Day Exhausting".

The game itself is pretty neat though! :)

In anther note, have not tried it yet, but the art looks great, so props to whoever did that, plan on trying it soon. :)

Is montsouris  a typo of monstrous, or your own thing?

Awesome to get yet another update, keep up the awesome work!

I'm slightly concerned it may just have been a misunderstanding, when someone else told them they need to activate their Steam key for Itch's DRM to work they responded "See the author's reply" you didn't seem to have replied anything related to that, so I wonder if they misunderstood what I said, which was "It's a joke, because the game is about piracy...", not referring to the message, but to my earlier message saying "Sounds right." when they mentioned the message, and somehow they mistook me for the author and mistook my message for the message itself being an intentional joke?

Could well be wrong, but the situation just seems off and I'd hate for this to have been a genuine innocent misunderstanding.

It's a joke, because the game is about piracy...

Sounds right.

When there are two points in the same location, there needs to be a way to determine which you will move.

Amy chance of a download?

I would kickstart this to become a larger scaled game.
Loved it.

The special ability flying was quite unwieldy, but I loved the art, the music, the platforming is solid, the running is nice and fast, I think this has a LOT of potential.

No worries, wasn't a big deal or anything, but makes the page look just that much more professional. :)

Quite like the games, the art style is what originally caught my attention.

Unrelated, you page says "I am a Japanese sudent"
It should say "I am a Japanese student" :)
Just trying to help. 

Any download options, or browser only?

Any screenshots?

Also, when making this comment, my city was destroyed as the page took me to the comments. :'(

The most impactful simple feature, would be, I believe, water.

The game certainly seems to be progressing, adding it to my watch list for sure. :)

What tags would you personally give it?
I'd be happy to suggest them. :)

Only briefly, I've enjoyed it so far, played just enough to try out the new hero, and I thought it was quite good, about to give endless mode as the new hero a try. :)

I really do like just how different the different characters feel to play as, I'd love to see even more to come.
With the codex, it would be cool to also have the final end state of the map saved with the stats, although that may be slighly hard. :)

"I am the fire of my forge
  Copper is my body and Silver is my blood
  I have created over a thousand blades
  Unknown to death
  Nor known to life
  Have withstood pain to create many soldiers
  Yet those hands will never hold anything
  So, as I pray, Boundless Gear Forge."

At least with pokemon, if you're accepting donations you can expect to get shut down. xD

Cool, thanks, just trying to help out. :)

"Release Notes 0.0.11"
"alchemyGarden 0.0.10.rar"
Which is wrong?

That's pretty interesting, glad to have helped, I only tried because I was making sure I WASN'T, then thought, well, if I wasn't and it wasn't working, might as while try it.

Is  DD14 a gamejam or something?

Just to clraify what I said earlier, for me at least, it's the integrated card that runs it (and fine), and the NVidia one that gets the white screen.

Also getting a white (ish) screen and noise. 

It's a slightly different white to other games that have had white screens for me in the past, that's why I mention it being slightly off white.

I am currently running an optimus laptop (has tow graphics cards.

The game runs on intergrated graphics, but gets a white screen with High-Performance Nvidia Processor. 

Shame there is no download, I too cannot get it to run.

Microverse* ;)

Would it be at all possible to include a borderless windowed mode?

Cool, can't wait to see what you do.

The cannon and gun? saw the gun in a post of yours, found two cannons last game. :)

I found a bug, If I change the resolution to 1920x1080 but do NOT enter fullscreen mode, the game will not load, it loads but you cannot see it (you can tell this because the sounds all continue, you can hear yourself attack, etc.)
If I then close the game and re-open it, the screen is fully white, and you cannot navigate to the options menu to fix the resolution, I'm fairly certain that like when you tried to load the game earlier, the menu is still there, just not displayed, deleting the options.ini at \AppData\Local\GotFL fixes this issue, but trying to set the resolution to 1920x1080 again will still cause the problem again.

Here is what the options.ini looks like when broken.

















WindowsSDKDir="E:\Program Files\Windows Kits\8.0"

VisualStudioDir="E:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0"

Hope this helps!