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We've got a spreadsheet of the 100+ games we rated between the two of us, here are some of my favourites:

#106 - Naughty Knight:
A chess game where you control only one piece (the knight). Fantastic character design, clever puzzles, and pretty unique. I gave this one a perfect score.

#510 - Grapple:
A GameBoy styled metroidvania, with creative use of a single item for multiple purposes

#294 - Arrows Left:
Minimalist game where you need to plan your actions in advance because of limited movement ability

#540 - a game about a guy and his clones:
At first when I played this I found it very confusing, but once it clicked I was amazed by how genius it is. Came back after the ratings closed to complete it.

#1398 - Wrong Turn:
It's criminal that this game only got five ratings. So much polish, felt so good to play, and clever levels too. We both played this one and loved it.

#510 - One Screen Platformer:
A clever platformer where the level changes but still stays on only one screen. Great use of "only one light" as well as "only one screen".

#178 - Relyscraper:
Probably the best "only one platform" game I saw of everything I played. Super difficult though, got to the last level and couldn't beat it.

None of my favourites made it into the top 100! (sadface) But hopefully they can get a few more plays now, because they deserve it.

- Joe