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Dear creator,
Please film a flawless, no damage run of this game and ping me about it, I simply must see. This game is absolutely incredible. I loved every second, and I am infinitely glad that I found this. I would seriously grind for a few hours, trying to film the aforementioned run, however there seems to be some glitches associated with the modifiers, that I'm sure you're aware of. It also doesn't save your unlocked modifiers, so I can't just restart the game to fix the restart bugs. I also found a lot of pain, waiting the odd 10 seconds at the start of the game for the actual game to begin, which tbh turned me off the run. So to recap, this was amazing, and I wish it was that tiny bit better so that I could do some challenge runs (and probs fail miserably)

I'll get right on it. In the post jam build (look for that once the voting period is over), you'll be able to properly select which phase you want to start in to effectively skip the intro without bugs. I'll put the no damage run right here when it's uploaded.

Here you go!


That was so satisfying, thank you! For anyone watching here, go to the actual youtube video for the epic music =)