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I do feel that the one button controls feel a bit undeveloped in the sense that it's barely noticeable that you can only use one action at a time! As an example, if you'd make Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime a single player game, then that game would fit the theme in the exact same way your game does, however the act of physically moving from one control station to the next would have been far more noticeable of a difference than just 'you can only press one button at a time'. Perhaps you could have made some other, more interesting way of toggling between the different actions of the ship? As a really simple suggestion, maybe if you pressed the button then it would switch through the different actions and if you held the button it would use the currently equipped action? Idunno, just some food for thought. However, regardless of that the ship is super fun to control and the little enemies that latch onto your ship are really fun and creative! I definitely had fun playing your game, so good job!

Thanks for taking the time to write something in depth, I think you are pretty on point as well.