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Really nice, polished design, it looks finished.

I loooove it. It made me think of which one move and when. Really a presure :D

If I can say Only One thing, I think it's a bit too easy, once you understood how it works. For a little game and it that state, it's perfectly fine, really. But if you would take it out of the jam for exemple, you'll need to find an idea to add challenge with the time.

Thank you for that experience, amazing <3 I've finished it in about 5-10min

Check out mine :


Agreed -- the original intention was to make it more of a puzzler, but some unforeseen roadblocks regarding enemy logic meant that it wasn't feasible to make the AI movement consistent enough for a satisfying puzzle experience. We settled on creating more of a zen solitaire-esque experience using the existing movement logic -- the show must go on, after all!

Thanks for playing!