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Hello! you played my game on stream so i had to play yours! Took me long, but i'm here

It is indeed one of the more original mechanics in the jam, hehe. In my personal opinion the mechanic comes to its full realization when you hook onto the ledges (like in most of the gifs). It is when it works the most smoothly and when it becomes the most fun! 

Jumping with it is quite awkward. Specially when the line starts to not align with the yoyo and something in the brain tells me "that's wrong" hehe. I would suggest making it so the line always goes to the yoyo itself (unless you were right clicling, there it'd be like normal i guess) and add a hand or some indicator to where you are pointing. That way it'd feel more natural! Though you'd have to try it to see.

Reminds me of Getting Over It, with the whole move yourself by pushing yourself. It's that but with jumping and moving too, and it does work!

Maybe make the yoyo even more strong, as it usually ends up bending to the side instead of staying in the line. That would make the display clear and make it feel right. Hm, possibilities!

Anyways, this was really fun, specially spidermanning around. Only got one coin tho, hehe.

Thanks for streaming my game before! I'm gonna make a new build with stuff that lots of people said, including you guys! You were neat! keep it up!


Thank you so much for taking your time to leave a comment and the great feedback! 

That's really sweet, the high praise really means a lot to us. It's really interesting to know your thoughts about the different levels/mechanics.  We thought that it would be easier to introduce the push mechanic since you would need it pretty early. We might revise that actually. 

These are are really great suggestions.  We will definitely do some testing.  We have tried multiple ways to display the yo-yo, and found that this one was the best compromise given the allotted time we had. We will add many many suggestions in the next build.

I'm so glad you had fun! It was a joy to stream your game, I can't wait to see more of it!